Cultural Differences

Disclosure: For observation purposes only.

I have written about cultural differences before. I did it so interesting there there is any in my bubble of life.

Manly, the differences between whites and Hispanic and blacks.

And I’m certain about women cultural differences, as I’ve only had experiences with men.

Mostly, I’m impressed how family-oriented the majority of Hispanics and blacks are.

I really wish whites were more family oriented. But most get married and nice far away from their families, and so on.

Being married to a Hispanic I have tried to raise my family with the motto, ”Family First” as it’s something I admire about other cultures, as a whole. I’m pretty sure people from India also live by this motto.

I confess, this was something that was on my mind prior to saying ”I DO”

to my husband. I really wanted to marry into a large close-knit family.

Year’s later I found out that hubby’s siblings were not thrilled with his choice to marry out of his race. I’m still very sad about this. I found out through friend of his family.

Due to this, my family has not really been included in all the family activities throughout the years.

Getting back to differences, for the most case.

Yesterday my teen daughter went with a friend to an amusement park.

She came home and shared the story below.

While waiting in line for a roller coaster.

(THE sign said that there was a hour and twenty-minute wait)

Naturally, people would be losing their patience during such a long period.

Apparently, a black mom with young ones was trying to cut a white lady and her husband in line.

The white lady got upset and told the black lady to go back to prison where her kind belong.

Then violence broke out and the black lady punched the white lady. Then the white lady started to share colorful language and pull the black ladies hair out. Surroundung black men were trying to bring peace to the situation.

The black ladies kids started cheering their mom on.

The white ladies husband tried to break it up but also got hit, so then joined in.

Surrounding onlookers decided to then get involved.

Then the park security got involved.


No one could get in-between the two women as they continued to argue and fight.

Then my daughters friends father who was standing off to the side held up his phone on video mode and yelled to them that they were now on Facebook LIVE.

That made them stop immediately!

I guess no one wants the world to see them at their worst.

Moving onto today, at Sams Club.

I was cashing out with my teenage son.

He had his arms folded as he walked along side of me.

I was pushing the cart like I always do.

When we arrived at the door where the employee checks your sales slip, the man (Black man, maybe in his 30’s.) scolded my son for not pushing the cart for his mother.

AND, for walking with his hands folded.

Then he told me I should not have to be pushing my cart.

I smiled and told him that it was fine, and we left.

THAT has happened to me several times through out the years. It’s nothing new.

But worthy of nothing, it’s never a white man!

It is always a black man.

Last year a black man in the parking lot of another store saw me putting my groceries into the trunk and ran over to where I was, insisting to help.

I told him that it was fine, that my husband was in the car.

And then he asked me why my husband was not helping his lady out.

Honestly, I didn’t mind. But the reason I didn’t mind was because I’m use to doing everything myself. I think.

I suppose I would mind, had I been use to having help.

But whose to say.

Some years back I had another back man ask if I needed help reaching for some cookies. I was on the cookie isle trying to decide what to buy, while looking upwards, and was immediately approaced and asked if I needed help reaching.

He was not a worker, because I asked him. Just a friendly stranger.

Another time I was at a shoe shire and on the same isle as a black couple. They looked around my age.

The women kept apologizing to her man for taking so long in the store.

The nan we r up and beyond the call of duty and assured get her that he had no where else her rather be then by his Queens side. And to take all the rime she needed. Then, asked her how many pairs she wanted, because she was with it. 😱

I know it’s not good to envy, but I was like… What? Where did this man cone from?!

Minutes later, his mother who was sitting down on a bench walked over to him and asked if he would take her home, that she was tired.

He immediately told her that he would, and told the wife that he be back in a while.

The way he continued to talk to his mother impressed me so much. So respectful!

As I watched them go toward the front door, he took his moms bags and even her pocketbook. Of course he also, with hands full, opened the for for her.

So you see, there is a HUGE cultural difference. Huge!

Do I wish that there was not. Sure!

I’d love to be educated on some female differences if anyone has any stories/thoughts to share. 🙂

Going to Poshfest!

This year Poshmarks Poshfest will be held in Dallas,TX

I’m taking my daughter for her Birthday.

If any other Poshers come across this post, and have also managed to get tickets, please leave a message below. I’d love to formally meet you. 😀

I’m still unsure wheat hotel to book with. 🤔🤓

North Carolina Snow Storm

So we have our first snow. ❄️😃

Headed out to pick up some staples. The stores have plenty of milk and bread, but what’s going on with the Sunny D shortage. 😳

Not that I buy it, just pointing it out. 😁

I went to pick up a DVD for the kids to have a marathon tonight, but it looks as if everyone had the same idea.

