McGuffey Readers

I have finally completed my set once again. *Happy Dance*
I have recently replaced this McGuffey Eclectic Spelling book.

I bought the complete set years ago, but against my better judgment, I lent out the spelling book to a friend, who then took off to Florida, never returning my book. I contacted her, and she said she sold it. Sooooo… lesson learned.

There is something extra special about classics. And these particular books will always be near and dear to my heart.
I’ve used them with all of my kids. Some enjoyed them more then the others. One daughter says that she liked them, but never understood why all the stories more often then not, ended tragically.
One story was about a little boy who saved a baby bird who fell out of a nest. He nursed baby bird back to health, only for the family cat to find the bird and devour him.

Another story was about a mother who kept telling her daughter not to walk on the thin ice which was on the back pond. The girl didn’t listen and drowned. She didn’t ‘almost drown’ she drowned! And the girls sister witnessed it. 

Then there is the story of the family of beavers whose mother kept telling them to stay near her during hunting season. But one of the babies snuck out anyways, to play down by the rivers edge.  The story ended with a gun shot to head of the little one.

These stories, while tragic, really stick with you!
I think they set the stage to handle life’s events, unlike today’s school books.
Anyways, here is my new addition. It does has some inside writings. But I think that that adds to its charm. 😉


Puzzles and Crafts!

I bought this cute fairy doll kit off eBay last week. It was a great little project to do with my daughter. 

She turned out great!

I also bought this 3D Apple puzzle, in which I thought would be easy. Seeing as it is only 44pcs. But none of us were able to do it except DH. And it took a couple hours, at that!

They also come in the Granny Smith variety. 

As well as triangle shapes (illuminati) haha!

And panda bears. 😉

I just ordered the panda bear one. It’s coming from Hong Kong though. It should be here by August. 😐
Lastly, I bought this huge 3D puzzle of an old Victorian house. When finished, it will stand 18 inches high. 

My daughter has been collecting them this past year. After we learn about a landmark or monument, I try to find a puzzle for it. I have found that it helps her remember the names of landmarks and monuments.
I love board games and puzzles. The kids prefer to play them on the puter, or Wii, but I’m old school. 
~Does anyone else still do board hames a day puzzles? 


A cute little lamb that my daughter made for a friends new baby.

A Truck!

A Bear!

A Boat!

A Truck!

Some Bread kneading!

Rolls instead of bread! Bakes faster.


Doll that my daughter made from a leftover corn husk

Corn husk Doll

Knitted barbie rugs that my daughter made.

Tic-Tac Toe game that my daughter made for my sons birthday present.

The pieces fit inside the game. I love this!

Sons car collection :o)

Sons room all clean!

SOme homemade soup that my daughter made for me while I was indisposed.

The goats eating earlier today.

Some pretty trees in front of our house.

An adorable Polar Bear that my daughter just finished.

Math Class with my son!

All homemade barbie outfits that my daughters sew up for their sisters.

Homemade dress, hat and shawl.

Proper attire for Miss. Barbie and her beau!!

A Sears 1930's Preasure Canner from a local antique store!

That is all! Any questions about any of the pictures. Please comment below.:o)