Rashes: Walmart Clothing

As many of my regular blog readers know, I’ve been on a Walmart purse kick these past few months. I now own three Walmart purses.

To be honest though, one is falling apart already. Fast fashion will never hold up. ūüėĒ

However, since I was surprised to have found a few hidden Walmart purse gems, I decided to revisit their Faded Glory clothing line.

I use to love their George line, but it has been discontinued for years. At least in my neck of the woods. It was made well though.

So the other day I stumbled across these comfy pull over tunics. They had a regular price of $7.97ea, but were reduced to $5 each.

I grabbed three of them.

Where else could you get three tops for $15.

Well, a thrift store of course! But these were new and on clearance so I decided to give them a whirl. I bought a gray, green, and pink one.

I didn’t notice a smell at the time, but I’m not in the habit of sniffing my purchases.

I came home, took the tags off, and set them on the dresser.

The following day I wore the pink one.

I loved the true to size fit, and complimenting sleeves and neckline.

I felt good in it. It was also a nice longer length that covered the bum area. Something my modest self always appreciates.

About an hour after wearing the new top, I broke out in an arm and chest rash.

I assumed it was from a new perfume I tried out earlier in the day, so just went about my business.

It was itchy, but not over bearing enough to take a benedryl.

That night I tossed in it in the laundry pile.

The next day I put on the gray one, and I didn’t have any perfume on at all,but sure enough… arm and chest rash started in.

It was a bit more itchy then the previous day.

But again, I went about the day, showered that night..

About thirty minutes after getting my PJ’s on, the rash went away. So I didn’t give it another thought.

This takes me to today, I woke up and noticed a chemically smell in the bedroom.

I got dressed, placing the green tunic on, and within moments I realized that the smell was the top I was wearing.

I went and picked up the other two tops to see if they had the smell, and although it wasn’t as pungent as the green one, they did have a strange chemical odor.

My daughter walked over to me and gave me a hug, then she asked what that odd smell was. And by that time my arms were breaking out with the rash.

I quickly showered and changed, and then decided to Google Walmart clothing to see if anyone else in the world was having these issues. And sure enough… I had my reading cut out for me.

People all over were saying that they have had rashes, and that certain Walmart clothing items stink. Specifically their denim jeggings.

Many claimed that after you wash the garments, they smell even worst.

Some people have claimed that it’s all the insecticides used in the wear houses, while others claim it’s the cheap dyes that are used when processing.

I have not tried washing them yet, but plan to later tonight. I am going to add a bit of vinegar to the wash. Some folks have said they have tried everything to get the stench out, but vinegar was one of the only things that worked. Sort of.

So, I guess I’m back to only buying ‘new to me’ clothing. I’m very big on recycling, and I’d much rather purchase high-end gently worn clothing that’s made well, then cheap clothing that are filled with irritants.

Perhaps it’s only people with sensitive skin though, such as myself. Who knows, but I’m not willing to go through this again.

Let me know what f anyone else has ever had this happened to them. ūüėź


Starbucks controversial cups

I woke up this morning, and stopped at Starbucks, before heading to an early morning doctors appointment.

While drinking my latte’ I scanned through what’s trending, and of course, Starbucks coffee cups were being discussed..

Apparently, there is a lesbian couple holding hands on their new Holiday cup. A faceless couple, actually.

I first caught wind of this new cup design last month when it launched. I thought it was cute, that they could be colored, as adult coloring is still very much on the rise.

I still color with my kids, but I cant say I break out the crayons while out and about. But I realize that coloring is a lot of people’s Happy Place. It’s said to help with anxiety, much like therapy pets. So be it! Both are harmless.

I thought the cup was pretty cool when I first saw it. Very trendy! Hip! Cool to look at. Much like the adult coloring books. L

But as always, nothing can be that simple…because everything has an agenda in today’s world. *sigh*

I haven’t seen the Starbucks commercial that is being discussed, regarding this new cup, but apparently it starts off with two women and ends with them walking away, and as you can guess…. Holding Hands…

Why can’t we just enjoy a coffee or latte’?!


Of course this also touches in with how Children’s friendships differ then adults. (And I’m only mentioning this because I just blogged about friendships yesterday.)

I remember as a young girl holding hands with my friends.. All the time. I still see it today.

I drop my ten year old daughter off at her friends house and her friend runs up to greet her, grabbing her hand, and running off to play.

But you see, as an adult, that would seem odd to see.

Now I do have my friends greet me with a hug, but if they grabbed my hand while we ran off to a shopping center, I would find that, well, odd.

But that’s another story for another time.

Whether it’s Starbucks, or your local coffee shop. Why not just leave it alone and let people drink their coffees without having any hidden agendas. I understand peoples frustrations. ūüėĒ

Of course there was that one year where Starbucks had those plain red cups, but there was even controversy over them..

And if you look back, this always turns into a liberal/conservative thing.

Christian’s calling out Starbucks for taking Christ out of Christmas.

Being a Christian myself, I find it dumb. Yes. Dumb.

You see, Starbucks is NOT a Christian organization. Nor has it ever claimed to be.

And if we, as Christian’s, choose not to support any non-Christian organizations, then we better stop with the hipporacy, live in a glass bubble and not support any company’s other then Hobby Lobby and Chick fil’ lay. And some say they are both questionable. ūüėź

This goes for liberals getting upset when the local bakery chooses not to make that ‘special cake’ for their wedding too.

