12 Week Keto Update

Today I am Exactly 30lbs down. I was hoping it would be fifty. Granted, I have not been able to workout these past two weeks with all the home renovations going on.

Here is another sample of what my main meals have been since my last update. Pretty much similar to last month. I do not get tired or bored of salads.

Salmon, Cod, Avocado Salad

Keto, Carb Free Pizza
Chicken Salad with Cottage Cheese
Steak and Popcorn Shrimp
Salmon & Cauliflower
Chili’s Restaurant (steak and pickles)
A simple Lunch
Steak & Salad
Ham & Salad
Shrimp Salad
chicken Salad
Green Beans and Cod
Fun Lunch!
Ham & Olive Salad
Keto Taco shells made with sliced cheese

What I’m Eating on Keto

It has been seven weeks on Keto now. I have ventured out to Pinterest and we have been eating more Keto sub dishes instead of just meat and cheese. Here are a few things I have been eating these past couple of weeks. I am not a foodie by any sense of the way, so the foods do not look out of this world or anything. 😉

As for drinks, I drink water, black coffee, tea, Zevia, and almond milk.

Breakfast: Cottage Cheese, almond meal, monk fruit, and raspberries.
Romain Lettuce, Mesquite chicken, tomatoes, onions, avocados, olives, and cheese.
Lasagna: The homemade noodles are made from almond flour, egg, cheese, and spices. Then you just add your meat, cheeses and low pasta sauce.
Another Breakfast: fried eggs, cheese, nuts, and turkey meat.
Dinner: Cauliflower Rice, veggies, and PJ change copycat MongolianBeef.
Snack Plate: Salami, Cheese, nuts, avocado, tomatoes, and berries. (Berries are the only fruit that is allowed on the Keto plan)
Breakfast: Fried eggs, tomatoes and Brazil nuts.
Beanless Keto Chili with sour cream.
Zucchini bread sticks
Keto Parmigiana Chicken and a salad
Cottage Cheese with keto jam.

30 Days On KETO

Today marks day thirty on my Keto Eating plan. Having tried this plan two times before and having failed after a couple of weeks, I was not sure I’d be able to commit.

I have never been a big meat eater because it has always made me feel as though I have a brick in my stomach, but now, fully committed and well past the two week mark I’m realizing that having a brick feeling is so much better than feeling bloated from a mostly carb plan.

So, my current earring plan is No grains or Sugar. It’s pretty easy. I think it helped that I started intermittent fasting two weeks prior.

I am down 18 pounds so far and would like to continue through the Winter, Spring and Summer.

I will reevaluate my plan at the end of July. I’d like to lose another fifty pounds by then.

If so, I think I will remain on a low carb diet. But also gluten and sugar free. With so many diabetics, there are so many alternatives.

So providing I’m at my goal weight by the end of July, I will reintroduce Whole Foods such as brown Rice, potato’s, and Gluten Free pasta and bread. I want to remain sugar and Gluten free, because those are just not good for me. They just don’t make me feel good.

I know I’m never going to feel twenty-five again, but I would love to feel thirty-five again. Lol

Maybe even forty. 😉

My daily food intake looks like this:

1. Muscle Milk protein shake. I buy the vanilla and the chocolate ones from Amazon.

160 Calories

30 Grams of protein

0 Sugar

4g Fat

4 Net carbs


2. Three egg omelette with cheese. We have hens so always have an abundance of eggs. White, brown, Green and even Blue eggs. Lol

Two Sausage links and Tomatoes.

3. Sugar-Free Chia pudding.

(2T chia seeds and 1C Almond Milk)

Wait till it starts to thicken and then add Monkfruit or Stevia to sweeten. I also add Peanut Butter or Almond Butter to thicken.

Waffles, Pancakes, Oatmeal and Cereal are a no-no, unfortunately. They make keto based ones, but they all have coconut in them, which I hate.

4. Chaffles

You make these in a mini waffle maker.

Tons of recipes on Pinterest for them.

They can be made to taste like a waffle as they are egg, almond flour, and cheese based. And you can sweeten with stevia or monk fruit, or you can add chocolate powder and whipped topping for a treat.

A hour after breakfast:

Black Coffee

Sugar-Free creamer

Or Earl Grey Tea.


