North Myrtle Beach

Today was Day two of our vacation.

There is something about having a “free” trip that makes it more enjoyable I think. The resort we are staying at is just beautiful. So many amenities.

It’s suppose to be in the 80’s all week. I already have a sunburn. Unfortunately.

The kids are all so excited! It’s so nice seeing everyone enjoy themselves. I only wish that all our kids were here.

Here are a few snapshots of the day.

Very cool store where everything in it is Purple.
Barefoot Landing, North Myrtle Beach

When does Parenting end?

I over heard a teen the other day at Target tell her mom that she’s going out with her friends later on that night. Then she whined to her mom that she’s tired of having to tell her mom where she was going and when she would be home. The daughter then added, “Mom, I’m almost eighteen!”

The mom shrugged and told her that she better get use to the fact that she’s not an orphan and has parents. This was the first time I had ever heard that come back before.

Today’s kids would probably feel like this particular mother was controlling. Simply because she wanted details to where her almost eighteen year old was going.

This got or me thinking. Why does communicating where you are going and what time you’ll be home irritate teens so much? I was a rebellious kid myself but always told me mom where I was going and with whom. Regardless of my age. 🤷‍♀️

At any age, really. What’s the big deal? Are you planning on getting drunk and having a wild shameful night; that you don’t want anyone, especially your parents to know about.

I think it’s a matter of respect. Kids do not respect their parents anymore.

Regardless of how much they have given them. Regardless of anything, really. Kids nowadays don’t respect anyone! They are quick to shout out, you need to earn my respect. They will say this to their parents even. Really?

My husband and I were talking about this and he said if he ever said anything of the sort to his mom, or even in earshot he would have received a slap across the face; followed by some choice words.

Last night we were at my husbands mothers house and his brothers family were there too. They have a ten year old daughter who came inside with a long branch in her hands. She lifted up the branch and asked my fifteen year old daughter if she’s even seen a Puerto Rican switch. Along side of her, her younger brother came inside with one too. He asked why there were Puerto Rican switches in grandmas back yard.

My daughter looked traumatized because my kids were not disciplined after age five, with anything more then a firm voice or privilege taken away. Their cousin then told my daughter that a switch is used instead of a belt and it doesn’t matter if you are a teenager ‘cause if you are bad you get the switch. My daughter was speechless. And to be honest, so was I.

I’m going to remove everything I’ve been taught about modern disabling and say that these kids listen when their parents tells them to do something. Something, meaning– clean your room. Finish your school work. Who are you going out with, and when will you be home? Help me with dinner, and so on.

Isn’t their any other way to teach kids respect? I don’t know. I still do not believe in spanking.

I want to think it’s solely a heart thing. At least when they become adults and know right from wrong.

If there hearts are hardened, it will show by their attitudes and speech.

Out of the heart the mouth speaks. God knew this long before we did.

There is going to be a rude awakening when today’s teens have teens. So many of us veteran parents see this coming.

Of course that’s if they want to even have kids, because all I read online is that getting married and having kids is not at all what today’s me generation wants. Tradition got thrown out the door a decade or two ago. Before social media hit in.

I will be long gone, but I do wonder how it will be fifty years from now. I wonder what the twenty’s kids will be like as elderly folk.

They will have no one to visit or help them at all. They will have had their fabulous careers and well traveled photographs splattered on their walls where their previous generations had framed pictures of their loved ones and kids and grandchildren’s school pictures.

They will be in their 70’s, rocking in their recliner and asking for a glass of water, Only to remember that there is no one around to give them a glass of water. No one to talk with or help with chores around the house. No one at all.

This is the clear reality of the “me generations” futures. One that saddens me to think on.

What is Self Entitlement?

Self entitlement

What do you think the definition of Self entitlement is?

If you Google, the definition is: when an individual perceives themselves as deserving of unearned privileges. These are the people who believe life owes them something; a reward, a measure of success, a particular standard of living.

Do you have anyone in your life who fits this description?

As a Christian I have always been told by my Christian friends that this is a generational curse.

Others have said that it’s how the child was raised, and whether you were not strict enough. Maybe you gave in too much.

What do you guys think?

What is Self Entitlement?

Self entitlement

What do you think the definition of Self entitlement is?

If you Google, the definition is: when an individual perceives themselves as deserving of unearned privileges. These are the people who believe life owes them something; a reward, a measure of success, a particular standard of living.

Do you have anyone in your life who fits this description?

As a Christian I have always been told by my Christian friends that this is a generational curse.