Sure, it would be nice if company’s would just provide a service.

To everyone! But that is not the world we live in.

We live in a world of division. And people just need to deal with it..

It’s dumb to loose sleep and let these petty things steal your joy.

People who don’t deserve your time

Some people just never change, I guess.

I had recently reconnected with a friend.. despite that feeling in my gut towards them, which was still telling me…. Don’t trust! Don’t trust!

And of course– I ignored that feeling. Like I always do. Because I’m always wanting to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I keep praying that I can live the rest of my life listening to my intuition..As it’ never let me down. But then I feel bad when someone cries me a river. Ugh!

I’m just so upset with myself for always wanting to see the good in people. I know that sounds crazy!

I mean, as a Christian, we should be turning the other cheek and loving people though.

But then again, people who are in the business of using people.. rarely change…

I really, REALLY, need to come to terms with this.

Vent over


Ebay buyers who Stalk

Shortly after I became a Christian, I started praying for patience. It’s not something I would suggest anyone to pray for..but I did. During that time I went through a lot with dealing with people. I try extra hard to see everyone how the Lord sees them. Through his lens.

We don’t know everyone’s circumstances. We don’t walk in their shoes. We can’t always judge a book by its cover. You get the point.¬†

But sometimes; especially recently, it’s been a hard pill for me to swallow. I guess I still fall short. As I still get flustered.

But I’m never going to pray for paitence ever again. *grin*

I haven’t had too many bad apples this past year on eBay, but in the past four weeks, a particular lady has really irked me.

So much, that I finally just blocked her. About a hour ago.

I love that you can block ebayers. The only thing is…that I wish they couldn’t private message you once blocked. They can! ūüėź

They just can’t bid/buy any of your items. And eBay tells them that they are blocked. ūüė≥

And I should mention, as an eBay ¬†store seller, if you don’t reply back to private messages, it goes against you.

Back story: 

Last month I found my first plus size 8x cardigan. It was sparkly, and well… Large! Very!

I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but I figured that it may be something that I could flip for over $50, so I bought it. It cost me $5. I listed it for $70

It was new with tags, so it didn’t need much preparation. I snapped a few pictures, added some measurements, and put it right up for sale.

That evening my phone went off at midnight.

A lady asked me if it really was a plus size 8x.

I responded to her right away. Yes. Yes it was.

12:15am she asked for measurements.

I told her that they are in the description, then I screen shot them for her. (I know, not very professional. But I was in bed. Tired.)

I thought that was the end of it but then I woke up to two more messages from her.

1. Are you sure this cardigan will fit me? What if it’s too small?

2. What are your return policies?
Again, I replied back to her.
Then I had several days of not hearing from her.

Then she messaged me once again, and told me that she will buy it now, but she will pay me in two weeks when she has the money.

(Not exactly buying it tomorrow)

I replied back to her that that was not an option.

Again, a few days passed.

Then she messaged me again and asked for more pictures. Ebay allows 12 pictures per item, so that what I took. I couldn’t imagine what other pictures I could possibly take, but wanted to keep good customer service, so I unwrapped the already wrapped cardigan, and took six more pictures of it. Then I messaged them directly to her.

Later that night she replied that the cardigan now looks smaller then the pictures that are in the auction listing, and why is that.
I replied to her that the first group of pictures were taken with the cardigan on a hanger, but the second bunch were taken as ‘flat lays’

Meaning, I laid it on the floor and stood on a chair and took them straight down..to give her different views.

Otherwise they would have looked the same as the pictures in the listing.
She replied back and asked if I’d take any less for the cardigan.

I replied back no, that I’m sorry but the price is firm.

She then told me that she’s on a fixed income, and that is why she’s asking.

I then sent her to the actual website that sells the cardigans, and added that there are many similar ones in all sizes, that are on clearance now. Which was the truth because I went to the site and checked myself. You can buy up to 10x.

She then replied back to me and told me that she wants the one that I have listed. Not something similar.

I then needed a breather and ignored her.

The next day I thought I was in the clear.
But I guess that me not responding back to her right away, upset her. She asked me why I didn’t reply back to her the previous night.

That, is when I should have taken the points against my account and not replied back to her. She’s a stranger to me. I do not own her an explanation. ūüėĒ

But I didn’t. Instead, ¬†I lied and told her I’ve been busy working. Which is always true. I am always busy now… but it takes only a second to reply back to someone… So, I lied..

A couple days passed. I thought she was gone. But nope! 

She messaged me in detail about the wedding that she needs to attend..

I replied back okay. 

What was I suppose to respond back? She’s not a friend.

She then messaged me to say that she really needs something for the wedding but simply doesn’t know if the cardigan will be too small or not.

By this point I was ready to tell her that I’d decided to keep the dang cardigan and use it for a blanket, or a table cloth… or maybe make a sparkly tent fit for a king!

I know.. I’m sounding like a big meany.. but I was at breaking point.

So I sent her the measurements yet again, and told her to measure a current jacket and compare the measurements.
She responded that she doesn’t have a measuring tape and really needs the cardigan.

And told me that pay day was in a few days.

She also added.. that she’s on state assistance.