A huge salad

Romain Lettuce

Cherry tomatoes

Shredded mozzarella

Four Green Or Black Olives

Four GF Crotons

Green pepper

Purple onion

Shredded Carrot



For dressing: I use either Avocado oil, Olive oil, or keto honey mustard that Walmart carries.

I also add some form of protein to the monster salad. (Salad shrimp, Tuna, Salami, Virginia Ham, hard boiled egg or Turkey.

Snacks are one of the following:

1. Sugar Free Jello with SF Whipped Cream. They also sell SF Cool Whip.

2.A couple slices of cheddar cheese. Cabot is my favorite l!

3. Keto Fat Bomb (Slim-fast and Atkins sell these) They come in mint, caramel and peanut butter.


Cauliflower rice has taken the place of actual rice and pasta.

This means anything where I would make pasta or rice, I substitute cauliflower.

Today I made this:

Cauliflower Rice

Ground beef



Shredded Cheese


The most delish KeTO pizza.


I make a Chaffle pizza crust and add toppings and bake.

I have went to Burger King and Wendy’s twice while we were a hour from home.

I ordered a burger with cheese and veggies with no bun. I gave the fries to the nearby geese. I also ordered a Diet Coke, which is my weakness that I indulge in once a week. But I never bring it in the house. Lol

Chipolte bowls are still an option because they have cauliflower rice now. You need to skip the beans and corn though. And obviously the tortilla. Everything else is fair game. 🙂

More dinners at home have been:

Broiled Scallops

Ricotta stuffed Chicken Breast

Ricotta stuffed Beef Sausage

Stew Beef in the pressure cooker (no potatoes or carrots)

Boneless Pork Roast

Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese

Turkey Breast

So you see, there are many options and it’s not boring at all.

I don’t feel deprived.

I thought I was going to miss ice cream but I remember the bloating feeling I would get about thirty minutes after eating it. So I don’t miss it. I think I moreso miss the “feeling” associated with it, as we use to take the kids out for ice cream pretty frequently and always have it in the house. Two daughters would always get bellyaches also, so they aren’t missing that feeling either.

I’d be lying if I didn’t mention my love for pasta. But again, with all that gluten, I was left with aching joints. I don’t think I’ve alway had food allergies, but as I have been getting older I have been noticing how certain foods effect me.

My doctor recommended Keto to me because I didn’t qualify for weight loss surgery.

I also have three girlfriends that have been sharing their Keto Journey with me for the past year. I’m always late to Party. 😂

One ladies husband told me he was able to give up Aderall, after years of not being able to focus.

I’m really not sure how Keto works with your brain, but I do know how it works for your body.

I still have the same amount of body aches and pains as I did a month ago, but I’m Hopeful they will start subsiding as I continue on this journey.

Some other positives, besides weight loss have been better sleeping. I have been waking up earlier and feeling more fresh. Always a plus!

My skin is not as dry, and no bloating whatsoever.

So it’s not an all cure in 30 days like some of the things I’ve read online have claimed, but we are all different.

I think I will be blogging my monthly stats here, for me to keep track. 🙂

Fitbit charge 2

I originally got my Fitbit charge 2, to  track my walking, calories, weight, etc.. but soon became even more fasivated with the nightly sleep data it provides.

I’m just now learning that 20% of your sleep each night should be deep sleep. 

The first week I wore my Fitbit to bed I was only getting 39-45 mins of deep sleep per night.

Then I played around with different bedtimes. Taking melatonin or Valarian before bed. Earplugs in, Earplugs out..

To finally adjusting to what my body needs for it to revamp itself each night. And to wake up not tired.

Here’s last nights screenshot.

And if anyone has blogged about their Fitbit sleeping, share a link with me. 🙂


Picked up a couple rackets to teach the girls a friendly game of tennis. 

No horses allowed. Hmm?! 

Let’s do this!



When she realized it went up and over the fencing into a persons yard..

She tried roller blading/skating last week, and tennis this week. We are working on her bucket list. She is enjoying trying new things. 🙂


Here are a few recipes and remakes from the past week that I’ve been using. 

While on vacation I ate all my meals out, and while I ate well, it was a lot of different foods. 

So I decided to come home and give my digestive track a break. 