Others have said that it’s how the child was raised, and whether you were not strict enough. Maybe you gave in too much.

What do you guys think?

The Grass is Greener Syndrome

Well it’s been an interesting past month for both of my parents. Even divorced, they are both still living the same exact life as they were while I was growing up.

They just keep thinking the grass is greener, moving from state to state. At least that is my guess.

As a matter of fact, it was the same road I was mimicking, up until about sixteen years ago.

Currently, I am still in the same home that my husband and I purchased sixteen years ago. Sure we have talked about moving several times.

But after major prayer, we came to the same conclusion time and time again. We are where we need to be for our children right now. Security is number one. Something neither of us had growing up.

My husband would still like to move once we are empty nesters, but I’m not sure. I want to be where my kids are planted. I want them to have the roots that we never had.

Getting back to my ‘rents-

In the past sixteen years my mom has moved from Florida to my house (NC), my house to Connecticut with my brother, Connecticut back to Florida, Florida to Alabama, Alabama back to Florida. Florida to Wisconsin, and Wisconsin back To Alabama, which is where she currently is, but has just wrote me to say that after a month in Alabama, she thinks she should have stayed in Wisconsin. Which is where her two sisters live. But she says that she’s rather be in Florida again. And my brother just notified me tonight that leaves back to Florida this weekend. She will be living with a friend who only has a one bedroom/one back apartment. She claims my brothers place is too small, despite having her own master bedroom and bath. I guess she’s rather where a bath and bedroom because that’s the better choice. My brother and I are beyond stressed and can’t ever figure her life choices out. I have drawn the conclusion that she actually wants to have something to moan and grown about and fester in misery. What else can it be?! But you would think a grown seventy year old would have for hired it out by now.

Now let’s talk about my other parent.

My father, who is originally from Boston, but grew up in Florida, has a deep rooted love for Florida. He always has. He’s lived in thirteen different cities in Florida alone. And despite the horrible weather, crime, diversity, and utter chaos, he seems to do best in that environment.

I told him I’d be fine if we just took a chain saw to the state. I would not live there if I won a million dollar mansion. There is a reason I always left. Well, it’s the opposite for him, so be it.

Two years ago he got a job offer in Texas that he could not refuse. Double the pay! Double! But after two years, he’s decided that his heart is back in Florida. Regardless of the pay. Money does not guarantee happiness.

So He will be back in Florida by the end of this month he tells me.

My only sibling is my one brother, who in the past sixteen years has lived in Connecticut (3 different cities) Moved to Alabama, then Florida, then back to Alabama, then California, Wisconsin, and now back to Alabama. But he tells me his heart is back in California, and plans to get back soon. He’s a free spurt like myself, but has no kids, therefore never saw the need for roots.

Again, so be it. As long as he’s happy. And he appears to be just that! He wants to go back to a campground community living style again. Back in Cali.

Where does this leave my mom, who needs to be cared for and can’t live alone anymore.

With no friends, because she doesn’t like anyone and fines fault with, well, everyone.

Well despite all of this, she’s decided to move In with her one lady friend who is a recluse and has no living relatives. So maybe it will work out?!

One can only hope.


Wanderlust doesn’t have to mean global, although that’s oftentimes what we all think when hearing the word.

Most people would travel the world if given the free ticket. And maybe I would have wanted to do the same, twenty-five years ago. But it has zero appeal to me now.

Although the one country I have always wanted to visit would have been India. It has always seemed so magical to me. Like a Disneyland, sort of speak. Crazy & Colorful! At least that’s how the movies make it seem to me.

No complaints here. Sure I’d like a bigger house so I can have an office and storage area. Maybe a garage, basement or attic. But I have no desire to travel anymore.

Being stationary for this many years has really made me realize that my needs are pretty basic.

At the end of the day, what I really desire is to watch the sunset on my front porch, sitting in my rocking chair sipping a green tea and lifting up my prayers.

Family Sayings

My oldest daughter recently brought to my attention that our family has too many made up sayings.

I rename a lot of things. I’m not sure why. I know their real names, but since the kids were little I renamed many things, and now that they are older they have went off in the world with all these made up worlds that have everyone confused.

Yes, they know the correct words also, but since they have heard me call certain things, certain names for so long… it’s become hard to drop my cutesy sayings. Or so I’m told.

1. Our SUV is called The Tank.

So when my daughter is walking out of the mall with her friends, or church, she points to our vehicle and says, “There’s the tank!”

No one around her knows what she is referring too.