I didn’t reply back. This is irrelevant to me. Business is business. I already went out of my way and sent her to the site to purchase one cheaper.

The weekend came and she told me that she now has the money and will just do the Buy Now’ Option.

I told her okay, sounds good.

And I even added a smile emoji.

But a week went by and she didn’t buy it, so I figured she changed her mind. Which I was delighted!

But no…

It was midnight when my phone went off again.

She asked me if the fabric was forgiving, and did it have a lot of stretch to it.

I replied back that it did… and added the exact fabric content. (Which was also in the listing.)

The next day she replied back that she’s going to pass on it.

That was music to my ears! I even opened a bottle of wine to celebrate. I was that happy! 

That was the end of this month long headache.

But it wasn’t…

Last night at midnight she messaged me again and told me that she really needs the cardigan for a wedding in two weeks.

Before I could reply back, she messaged me and asked what my return policy was again. That she’d forgotten.

I replied. Then went to bed hoping that I wouldn’t have nightmares of her.. or that dumb cardigan which I now resented. In fact, maybe it needs to be cut up for rags!¬†

This morning she messaged me for more pictures.

I told her no, that the cardigan is already in a poly bag shipper once again.

Then.. I had a very bad feeling that she was going to buy it, wear it to the weddjng, and then return it. Ding! Ding! Ding! 

So I added her to my eBay blocked list.

Apparently, ¬†she went to buy it but eBay sent her this message—

And that is the message she sent me.

Then she sent me this one:

I told her that I took it down because I sold it to a friend and that she may want to consider the website that has them on sale right now. Cheaper then what ¬†I’m listing mine for…. And to take care… and I hope she finds what she needs.

Bam! Done!

Or so I thought…..




And here it is… 3:30pm

I have not heard back from her..

Praise the Lord!


Fatherly Advice

The scene: 

The father had a tattoo with his birthday across his lower back. September 8,1985. His daughter looked to be around five or six years old.

Worst advice I ever heard from a father to his daughter today at the outside pool:
Father: Lisa! Lisa! COME HERE!
Daughter: Yes Daddy?
Father: Remember, you don’t have to stay playing with your little friend the whole time we are here.

You have the green band because you were fearless, and took the test. She was too Scared!

SO YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT TO TO DO! ¬†If you want to go on the logs or down the water slide, don’t worry about leaving her behind. You think of yourself, and what YOU WANT TO DO.

Daughter:: Okay daddy, but I’m having fun playing with my friend…

Father: Okay, but just remember, if you get bored, you just leave her to go do something else.
Daughter: Okay daddy….

And she ran back to play..


60 minutes special 

I was watching a segment on 60 minuets the other day with my family. They were having an interview with a man who designed the smartphone, and how it was purposely designed to be an addictive entity. 

Yes, we all know how additive smartphones can be. I was once very addicted to mine, regarding social media. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblur, Pinterest, YouTube, The Hunt… I used them all! The only one I didn’t have, was Instagram. Which I hear is also owned by Face book now. So…

I try to never fully become addictive to anything. And I know the warning signs on when to cut myself off and quit things.

I have an addictive personality to began with. Which is probably why I stayed clear of drugs as a teen. I know I would have got myself addicted and probably OD’d. *sigh*

So back in June of 2015, I went cold turkey from social media. 

A couple weeks prior to cutting myself off from it, I turned all my notifications on my cellphone off.

That, in itself helped ALOT! I highly recommend doing that if you can relate.

By doing that I was able to once again, take control of myself.

Then I started praying that the desire to be connected with people all the time would cease.

I had people all over the world reaching out to me to ‘chat’ Hours on end. Single moms, abusive wives….etc.

And seeing as I get involved,  and invested rather quickly, it was making me go a stir crazy. 

I found myself in constant worry about people whom I have never met before. People in India, Spain, England. 

I would have dreams and nightmares about these people. 

Amd it got to the point that it was just never enough time invested. People wanted to talk all the time, and it was taking me away from my actually family life.

So one day I just cut myself off completely! 

At first it was only going to be for a month. For years I would take a couple months out of each year to fast from social media. I got my Facebook account back in 2007. Before that, I was all about message boards. Which had their place, but were equally addicting.. looking back at them now.

This time was different though. After the first month of social media fasting was over I didn’t have the urge to log back on.

 Then another month went by. I started getting texts from online friends who I had gotten close too. They asked if I was going to return online, and if so, when.

I even had a woman ask my husband for my number so she could call me to just vent. She told him that I was her favorite person to vent too. 

I didn’t even have to think about it after that one…

The answer was clear. No!

 I was not going to log back on. 

Keeping in mind, my number one weakness was facebook. After all, it really conbined everything into one place.

But I was fine. Completely fine! *still shocked*

It has been two years now.

Yes, I do go on Twitter still, but it’s not at all addicting and I don’t have a dozen people always opening chat to talk the day away. As for Facebook, I closed my account with them. And it feels like it was a lifetime ago. I think of all the hours that were wasted. I try not to beat myself up about that, but I do. All those hours that I invested trying to save people. 

I hear that most folks use social media to stay in contact with family… but really, if it’s family, they have your number if they have anything substantial to discuss with you. 

As for me, the few family members that I did have on my social media were no one that I was really close to at all…maybe as a child, but then people grow up, move away, and start their own lives. And that’s not a bad, or sad thing.

