Pieolgy Pizzeria

We tried another new place tonight, called Pieolgy Pizzeria. It reminded me of a Chipolte, but for pizza. Same set up and atmosphere. Very reasonably priced. $8.95 per person. They have white and wheat crusts available, and for $2 more, gluten free options.


The Milk Bar

This is a quaint little diner that we visited today. Very basic. And mainly catered to 50+ people.

We were the youngest. 

Prices were reasonable, and the menu that an ‘old timey’ feeling. As does, the decor.

About two dozen places to sit. The chairs were ten times better then Crackle Barrel. My favorite place to eat. 

The sweet n’low tells you a whole lot about the people that dine there…elderly. I don’t know anyone who still used sweet n’low, except my 60+ year old mother.  

Breakfast was over and the only thing I liked on the menu was these chicken strips. 

DH got a burger and fries. He said it was good. Mine was also good, but I really am just past ‘the diner’ thing. It’s always a last resort. 

People generally roll their eyes when I tell them that my favorite places to eat are chain restaurants. Diners and super expensive places are always last resorts for me. I also don’t like mom and pop places, sadly.

This decor was very Pinterest like. Very cute!

All in all it was a cute place. Just not type of place. 😉

Chilis Restaurant 

On the way home yesterday we decided we felt like ribs. Truth be told, I’ve never ate ribs before age 25. 

The only choices were Chilis, or Ruby Tuesday’s.
We opted for Chilis

We ordered an appetizer to share, and a full rack of ribs to share, with two sides. 

Their loaded mashed potatoes are so delish! 

So heads up on that! We order double, so we could each have one side.

However, if you are not keen on mashed taters with a bit of skin left in, you may not enjoy them. 


Southwestern Egg rolls,Wisconsin cheddar bites, and sliders. $13
We only go to Chilis about once a year. I’m not sure why. I guess because there are so many choices in the city, and Chilis is always very busy, and like most people, I hate waiting in lines.*grin*
Food when it arrived:

1/2 of Full Rack (we shared) $17.89
I may be wrong, but I thought last year they were still using real plates. Not metal trays. 🤔
Honestly, I don’t care whether I’m eating off a plate or a tray. I know these things don’t sit well with the older folks, but as long as the food is great, who cares! I do enjoy presentation though…(whatever happen to that bit of parsley that use to garnish everything back in the days?!) 

DH said the trays felt like something they would serve prison food on. 

Here we have a metal tray with a sheet of wax-type paper on it. 
Perfect for ribs, but mashed potatoes, not so much. As you can see.

Rather ‘cafeteria-ish’ I s’pose. But whatever!

They also have tablets on each table for you to place your order and pay. Much like Ruby Tuesdays and Applebees. It even adds in the gratuity for you, because after all, trying to add a 15% or 20% tip is just too much brain work. *grin*
I know this is all meant to be easy. I understand that. I’m just being a tad sarcastic. 😉

The only reason you need a wait staff is to bring you your food. In reality.

And my guess is, that in another ten years that will cease too.

I have mixed feelings regarding ultra casual dining…
Honestly, I have adapted to this ‘new world’ 

I have become very casual myself. 

Of course some people classify that as growing up. 

But I think it’s more so about adapting
Raising kids in this generation has been very difficult at times. There is a ten year difference between my oldest and youngest, and my parenting style is very different as it once was. I hear that this is completely normal though, so I try not to beat myself up too much about it.

Everything is casual. In this life, I mean. 

 And restaurants are moving right along with the times. It’s just good for the business. I know!

Maybe some day we will have a world without them. Maybe we will only have drive-thrus?! 🤔

I also wonder if grocery stores will cease someday. With so many new company’s delivering food nowadays. 
Only time will tell I guess.

Thanks for letting me share Oh Great Internet….

Or shall I show my age and say, 

Oh  Great World Wide Web….;o)~

The Fresh Market grocer

Keeping it healthy. Well, sorta. 😉

We stopped at this grocery store called Fresh Market. Not to be confused with World Market.
To balance out that fast food earlier, (which made me sick, unfortunately) I picked up some fresh fruit, Greek salad, blueberry kifer, almond brittle and raspberry pillow cookies for a snack.  So yea, sorta healthy?!

Total cost was $37.80

So it’s not the cheapest store in the world. But everything was so fresh! 

Our hotel has breakfast included, so I’m looking forward to coffee, waffles and eggs. 

 I’m not sure where we are going for lunch tomorrow. Definitely not fast food though. 😉

Smithfields Fried Chicken 

We were visiting a different part of the state today for lunch. Nothing fancy. Fast food. 

Smithfield’s Chicken.

I’ve never liked KFC, Boston Market, or Bojangles… so this was a real treat. 

It was SO good! At least for me it was. 😉

I ordered the 2pc combo. $6.89

I thought it only came with potato salad and slaw, so was very surprised when it was deliver with pulled pork and hush puppies. Very large portions! Two people could have shared it. Drinks were extra. 

Here is a picture of the menu.

Here are the larger portions you can order. I’m still trying to figure out who would order these. Maybe for a Southern style wedding?

Church gathering?

Super bowl? 

Here is what I ordered.

And yes, the fork came in the slaw. Lol

And the best part of the whole shabang’ was they had crushed ice. Normally I need to be knee deep in labor to have this mush crushed ice. 😉