I have a Memorial Party to attend, so will be breaking my clean eating then. (Insert taco dip here) ;))

For now, here’s a great sample of how easy it is to eat clean. 

Day 1 was a bit hard, mainly because my family was continuing to eat normal, aka, my favorite foods. But they say that your will power only truly increases when you can turn away from goods that are right in front of you. 

After all, why make everyone suffer? Lol

Day 2 was easier because I simply didn’t have any cravings. Day 3 I felt lighter (still not weighing myself though.)

I went to the gym and walked for a hour on the treadmill. It was hard getting back into a workout routine after taking such a long break. (Three Months)

Day 4 and on was good because my mind began to clear and any and all bloat seemed to cease. 

I would like to start doing this detox one week out of each month.

I used strawberries instead of cranberries.

All three of these were very good. Again I used them as a guideline. I did t have raspberries so used strawberries. I didn’t have almond butter so through in a handful of almonds. One day I used peanut butter. It doesn’t need to be exact. Work with what you have in your own household already so you don’t break the bank.

This is the easiest smoothie to make. Also was the most filling. I’m guessing it was because of the chia seeds. I buy chia seeds in bulk at Sams Club. 

This pineapple smoothie was very sweet! I didn’t use coconut water though. I used unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.

This is a picture of Day 1’s breakfast. 

Lunch (I had green tea with lemon on the side)

Dinner. Again having tea on the side. 

This juice I made in my blend-Tec. I used everything except the cabbage. I also watered it down with unsweetened almond milk. I wanted to keep all the fiber, which is why I chose to blend it.

I love tomatos! So ate three a day. 

Mid week I started to add a nice healthy salad with chick peas for lunch. Just olive oil and lemon for a dressing. 

I thought this tea was going to be spicy,but it was not. We just extracted some honey from one of our bee hives the other day, somthe honey was just about the freshest and sweetest honey you could ever imagine. 

I did add the lemon too.

I thought I would have went through coffee withdrawals, but I didn’t. These teas were amazing, and satisfying. 

There is something nice about ending each evening with a cup of hot tea. It has been very satisfying and generally accompanies a Nicolas Sparks movie. 😉

~I am also taking daily vitamins, as always.

2 fish oils a day. (These are taken for my joints. Everything snap, crackles, and pops less when I take these)

2 red algae a day. (These are taken for skin, hair, and nails)

1 10,000 IUs coconut based of vitamin D3 a day. (Over all Heath)

As for medications, the only one I am currently on is my 90mg of Armor Thyroid.

It’s taken on an empty stomach first thing each morning. 

~Any questions, please don’t hesitantly ask. 

Sun food Super Greens Review

Sun food Super Greens Review:
This stuff is AMAZING!

I started taking this a week ago
I’ve tried many wheat grass/super greens type of products before. I’ve even grown my own grass before.. Wheat Grass! I mean. 😉

None of them have ever given me the clear mind and zest that this one has. 
I’m not the most healthiest eater. I want to be. I really do. I’ve tried to be a die-hard vegetarian on numerous occasions. 😐

And the best I’ve ever felt, both physically, and mentally, was the Summer I was a raw vegan. 

The only reason I stopped, was because it got too costly and none of my family was on boat with me. 
Hence, I’m always looking for something to add to my diet to keep me focused, and energized. 
That’s where this amazing stuff plays in!

The Vitamin Shop sells two sizes, 8oz and 16oz. The 8oz is $24.99 and the 16oz is $44.99.

You get a little more for your buck by buying the larger size. Which is what I did. 

I also bought some raw honey  to add to it. But then realized I really didn’t need it. It was sweet enough, due to the banana.

I’ve been using the recipe on the back of the package. Well, minus the 1/2 of avocado and yacon syrup.


8oz of Almond Milk (sometimes I add 12oz)

2 teaspoons of green powder

1 whole frozen banana

Blend & Drink!
The first day I drank this 3x

By the second day, I just felt all around better! 
Especially mentally. You know that foggy feeling that we sometimes get? Well, it disappeared! Completely!