  It’s life! It’s perfectly fine! Really.

When I think of my family now… it’s not at all the distant relatives

It’s the people who I live with. THEY are my family. I know it may sound mean, but I really don’t consider aunts, uncles, or cousins, relevant to me anymore. I have one sibling that I have not spoken to in several years. I use to try because I thought it was important. But I was just living in the past. Thinking of all the childhood memories instead of living in the present/future. 

 Sure we use to lol on each other’s Facebook posts from time to time, but other then that, we have both chosen different lifestyles and do not share anything in common other then our DNA. And for me, that is simply not enough to warrant a relationship. It’s not.

So getting back to that 60 minutes episode and addictions. 

The employee was discussing how the staff designed the phone to make the user addictive. As well as all social media sites to follow suit.

 In fact, the studies they have done have shown how the brain gets stimulated each time someone likes, follows, or interacts with you.

It also tracks your likes with times of days, and which emojis you use frequently use. It really is designed to…. ummm… F*** with your brain to make you feel a certain way.  More less.

Mind blowing! At least to me it is. 

I know this is the world we live in, and that most folks don’t bat an eye at any of this.. it is what it is.. sort of speak..

But I am in control of how and when I use social media now. I do not wish to have something have that power over me. It’s personal to me.

Now let’s talk about advertisers for a quick minute. 

This is my new annoyance. One in which I hope I have put an end too now,  by always clearing my cookies, browser, and keeping my blue tooth, location, and Siri off. 

Yes, I sometimes use these add-ons. I don’t care about Siri, but I need to need to use locations when I use shop-kick, ubur, or fly. But as soon as I’m done, they go right back off. I also don’t allow things to access my pictures or personal information. This has taken many videos and reads to know how to manage my privacy settings to assist me. I am not saying that I do not think cell phones, or even social media should have never been invented. I realize, both, have their place. What I am saying, is that I want to be able to choose how and when I use them. And if possible, I do not want companies using my personal whereabouts and data to profit themselves without my consent. 
Example: A couple weeks ago while out thrift shopping for eBay, I came across a brand of blue jeans that I have never heard of before. 

 I quickly pulled out my phone and googled the brand. To my surprise, they were worth $200 a pair. So I bought them to resell.

What do you think came next?

The following week I got a catalogue in the mail from that jean brand. Coincidence? I think not. 

Thinking back now, this is not the first time this has happened to me.

I hate how every single move we make is getting tracked. Not that we are doing anything wrong. Well, at least most of us, that is. We are all just living our lives.. but in a very public fashion nowadays. If I was younger, perhaps this wouldn’t phase me. But as I am getting older, I demand to live a more discreet life. And if I want to share an event, I will. But that will be my choice. This is why I’ve never tagged people in pictures while on Facebook. I use to have people tag me in pics, and it would drive me nuts! I find it terribly rude.

I’ve tried to keep myself on the low-down these past couple years. I never give my real email, zip code or phone number to any of the cashiers that ask. And they all ask nowadays, it seems. Can’t I even enjoy my shopping hobby without being harassed?!  Strong words, but I do see it as harassment.

Last year I was shopping and the cashier asked me for my zipcode before proceeding to ring up my order. She caught me at a moment when I was already feeling cranky. As I was standing in a very long line for the past twenty minutes.

When asked, I told her that my zipcode did not matter.  So no, she could not have it.

What happened next?

She claimed that I couldn’t purchase the items then. That she needed a zipcode.

 It really anerved me.I was not going to let it go though. I told her to please get the store manager for me. He came over and asked me why I didn’t want to give the cashier my zipcode. I told him that giving my zipcode was not an option. He then made it look like I was the problem because I wouldn’t give them it. It was so dumb! But I was not going to do it. 

So he ended up telling the cashier to put the towns local zipcode in and proceed. 

I never did go back to that store. And yes, I know how it works, they want my zipcode to track who, and when people from other towns come to their stores. They also want to track what we buy, and how much. That way they can know how much to order, and when. I get it! 

But this should not be mandatory. And by no means should the customer be made to feel belittled for not complying to such a question.

 How did stores manage before? They just did!

Sure, it’s just a silly zipcode, not your blood. But it’s the principle of it. Why can’t a person go into a store and buy something anymore without giving away personal information?

And who knows, some day ot may be blood.

My new goal is to go back to using just cash. It’s not that I don’t want to embrace this worlds changes. I love change, in fact. But it needs to be optional. Do not ask me to comply and give my concent to everything. It’s simply not going to happen.

Rant over.


New Toy! EVO RV headset

I went to a party this past Saturday and tried to win this puppy. I guess I’m late to the party, as be never seen this headset before this past Saturday.

I did win something, btw, ¬†I won a Micheal Kors clutch instead. Worth $108, so I shouldn’t complain. ūüėČ

Alas’I kept thinking about this headset though, so yesterday I went ¬†out and bought it. It’s very easy to use!

You just download an App, then slide your phone in the back part, and you are ready for your virtual reality expirence.

It feels like you are in a planetarium. ūüĆĆ

You can watch Videos, YouTube,etc.

Oh! And if you are thinking this would cost a lot of money, Nope! $14.99 at Walmart.


