I have been having some very vivid spiritual dreams these past few months, which has totally transformed the way I have always viewed dreams.

That said, I had a dream a month ago that really frightened me. It made me question in the back of my head a certain friendship that I have…so I started praying about it. Long gone are the days of casual school-day friendships where we could just take things as they may. People are manipulating and have their own agenda. And THAT sucks! :o(


Fast Forward to the other afternoon when I took a nap and had a dream about something completely different. Not connecting the two. This dream was about cats and fleas. Weird, I know! 

I then had someone share with me that fleas and cats generally represent someone who is an enemy in disguise. Someone sneaky and controlling….

This instantly brought back to mind the dream I had last month! But now what?

Isn’t this just like if we were to know the time and date of our death? What now? Do I cut off the friendship in question, or just wait to get burned.


Are relationships like Vines…


A tall oak tree reaches to the sky..

Many vines start growing around its trunk…

Slowing  choking it, while others shrivel up and die down.

Mr. Oak looks down and shrugs, still aiming for the sky.

More vines, stronger then the first ones, are tightening around the bottom of his trunk. Intertwining with one another to gain more strength..


Persistent vines keep trying to wrap around powerful Mr. Oak, yet continuously fall back to the ground.

Only the strong survive and reach the top.


Why are they so persistent?

What do they want?

Mr. Oak continues to shrug, aiming for the sky, until one day…..

A huge tree service parks its truck, and cuts it all down!

Down it falls…

To the ground… as all the intertwining vines shrivel up and die..

….like a bunch of angry snakes.



More Dreams

I’ve had a couple more strange dreams these past couple nights and wanted to document them here.

1.) I ran outside and a large crowd of people began chasing me down a street that I have never seen, or been to, with hair spray bottles. They were cans actually. I looked back and one lady got some hair spray in my eye. I yelled for her to stop, but each time I voiced out to them, more people arrived in the crowd, all having cans of hair spray in each can and were trying to spray me. Not just my hair, all of me!  The cans of hair spray shot far in my dream (like nerf guns), and I would over-hear when one of the people in the crowd  ran out of spray, and another can magically would appear in their hands whenever I would try to look behind me.

Then I woke up!


2.)My daughter walked over to me and handed me a loaf of  bread. It was in a purple bag, yet store bought. When I looked at it, I noticed that it was covered with mold. I asked her why it was moldy so soon, that I just bought it. She told me that it was not moldy and didn’t know what I was talking about. I then called for DH to come take a look at it, and he said the same thing. That he didn’t see any mold either. I started crying because they didn’t see it, Then I woke up.


I had the strangest dream last night….A whole bunch of people that I didn’t know were chasing me down a street with cans of hair spray, trying to spray my hair.


Weird ongoing Dream


My family, minis my two oldest daughters are driving down this old country road. (It is a road that I have been on before  IRL,where I visited a old red brick school that was converted into this guys house. He had a ongoing yard sale in it.) Anyways, in my dream we passed this school, As we were driving we then passed a old metal building with no windows, one door(which was yellow) and in big red letters it said THRIFT & FURNITURE. As we drove by it, my 7year old said that she needed to go to the bathroom…Then my 4 & 8yr olds also commented that they also had to go potty. I asked my husband to turn around and we would stop at the metal building to see if they had a public bathroom for the kids to use. Upset, at having to turn around, he did. As we pulled into the abandoned parking lot I suddenly had a bad feeling about taking them inside. I asked DH to come inside with us, but he didn’t want to and said he would wait in the car. The kids unbuckled and we headed toward the yellow door. Again, I had a bad feeling about going in and was going to turn around, but the kids started saying how bad they had to go, so I opened the door and we went in. There was a black wrought iron bench at the entrance and my son told me as soon as we entered that he changed his mind, and he wanted to go back out to the car. I told him NO! That if he didn’t have to go, then he would have to wait on the bench while I took his two sisters to the bathroom. (In my dream I left him on the bench. Something I would have never done IRL.) I began to walk further into the store and noticed all the furniture lined up. I texted DH to come inside because they had a lot of nice furniture for good prices. He texted me back that he was fine in the car, and to hurry up!

