Conversations January 6, 2023

China Star Restaurant

Child: “Daddy, what’s taking so long here?”

Father: “It takes a while to make Chinese food.”

Child: “Well we should have went to
Sonic because they are lightening fast.”

Father: “We have been waiting forty-five minutes. I guess everyone felt like Chinese tonight.”

Child: “Can you take me to a basketball game daddy? You know I’m 7 and I’m
The only one in school that
have never been to one. And daddy, I’ve been
waiting my whole entire life you know.”

Child: “I also want to
dye my hair in blue, green and red. All my friends have cool hair and mine is boring brown daddy. Boring brown.”

Father: “I’m sorry son, but you are only seven. Boring brown it’s staying.”

Child: “Okay. I’ll ask mom when we get home. She will say yes.”

Father: “And I will still say no. Come on, we are next.”