Winston Salem Walmart

I have no idea what is going on with our Walmart, but I think I will wait a couple months before going there again. It took me twice as long to find anything tonight.

They moved the greeting cards to the very front of the store. They use to be by the stationary and school supplies. Not anymore.
Maybe no one is buying cards anymore? Maybe that’s why they felt the need to bring them to the front of the store. I have no idea. I still buy cards though. 
They moved the men’s clothing section over by the food. That is where the infant and toddler clothing use to be.
The shoe section they put right behind the greeting cards. The ladies clothing was switched out by the handbags and jewelry, over by the make-up, and the toy section the left alone. 
It was such a mess!

I’ve never seen it this empty!ūüė≥

I have no idea what’s happening here, but much of the frozen food was completely gone. ūü§Ē

A whole lot of clearance things.

They were out of my favorite cough drops. ūüėź


Rite Aid trip & The Flu

I was at Rite-Aid yesterday and something happened that I am still confused over.
As I was in line paying, an older woman, maybe mid-50’s, came up behind me and said “excuse me ma’am’ to the cashier.

The cashier stopping ringing me up, which was fine, as I was not in a hurry and I had a stack of coupons and was going to be there a while…

I turned around to see a woman with a flu-mask on.

I’m always set back when I see so many people out and about with these masks on. It’s one thing if you are at the pharmacy, because there is no one at home to run and get your meds, etc…But to be out and about–Subway, Pizza Hot (not eating, but just with your friends.)¬†At conveniences stores getting cigarettes…WITH THE FLU!?
And yesterday, at RITE-AID….

What was so important? Why was she there? I didn’t notice any pharmacy bags in her hand.

She told the cashier and I not to worry, that she would leave her mask on. She was just diagnosed with the flu the previous day…

She then went on to tell the cashier that the wild birds ran out of bird seed, and she hated to have to come out, but what was she going to do?

The cashier and I exchanged glances..as to say, “I don’t know, stay home?!”

And if you really feel that the birds won;t be able to manage for a couple days, have a freind bring you a bag of bird seed?

Don’t get me wrong, I feed the wild¬†birds here, regularly…I have been watching the Eastern Blue birds all morning..

But if I had the flu, I would not be leaving the house under no circumstances…
She said she just lived around the corner and didn’t want to travel far…Which was good.

The cashier told her that bird seed was seasonal, and they haven’t gotten it in yet. She then said thank you, and off to Walmart she went…

After she left the cashier told me she was crazy to be out for bird seed. I think I am more mad when I have my little ones with me…and that has happened in the past with people wearing masks, yet when they get in a coughing frenzy, they REMOVE them..to cough it out! This past year that happened at Sheetz, and we got sick. I wonder if it would be seen as rude to tell them that they should BE HOME!
Speaking of illnesses…I think it’s interesting that a rare-like Polio strand has been hitting California, paralyzing young kids…

Makes you wonder if the virus has been ‘let out’ purposely…So now they can ‘GET BUSY’ and work on a vaccine for it.

As well as this new flu strand that is targeting younger people..for those who DIDN’T feel the need to get the flu vaccine previous years, due to their age….
Will NOW run out and get it..Which apparently worked!
My friend April who has never felt the need to get the flu shot, got it this year, then got the flu.

DH and I have only gotten the flu shot once. And that was the year we both got the flu.
DH was telling me about a news report that he heard that said, many companies are now called DSS on their employees if they choose NOT to get the flu shot…:o(

It really does feel as if we are in the last days…

Will we not be able to buy or sell without a mark in this generation?
Will we get prosecuted for our love for Christ and stance on Freedom?

Will we die trying?

That is the question..

Are we really prepared for what lies ahead?

How about our children?

I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been making me nervous…and I do not want to spend the rest of my days on earth focused on all of this. I want to live life to it’s fullest!




The day started off waking at the crack of dawn…. Not my favorite time to wake up. In fact, any time before ten is too early.

DH wanted me to go to work with him today, sooo…

I can’t eat that early, so arrived tired and irritable.

DH was planning on taking a half day, that was the plan.

Then we were going to go to the mall.

I love Ruby Tuesdays Salad Bar, and was very much looking forward to having one, then hitting the stores to check out all the sales.

Three hours after hanging out at DH’s work, I decided to make myself some coffee in the break room.

After two coffees, I fell a sleep for an hour.

There is a couch in DH’s office.
I woke up, and DH asked me, if I wanted him to drop me off across the street at Plato’s Closet.

He dropped me off, and as I walked in the store, they told me that they were not open.

I replied, “but the doors open? The sign says 10am, OPEN”

She told me, due to the storm yesterday, they were opening an hour later.

I glanced out to the parking lot, and noticed that there was no snow out there, AT ALL!

 In fact, it was just wet!

Why were they there? With the door open, and yet not open?! 

 DH had already left, so I decided to go next door to Once Upon A Child.

The door was locked!

A lady came over, opened the door, and said,¬†“due to the storm that we had yesterday, they would be opening an hour later” Great!

I had no option, but to call DH back to come pick me up.

He did, and decided to drop me off at the mall instead.

Surely they would be open!


He dropped me off, and would be back in a few hours, he said.

Keep in mind, I only go to the mall twice a year….


I can not stand paying retail for anything! And then just the commercialism..many reasons, actually.