 I was then approached by an older couple dressed in denim overalls and beat up plaid shirts, who told me that this was their store and for me to come with them to take a look at a recent shipment that they just got in. I told them that I would love too, but my girls had to use the bathroom and do they happen to have a public restroom. They both said to follow them to the back, and down the hallway is the bathroom. I turned around and motioned for my son to stay put on the bench, and headed to the back of the store following them. As we were walking, the old lady commented to me how beautiful my kids were, and before I could say anything, the man turned around and pushed me to the floor and grabbed both of my daughters!! The old lady took out a gun and pointed it at me and told me to stay put and shut up. She grabbed my purse and through it! I started crying, and she told me to shut up again. After the man disappeared with my daughters to a back room, she told me to get up and follow her to another room..As she grabbed onto my sleeve, I realized that I had my cell phone still hooked onto my skirt and started praying that she would not notice…She opened a door in the back of the store and shoved me in! I waited a few minutes and texted DH, but he never texted me back…

I then panicked, and texted a local friend…he texted me back asking me where I was, but I couldn’t tell him because I didn’t know.

Hours went by, or so it seemed, and I heard a whole bunch of kids screaming for their parents in the back ground!!

(The dream changed then, and I was looking down from the sky! I don’t know if I was dead or what, but I was looking in on the situation, and saw my son still sitting on the iron bench in front of the store…I saw my daughters in the room with a whole bunch of other kids crying..I saw my husband in the car in the parking lot on his cell phone, and I saw my friends red truck parked on the side of the metal building and he was inside the store shooting the old couple!)


I told my friend about this dream that keeps haunting me and this was the response:

 I would say for them to stay away from rednecks!

-Cars represent ministry.

-Guns reps harmful words etc. Is her husband  close to someones ministry and is cutting it down with critism or his words even though there is fruit? OR is he protecting the fruit of someone elses ministry that shouldn’t be?

 I will keep you in prayer.



Dreaming of snakes…:o(

We bought a huge Victorian house.  There were wall to wall mauve carpets throughout it. At night while everyone was sleeping,  holes would open up in all the carpets and rattle snakes would come out and bite me. In the morning I told everyone about them,while showing them the bite marks and no one believed me. That night I made them wait up with me to witness them all coming out of the  holes in the carpets, and when they did, no one saw them but me…….

Then I woke up!

Coincidences? Who's to say….


Have you ever had  sudden feelings, thoughts, and visions of direct things happening.. and then finding out that they either come true,or already have happened?

For the past decade or so this has been happening to me. It started off years ago when I had lost contact with a friend from high school. We were driving one day and got lost and past a street sign that had my friends last name on it. I then mentioned it to DH, that I use to have a friend from school, whose last name was the name of the street sign.

That night I was laying in bed she popped into my head screaming.  I had a vision that she was screaming. It was so weird because I had not spoken, or heard from her in years. The next day I was still thinking about her, so decided to locate her. I located the number and called her mother, and before I could ask how my  friend was doing, she told me that her daughter was in the hospital, because her husband had broken her rib cage the night before. It was very distubing to hear about!

~Then there were a couple of really personal things that popped into my mind that same year, and weeks later came true..

~I also had an instance with my mother, who hates scarves. I had a dream that someone gave her a blue scarf. I though it was a silly dream to have..Weeks went by and one day while talking on the phone with her, she mentions  that a friend recently gave her a scarf, but since she doesn’t wear scarves, wanted to know if I wanted it..Wouldn’t ya know when I asked her the color of it, she said BLUE!

Same goes for dreams, which I truly believe God places in our minds for reasons that we may not always know.
~A couple years ago I had a dream of a guy knocking on my front door. When I answered the door, he told me his name and then left..Then I woke up. I hopped on-line and Googled the name and 2 people came up. No-one that I knew, but both happened to live in the same state as me. Very weird!
I can go on and on… but this past year this has been happening so much! Thoughts, dreams and visions. My mind is on over time!

~I had a dream that a friend was some place by a sink and got hurt on the hand and someone threw him a towel..which ended up actually happening, but in the past-tense.