2. Hand sanitizer is know as Germ Killer.

Again, when my kids ask the teacher or one of their friends for hand sanitizer, they refer to it as Germ Killer.

3. Snacks are referred to as Fun Food.

When the kids ask their friends if they would like fun food, their friends ask what that is?! Lol

3. Then there is coming home and changing into your pajamas.

I have always said, “time to get cozy, cozy.”

And that means get ready for bed.

Again, when my daughters are having sleepovers and they ask their friends if they would like to get Cozy,Cozy….They get some odd looks from their friends.

I think this all started when the kids were toddlers. We had a fire place that I use to refer to as The Hot One.

I would tell the kids to be careful and not play near The Hot One.

It was very cute to see my little girls point to the fire and say Hot! Hot One!

But now it’s not as cute when my teens ask me to pass them their iPad…or drink, on THE HOT ON.

4. Laundry is referred to as Chores.

The kids have several chores. (Dishes, feed animals, vacuum) But laundry specifically, is referred to as Chores.🤔

5. Our House is referred to as, The Fort.

I can think of so many other ones we have, but have shared enough for now.

Does your family have any special names for anything?

Feeling overjoyed!

I am so proud how much my daughter has grown spiritually over this past year.

A while back she came to me and said it was time to get baptized. She knew this is what the Lord was telling her to do.

She is an Amazing young girl that shines so bright. 💗

My mother heart beats so strong for you Krissy. May the Lord keep his hedge of protection around your life, and may you move mountains in his holy name… Always knowing what a precious Gift you truly are.

More vacation pictures..

Snapshots from yesterday. It was a lot of fun being trapped in all those mirrors with strangers, and no exit in site. Lol

My oldest and son also did a few hours sourcing. It was just meh, I found a couple pairs of shoes, yoga pants, and a sterling silver spaghetti scooper.

My son said the electronics were too picked over, and my daughter found a bunch of Lularoe pieces to sell.

On with the pictures:

And after being out from morning til night, I pampered myself with this new charcoal face mask. I was very pleased with the results. 😉

Fun times on Vacation…

It’s just the little things when it comes to our family. Which is a super relaxed one.

So far we have lounged by the pool.

Hooked up with another homeschool family.

Ate out way too much.

Went to the mall.

Went to Royal Nails, which is said to be the best nail salon five years running. And yes they were!

Tomorrow we are taking the kids to Hannah’s Mirrored Maze. (Will post pictures then.)

We have been doing ubur again on vacation. It really is nice.

Per usual, the resort beds do not compare to our temperpedic back home, so I had to buy tiger balm for the back pain.

I also went to target and found this cute photo prob for eBay. 😉

I have noticed a huge difference between people in SC, verses people in NC. I’ve never noticed it before. I won’t say which is which, but one state has friendly people then the other.

December part 1

Fall, in general, is always the busiest time of year for me. It starts off with three birthdays in October, and then carries onto another three in November. Throw in Halloween and Thanksgiving, Black Friday ….and then December is here.

My wedding anniversary is this month.

99% of my shopping has been done.

Children’s activities are in full swing, and the little down time at home that we have is spent on baking, decorating, and Christmas movies.

I’m not complaining, in fact, I love it. So much!

I can’t imagine a life without family things.

My kids are a huge part of my life.

I thought as they got older, it would start to feel somewhat empty. But I’m quickly realizing that it’s even more fulfilling.

I love being a mother so much!

I have never been able to relate to other mothers who complain about their kids, or look forward to having them in school, and not at home.

Of course this is the only life I’ve ever known. And my kids are extremely well behaved, and genuinely enjoy spending time with each other.

I suppose if there was arguing and fighting all day, I’d feel very different about family life.

I think we want to give our children the life we never had. And for me, it was two very absentee parents. So for my family life, stability and focus, has always been my number one priority. It’s important to me, for my kids to have the stability and unconditional love that I never had growing up.

And that’s all I’m going to share on that.

I need to get up out of bed and get motivated. I see that my daughter has left me a cup of tea next to my bed before she left for class this morning. ❤️

I’ve been laying here since 6am thinking about this coming week.

We leave in a few days for a mini vacation.

My husband surprised me with K-Love Christmas concert tickets, and I’m very excited. He’s very introverted and doesn’t like crowds, so this really was a true act of LOVE. ❤️

Moving on to some activities in pictures.

Our first snow! It’s been in the 30’s. ❄️🌨

Stunning picture of our American flag that I took in Greensboro, NC the other day.