ALSO–I hate, hate, being sought out to buy things that I don’t want!

I¬†also don’t like being talked to, when I shop. I like a clear mind….

Yeah, I’m a bit of a loner when I shop. I guess?

I don’t want to be asked if anyone can help me find it something… I don’t want to be persuaded to try anything new, and I definitely don’t like, when all those middle booths…try to grab you into looking at their product.

Ten years ago, it wouldn’t have phased me.

But at my age, I know what I like….

I know what I want, and I have limitations on how much I am willing to spend for it.

I walked in, in hopes to find a new watch strap, for one of my more pricier watches..

I stopped to ask the sales man, if he carrys any leather yellow watch bands?

That I needed to replace one.

I took my watch from my purse, so that he could take a measurement.

He measured it, and told me that he doesn’t carry any yellow ones. (Why did he bother measuring it?)

I reached for my watch back, however, he kept it clenched in his hand and told me to wait, that he has some nice black ones that may work.

(I made it clear that I needed it to be yellow, as the face plate was yellow, and it had to be yellow.)

He still insisted on keeping the watch in his hand, then  reached for the key to open a case, to show me some nice black straps. Ugh!

I felt helpless, so just stood there and let him show me…

After he was done, he told me that was all he had, and then asked me how long I have had the watch, and where did it come from? Again, Irrelevant?!

I put it back in my purse and continued on…


Next, I stopped at Claire’s. My daughter has been looking for a bow cuff earring.

I walked in, and was greeted with a smile and hello.

That was nice, However, as I was looking at the earrings the sales lady came over and asked me if I needed any help finding something?

I told her that I was looking for a Bow cuff earring.

She told me that they did not carry any bows…That was fine.


Next I walked past Coach! *drool*

I only have two real Coach bags, but really, Can a girl ever have TOO MANY Coach bags? They were gifts from DH, of course.

The sales lady saw me looking in the window, drooling, no less…And asked me to come in… to see their new Legacy line that starts at only $398.00!! *fainting*

I told her that was OK, and continued looking at the display of bags in the window….My eyes went to the yellow one, which was the exact shade of yellow that I needed my watch strap to be.

 Then I got upset, thinking back on the guy trying to sell me a black strap!

Did I mention that I am PMS’ing today? ;oP


I decided to Go to JC-Pennys next.

I wanted to get DH some new work shirts, along with a new coat. He never shops for himself…And honestly, I wish he did! But—


Pennys is one of the few stores that carrys BIG & Tall sizes.

I ended up finding some good sales on IZOD!

I found him four shirts, and a coat.

When I walked up to pay, the sales lady asked me if I would be using my Pennys Credit card today?

¬†I told her I didn’t have one…Because OF COURSE everyone does, right?

I told her I would be using my bank card, and she asked me if I was not in a hurry, they are in training to use a new system, where they take down your bank information,  then next time I come in, I will not have to go through the trouble of showing them anything.

That I will have a code, and I would just give them that..:o/ 

I told her that I was in a hurry…She then made a sad face, and told me that she was looking forward to someone being her Guini pig…OK!


I left the store, forgetting that I had to actually go through Pennys to get to the other side…and actually got lost…lol THEN I had a guy notice my flip-phone and was trying to get me to upgrade….I firmly told him NO! and he was so persuasive, that he grabbed my arm to get me to stop, and told me that I would break his heart if I didn’t let him tell me about his deals on cell phones..And seriously! With his broken English, it was amazing that I understood him at all! I gave him a mean look, as to say…Please don’t tocuh me..and then he said, “Come on Baby, don’t be like that!”

Since when did the mall become like this?????? I picked up the pace, and continued walking, and then was stopped by 2 teens asking me if I could escort them to the food court?¬†I told them NO! ¬†(They were teen boys, about 17? 18?) I think they could find it them-self! Not trying to be mean, but….

Then A lady stopped me and asked me if I had only 20minutes, that she can flat iron my hair and make it look Amazing! I told her I like my wavy hair! Kept walking…..

Then i was approached my the Clinique lady who asked me if I wanted to sample some new products? I told her that I would love to have some free products, except Clinique breaks my skin out! She then turned her back on me, but it is true…it really, REALLY does!


I then stopped in at Bath & Body Works. Our mall has two of them.

One on each side of the mall.

I was hesitant at first, as I REALLY hate being bombarded by the staff in there, and they ALWAYS lay it on thick!

I realize lots of ladies like that, but I don’t.

I  paused in front of the store for a few minutes and glanced in the  window..contemplating if I really wanted to be badgered?


I guess so….

As I love hitting their AFTER Holiday SALES, when their limited Edition products are 75% off.

Of course it was way in the back..So I decided to tip-toe in, in hopes that I would look unapproachable..Maybe? NOT!! 

 Two ladies came up and welcomed me, and asked  if I was interested in trying their new fragrances?

 I smiled, and said no thank you.

¬†I then walked over to the sales table and one of the same ladies… that I’d just spoken with, asked me again…Did I need any help?


I told her no thank you…


 She then asked me how I was enjoying the cold weather? I said it was fine.

She then told me that their new Winter line is wonderful, and asked if I would care¬†to see¬†the new collection of products. I said I was good….

She then told me, that when I cash out, they have their new Valentine’s Day fragrances out,¬†that were in a, TRY ME dollar size.