~I had a dream someone was pregnant and miscarried, and that ended up happening.:o(

~I had a vision that I was reading something at a friends funeral..Thank goodness that didn’t happen, and she is actually fine! And NO! I haven’t told her that I saw myself at her funeral. But I have been praying non stop for her health!!

~Then just the other day I had a strong feeling that a friend moved away..and that almost happened and still might.

~Last night I had a strong feeling that someone that I knew was coughing and couldn’t stop. I had no idea who it could possibly be. Then earlier today while talking to my father on the phone, he started coughing really bad, that he had to place the phone down, and when he came back, he told me that he is on medication for a very bad cough that he has been suffering from the past few days.
So all these things have just been on my mind…
From the few people that I have talked with in the past about these type of things, most say it happens to people that have a strong sense of everything around them..Spiritually,Darkness & Light, Core Energy and just good old intuition. It is actually pretty common.

 On another note-There are another group of people that see numbers..For example-People see certain numbers in their head, and then end up behind a license plate with the exact numbers that they envisioned earlier.

Years ago I was talking to a friend who told me that they couldn’t get a certain group of numbers out of their head..and come to find out, weeks later they ended up looking at a house that had the same group of numbers in the street address. They ended up moving there. lol

Coincidences? Who’s to say….

Weird Dream


We were living in an apartment complex which was set up so all the single people lived on the top floor, couples  lived on the middle floor, and everyone else lived on the first floor.

It made sense,  that way you would not hear a bunch of running around on th 3rd floor! *G* There’s more to it though…


I had the front door open and was showing my two oldest daughters four small spider cocoons that were hanging there. I was telling them that when daddy came home, he would have to take care of them, because we do not want them to hatch. Just then, a couple that lived on the second floor walked by us and asked what I was doing, and if we just moved in. I told them yes, that we were new and showed them the spider cocoons. The women said,” Ew, nasty!” and proceeded to walk up to the second floor.

Her husband told me to just get a napkin and grab them and then bring the napkin out to the trash area. I asked him if I brought him out a napkin, would he do it? He said, “Sure.” Then afterwards as he was walking up the stairs to the second floor, he said, “don’t forget to water and trim the tree roots.”

I said, “Wait! what tree roots?” and he pointed to a  tiny door flap that was next to my front door. Up until now, I thought it was some sort of electrical outlet. I bent down to lift the flap and sure enough, there were little tree roots sticking out in there. He said that there very long and went through the whole building, right out to the main grass area in front. That it was some new easier way to garden. He told me to put 6 cups of water in there each week or they would die, and we would get evicted.  And that I also needed to trim them every couple weeks. I said OK, …and then I woke up!

Talk about weird! I have no idea where these strange dreams come from. I did not take anything before I went to bed that would promote such dreams, and actually had a clear mind. *sigh*

Under Water Dream

I had a dream that I was living my life under water. My life was the exact same way it is now, but It was all under the water. I remember looking out my living room window, watching our goats, who were all struggling to walk under the water! Very weird!

I use to use a dream dictionary as a kid, and Yes, I know they are purely fiction, but just for the fun of it, I looked up my dreams meaning..Online-and this is what it says for people who dream they are under the water..It sounds pretty crazy!

To dream that you are underwater, suggests that you are feeling overcome with emotions and are in need of greater control in your life.  To dream that you are breathing underwater, represents a retreat back into the womb. You want to return to a state where you were dependent and free from responsibilities.  Alternatively, you may be submerged in your emotions.

Demonic Picture

Something very disturbing has been happening. It started out with an object that a friend gave me about 3 months ago. The night she passed on this object to me, which was a pretty 16×20 picture, I sat it down in my dining room for about a week.. trying to decide where to hang it.

After a week past, I brought it into my bedroom and removed an old picture that I had hanging up in my bedroom entry and hung up the new picture. I really liked it too. It had a tranquil scene, that kind of brings you into it, if that makes sense. There was something about it that just kinda called out to me. At the time, I thought it was the serene colors.
THAT NIGHT while laying in bed at midnight. I layed there until  1:30 watching the clock, when all of the sudden I heard this intense screeching sound. I continued to lay there for a good couple more minutes listening to it, trying to determine if it was a cat at my door, or some wild animal outside, maybe a screech owl?…..Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever, ever… assumed it was a demon!! Despite my past visions, and keen sense of intuition, I have never ever expirenced anything like this before.