When I run out, I plan on repurchasing this again. I think Target also sells it. Amazon has it too, but it cost more. 
The Vitamin shoppe has the best price. 
For me, the best part about this mix is that you are getting all your veggie servings that you need each day, by only taking it once per day. Of course if you need an afternoon ‘pick me up’ you can take another instead of a tea or coffeee. 😉

Not only that, it’s filled with your probiotics and digestive enzymes, for any tummy issues that you may encounter during the day by eating something ‘not so healthy’ 

As you get older your body doesn’t make the amount of enzymes it once had. This is why doctors sometimes prescribe enzymes to you. And probiotics are excellent for anyone!

Especially if you are ever on any antibiotics. You need to be putting the good bacteria back into your body to help fight illness and diseases.

More Hiking!

Another exhausting, yet fun day out this afternoon.

Hanging Rock State Park

They are very ready! 

Way too many stairs at this point.

Looking up!

A pretty view.

Taking a much needed break because I didn’t bring water this time.

New walking stick. From Amazon. 

He’s taking his break in front of a cave.

This cave is where the Tories hid after the Partiots took over their land.

She loved how this cave felt as if it had air conditioning.

Time to enter.

On top of the cave.

Daughter and I.

Small water falls

Very cool tree roots!

A different smaller cave.

Under a bridge there was a very pretty creek with Cinnabar mushrooms scattered about.

She had so much energy and said that she can do this everyday, all day! Lol

I am not sure what kind of mushrooms these next few are. Not ‘magic’ though. 😉

A lot of mold!

These ones looked very meaty?! 

Another hike happened…

Today was a beautiful day. I’ve been trying to be outside more…since giving up electronics; for the most part.

My day started off with this energy packed junk food. 😉

We stopped at Whole Goods for reverse osmosis water..Which we did stock up on…

But while in line I saw this key lime pie in a cup thing. The ingredients sounded very nice, and just like that, I was sold. 

 It was only $2.99 Who could resist? Not I. 😉

The cold brew coffees were on sale for $1.58, so I got one for my daughter and one for myself.

Then off we went! 

The hike was mostly going up and down some rather steep stoned steps. But then we reached the view…..

Gods Creation is so exhilarating!

Beautiful waterfalls never get boring to me. They are just so tranquil; that your mind  gets lost. I love that!

Once we reached our destination, it was just completely chill. The water felt great! 

Off she went!

The pool part was about three feet deep. 

It was just so pretty!

They had so much fun. ❤️

Can’t you just feel it? 

It was a hot one today. 
On the way back I took some amazing pictures of some mushrooms. Along with some candid views.

I am still wonder if any of the mushrooms were edible. I will have to check a book out at the library next week on mushrooms. 👍

Or…maybe they were all hallucinogens?!

Either way, they sure were pretty to look at.

This little guy was sunbathing.

A place where I almost slipped. 

These two were all smiles. 😎

More shrooms

Me and my girl. ❤️

This one looked like it had this wet white foam on it.😷

To me, this one looked the most like something you would eat. Of course I am probably wrong. It reminded me of the kind of mushrooms that taste like a steak. The name has escaped me at the moment.😐

And that concluded our daily venture. 

We got home to watch the sun set…..

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.

Hiking for Exercise

~Why hiking is the best form of exercise

I’ve had a gym membership for the past five years. And despite avidly going, I haven’t lost much weight.

I think it’s because when I get tired I stop and go home. It’s that easy! 
I have found that hiking is just about the best form of exercising you can get. 

A full body one at that!
You see, you have to keep going…even if you become exhausted and tired…
You can’t just stop and go home when you’re tired. 

What if you are up on top of a mountain?!
Maybe you tell yourself that a four mile hike is ‘child’s play’
And perhaps it is, if it’s all down hill….
But then you need to get back up the path…
If you are not an experienced hiker, which I am not… You will want to quit and go home.
But….. That simply will not be an option.
Especially if it is getting dark outside and starting to rain. 
Walking on a treadmill at the gym gets boring quick. Even when listening to Brittany or Jay-Z. 😉
It’s just boring….
But hiking is never boring. 
Also, at least for me personally, I simply can’t spend time “thinking” while out on a hike. 

If YOU can, great! But I can not.
My mind is too busy watching where I’m stepping and keeping an eye for wildlife.

Its very sedating. Mentally.
And for those reasons alone, I have come to appreciate the mental outlet of hiking for exercise. 

Random pictures from our hike at Hanging Rock.