I told her OK, and thank you! While silently wanting to slap her! (PMS)

So I picked up what I liked from the sales table, and went to cash out.

There was one lady in front of me cashing out, too.

The sales lady told her that¬†the¬†fragrance she was¬†buying¬†was HER absolutely¬†favorite scent! And that she¬†was such a savvy buyer…..and she made some great choices! Yada, Yada….

I was next, I put my four products on the counter, and she did the SAME THING with me! She picked up the shower gel (which was different from the previous ladies.) She told me it was her favorite one!! She also commented on my clearance items, and told me what a Savvy shopper I was!

OH, and then she asked me if I was interested in trying one of their Valentine’s Day lotions in the TRY ME SIZE?

I said no thank you…cashed out, and left…

I was feeling exhausted by this point..but still had much time to kill..So continued on.
Next, I went to my favorite store, next to World Market that is….

Earth Bound Trading Company! 

I walked in and noticed that all the Hippie Clothing was 40% off the lowest ticket price.

Granted the lowest prices were $40 bucks.

I looked through the stuff, and quickly¬†talked myself out of buying any more clothing, as I just bought several new pieces the other day…


¬†I turned and looked at the jewelery, as one could never have “too much” jewelery!

And¬†¬†as I was looking at all the fair trade items…He yells to me… that they are buy one, get one free…

I picked out a couple pairs of earrings. 

Then my eye caught the Nomad bags!

I normally buy them at Whole Foods, because I rarely get to the mall, but since I was there and all..

I started going through them and noticed that the regular price was $30-$50 dollars each!  They were all marked down to $19.99, thou.


He then yells at me that they are an additional 30% off the $19.99!!

I then picked one up and noticed he was right beside me and told me that I looked like a girl who could use more then one bag….Ha-Ha!


I told him that I bet he says that to all the ladies!

He laughed…KNEW IT!!

But I agreed…I could use more then one…

Well, not really…I have about 30 bags at home..

But they are such a good investment, what the hay? :o)

I chose two, and went to pay…

As I was at the register, I noticed a small table next to wear I was paying with several gag gifts on it…I picked up one of them and added it to the counter.


When he saw it, he said, “OH? so you are into THAT, HUH?”

I looked at him confused….and he quickly said, “OH, is that a gift for someone??” Still confused, I replied, “Yes, it’s a gift for a friend. My friend likes these.”
He then says, “OH, I was going to say…”
THAT peeked my curiosity, onto what exactly he was thinking???? Then he tried to add more..and told me he only thought..that because of my black nail polish and gift….and….

I corrected him, because I would never wear black nail polish! No offence to anyone that would..I’ts just not for me..and besides…I’m wearing Midnight Plum! Sheesh!

Then he didn’t add more to that…sooooo? Oh well!

I paid, and left!


By this time it was time to make my way back to Ruby Tuesdays to meet DH for lunch. I got the salad bar, which is so darn good!!

Dh got a spicy sampler thing.

The waiter noticed that I only went up one time, and when he brought the check over, he told me that he didn’t feel right charging me $7.99 for only one salad, that most people go up several times… So he charged me only $2.99.

That was very nice, However, due to his niceness, I left him the extra $$ as a tip.:o)


After we ate, dh had a seat, to people watch. 

 I hit Old Navy. Probably a forth of my wardrobe is from Old Navy..As I always find such good deals there.
I also love that they never greet me, OR ask if they could help me find anything. :o)~
I walked in and looked at all the new Spring Stuff on all the mannequins. Tangerine Melon is the NEW Spring color!!

I ended up finding a pair of work-out pants, and 3 tops! Couldn’t resist the three tops, as they were marked down to only $5 dollars each.

¬†I never wear stripes, but since one of my New Years Resolutions was to wear more color…OTHER then my standard, gray,black,mocha, and brown..with the occasional white…
I decided to branch out, and buy a couple striped blouses.


I cashed out and Told DH that I wanted to hit Lane Bryant.

He needed to go to Radio Shack, which was right next to LB. He went off to RS, and I entered Lane Bryant. I love, love Lane Bryant, however…they are plus size, and I am finally down to their smalled size clothing..which is a 14. :o(

Never thought I would be sad about that..but….I AM!

I was greeted by a older women, who told me that they are having a great under-ware sale right now.

$5 for $25 dollars. She also told me that the bras were $40, but if you buy two, you would get one free. I told her thank you.

I walked over to their sales rack, noticing that the cheapest tops were marked down to $39 each! And I didn’t need any more clothing, so I walked over to the display of under-ware…I had my head down, as I was looking through the 20+ different varieties!

Then I got startled..by a mans voice behind me….!!


I quickly turned around to noticed that this guy was an employee!?!

It REALLY bothered me to have a guy employee, in an all women’s store, such as Lane Bryant!!
I ignored his comment, and then he asked me if I needed help finding my size? SERIOUSLY??

I told him I was fine..and then he VERY cheerfully told me how the regular price for these PANTIES…were $15 a piece, and that their $5 for $25 was a steal of a deal!! then he laughed because he made a RHYME!!!!!!!!


I smiled, and agreed that it was a very good deal, which is was.

Generally it would cost $75 for the five pair!

I went ahead and picked some out…then noticed some fuzzy socks, and picked up a pack of those two.