As I laid there listening to the noise more intently, I closed my eyes and my mind fell to the picture that was hanging up on a side wall that I couldn’t see from where I was laying. When I reopened my eyes I saw it!!
I thought I was hallucinating, but up above my head was this small creature that I do not even want to try to describe, yet somehow, I’ll never forget. It was making this horrid screeching noise right in front of me!! I looked over to Dh, who was  sound a sleep and I couldn’t believe he was not hearing it.
I  immediately started praying Matthew 16:23 and closed my eyes once more.. and when I reopened them I jumped out of bed. I  didn’t wake Dh, and have no idea why, but felt myself being pulled towards the picture.
When I walked over to the picture, I knew that that was where the demon went, and I heard a slight screeching once more in front of me and started praying over the picture until I didn’t hear anything.
I have no clue why I didn’t rip the picture off the wall and trash it. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it stopped and I went back to bed  to power pray.

I started thinking about how light and darkness can not coexist, and began to question.. how  it  were even possible for a demon to come into my spirit filled house? I eventually fell asleep, and the next day tried not  to think any more about it.. I have been told in the past that if one spends times thinking about these type of things in detail, more of them tend to happen.
I also did not tell anyone, for fear that someone would think I was losing it altogether.
A few days past and I felt the need to anoint my house with oil. I  waited for everyone to go to bed and started the process..
Days turned into weeks, and at certain times that I would enter my bedroom, my eyes fell on the picture. A uneasy feeling. Yet, I still left it up there! Ugh!

FAST FORWARD– This brings me to today-On Christmas no less!
Dh and I were having a major talk, and as he was talking to me the picture kept entering my mind..It is really hard to even put into words.


Later tonight, as I was playing Lite Brite in my bedroom with my son-we had the lights off, and the picture kept popping into my head once more. After we were done playing, he left the room and I walked over to the picture and prayed over it again. Then I felt the holy spirit tell me to call Dh into the bedroom and tell him about it.
As I was telling him about it he had a weird/disbelief expression on his face, and at first, it scared me. He then asked me if I wanted to hear something just as freaky? I said No! Because I generally rather NOT know certain details about things, or really heavy stuff in general..But-he told me anyways..

He said that a couple hours prior, he began asking the Lord if there is something demonic that has made its way into our house?  As I am constantly bringing used items into the house…AND-this was the confirmation! Praise God!

Dh walked over to the picture, took it off the wall and brought it outside..which is where it is right now..
What do I do with it now? Trash it? Burn it? Offer it back to my friend? I have no idea..But I do feel a utter sense of peace in my home now! It actually feels different. ❤


Another story that is somewhat simular, that I have recently heard was from a friend who called me about a month ago to ask me to start praying for her family ASAP. She asked me if I knew anything about annointing ones house with oil? I told her how to do it, and she was off to get it done.. It was a very timely phone call, and as I did not share with her ‘my story’ She did tell me what had just happened to her family…

Her 4 year old climbed out his bedroom window the previous night and was banging on the front door at 2am to come back inside…She was sleeping and heard bangs on the front door. Evidently, she did not wake up her husband and went to go investigate it on her own.

When she arrived at the front door she clearly heard her son outside and screaming, “mommy, mommy”. She opened the LOCKED door and grabed him. When he calmed down, he told her that while he was sleeping,  he woke up and walked over to his bedroom window, looked outside, and saw his older sister waving for him to come join her. His older sister is only 6 years old and he claims that she was outside telling him to come outside to play. He unlocked the screen-less window and climbed outside to go find her.

They live way out in the boondocks on 30 wooded acres and he said he was following his sister into the woods but got scared when he didn’t see her anymore, and ran back home to the front door, realizing it was locked and was scared!

Needless to say she was very freaked out, and then went to wake her husband and tell him what happened. Her husband said it was definetly something demonic and they needed to find out why it was targeting the children. Very Scary stuff!