There was no one behind the register, and the older lady, along with the young man, were busy chatting among themselves.

HE then¬†noticed I was ready to cash out….and I silently started praying for the older lady to come cash me out..

(I KNOW! I KNOW! I’m a prude sometimes….But I did NOT want some strange guy that was just chit chatting about my undies…ringing me out!)

¬†But—-no such luck!

He said he would cash me out! I contemplated putting the stuff back..but I did really want the stuff…

He was so overly cheerful, it was bothering me profusely!!..(Insert PMS here!)

He counted my under-ware and then….YES!! He commented about them!! WT*?


First, he asked me if I knew that the New Valentine’s Day line with all the hearts and saying were also on sale, and did I see them?

I told him tat I did, but what happens after the Holiday is over?

That confused him…so I tried my best, to break the ice, and preceded to tell him that I have a tad of OCD, and as much as those Valentine’s Day ones were cute….

I simply would NOT wear them AFTER the Holiday was over..

Which is why I never buy any Christmas ones….

Well,¬†THAT just made him feel MORE comfortable talking ‘panty-talk’ with me, And told me that the ones I¬†picked out¬†were really cute,¬†but he especially liked the Polka Dot ones!



Then he told me they have the matching Polka-Dot bra, and pointed to the wall of bras…

I remained silent, and he asked me if I wanted him to go fetch me one, and what was my size?
JUST THEN, I was saved…DH walked in with his Radio Shack bag and the conversation shifted onto him!

He¬† looked at DH, smiled, and said…

“I see ya got some goodies at Radio Shack! Right ON BUDDY!”


YEP! I then pulled my bank card out to pay, he asked me for my phone number to pull up my account,¬†then asked me why I wasn’t using my LB card..

I told him that I wanted to use my bank card, and he told me not to be silly, that if I used my LB card I would get double points, due to all the panties I bought!


DH looked at me.. and told me to use the bank card..

I paid, and out of the store we went!!

I’m still DEEPLY disturbed by the whole experience. :o/


Next I went to Spencer’s…Just to look.

Then I went and got myself a Starbucks coffee. A double RED EYE! Needed it after all that!
I was actually bummed, that the coffee shop that I normally go to, next to the Food Court, was turned into a frozen¬†yogurt place. Guess it has been a while since I last visited…

Starbucks made them go out of business, I guess. :o(


We¬†sat down to rest for an hour…Then headed to Pay-less Shoes, Hallmark,Charlotte Rouse, and Macy’s.


Then DH went into this store with me that only carries accessories.

I forgot the name of it, if anyone knows..Tell me..

The whole store in color coordinated. All the red purses, red belts, and red jewelery, are in one area..Green in another, sliver in another..and so on…They also have a good amount of boots and shoes.

My DD has been looking for a pair of brown fringe boots, and I found some on sale, but they didn’t have her size in brown.

I was then approached 3x in that store….asking me what color, and what item was I looking for…?

I told the ladies each time, that I was just browsing.

I swear, do they work on commission?

Or are they really just wanting to help you?

IDK, but gosh I can not stand it!!!

I am a veteran shopper!!

I do NOT need any help! (Insert PMS here!)


I then popped into GUESS…

I’ve had my eye on a watch there for the past two years!!

Still can’t afford it..But I like to look.:o)


Lastly, I went to ~Forever 21. *I WISH!*


I found some cute rose-gold earrings, and a few other pairs of earrings for my daughters.

YES! We love earrings!

I also got a few new lip-glosses that were marked down. That said—¬†
When I went up to cash out..?


Why must they hire men at women’s stores!!!????!!

Honestly, I’m thinking someone is trying to make certain, that all the ladies jobs are filled, as a way to encourage them to all stay home!!!! :o/


¬†I placed my merchandise on the counter..Here we go again…

He asked me if I knew about the nail polishs that were only $2.80 a piece?

I told him yes, I saw them.

 He asks me if I wanted him to hold my stuff, so that I could go back, and check out the new nail polishes? I said no thank you.

He then picks up one of my lip glosses and tells me what a pretty color it is, and boy am I getting a good deal on all three of them!! That I’m a women that knows how to shop!!!

Umm? Do these consumer lines generally make girls want to spend more?

Or…. Are they suppose to boost our confidence in some way?? IDK!

But I know for damn sure, I’m a good shopper, a savvy one at that….and I’m very confident! I don’t need all that fluff from them! MAKE IT STOP!!


Had I been in a better NON PMS mood, I might have asked him what the heck he thought of the earrings?? Given he was an expert and all…?!


I came out of the store, rather stressed…and DH started to stress, as he does not like being around a lot of people..He hates concerts, amusement parks,circus’, and yes, malls….(WHY CAN’T GUYS JUST LIKE TO SHOP? WHY?) How are you suppose to find the good deals, if you don’t look carefully, and choose wisely? :o(


~He actually started feeling like he was going to have a heart attack again, he said. Started getting chest pain, and he was having trouble breathing!

So we bee-lined out of there and headed for home.

He felt much better after we arrived back home. Praise God!


So that was how my Day went!

I’m now baking for a party that we have to attend tomorrow afternoon..

We will be leaving for vacation Sunday Morning.

Will be away, and TEC-Free, for a whole week! Wayyyy over due! :o)