Got the last one, along with some snacks!

And I didn’t leave myself out.

Remember, all about balance. 😁

I also want to share, that wile out and about during this time of year, or really anytime of year… it only takes a second to steal someone’s bag, so I like to always hook it up in the child seat. Like so-Yes, someone can still grab it, but you will have time to interview with it fastened. ;)My cousin has had her purse stolen from Walmart twice this year, hence this use. Anyone getting any snow yet? 10pm update:

8am next day:

Rashes: Walmart Clothing

As many of my regular blog readers know, I’ve been on a Walmart purse kick these past few months. I now own three Walmart purses.

To be honest though, one is falling apart already. Fast fashion will never hold up. 😔

However, since I was surprised to have found a few hidden Walmart purse gems, I decided to revisit their Faded Glory clothing line.

I use to love their George line, but it has been discontinued for years. At least in my neck of the woods. It was made well though.

So the other day I stumbled across these comfy pull over tunics. They had a regular price of $7.97ea, but were reduced to $5 each.

I grabbed three of them.

Where else could you get three tops for $15.

Well, a thrift store of course! But these were new and on clearance so I decided to give them a whirl. I bought a gray, green, and pink one.

I didn’t notice a smell at the time, but I’m not in the habit of sniffing my purchases.

I came home, took the tags off, and set them on the dresser.

The following day I wore the pink one.

I loved the true to size fit, and complimenting sleeves and neckline.

I felt good in it. It was also a nice longer length that covered the bum area. Something my modest self always appreciates.

About an hour after wearing the new top, I broke out in an arm and chest rash.

I assumed it was from a new perfume I tried out earlier in the day, so just went about my business.

It was itchy, but not over bearing enough to take a benedryl.

That night I tossed in it in the laundry pile.

The next day I put on the gray one, and I didn’t have any perfume on at all,but sure enough… arm and chest rash started in.

It was a bit more itchy then the previous day.

But again, I went about the day, showered that night..

About thirty minutes after getting my PJ’s on, the rash went away. So I didn’t give it another thought.

This takes me to today, I woke up and noticed a chemically smell in the bedroom.

I got dressed, placing the green tunic on, and within moments I realized that the smell was the top I was wearing.

I went and picked up the other two tops to see if they had the smell, and although it wasn’t as pungent as the green one, they did have a strange chemical odor.

My daughter walked over to me and gave me a hug, then she asked what that odd smell was. And by that time my arms were breaking out with the rash.

I quickly showered and changed, and then decided to Google Walmart clothing to see if anyone else in the world was having these issues. And sure enough… I had my reading cut out for me.

People all over were saying that they have had rashes, and that certain Walmart clothing items stink. Specifically their denim jeggings.

Many claimed that after you wash the garments, they smell even worst.

Some people have claimed that it’s all the insecticides used in the wear houses, while others claim it’s the cheap dyes that are used when processing.

I have not tried washing them yet, but plan to later tonight. I am going to add a bit of vinegar to the wash. Some folks have said they have tried everything to get the stench out, but vinegar was one of the only things that worked. Sort of.

So, I guess I’m back to only buying ‘new to me’ clothing. I’m very big on recycling, and I’d much rather purchase high-end gently worn clothing that’s made well, then cheap clothing that are filled with irritants.

Perhaps it’s only people with sensitive skin though, such as myself. Who knows, but I’m not willing to go through this again.

Let me know what f anyone else has ever had this happened to them. 😐

Walmart Brands

Walmart Brands

I never thought I’d have Walmart taking up so much of my blog, but..

Mini Update:

I mentioned my two no name brand Walmart purses that had really impressed me last month. Both impulse buys.

One in black and one in gray. I blogged about them with pictures last month.

They were only $9.96 each.

And while I still love my black one.. I have only been carrying my gray one a few weeks and the seams are already starting to come undone. 😐

I ended up going back and upgrading to a pink one with gold hardware. I don’t love it as much. It was $13.97

It’s a bit of a stiffer synthetic pleather, and much smaller in size. Only one deep pocket.. No outside pockets for your keys or phone, so it’s not very practical. But it’s pretty!

So there’s that.

While I was there again shopping, I noticed that they seem to be doing away with their no name branding.

I think they did that with clothing years ago, if I recall.

I remember they had a brand called George, White Stag, Faded Glory, and Cherokee. Maybe others?

To the best of knowledge, they only carry Faded Glory now. Which is their Walmart brand.

Getting back to purses, they must have signed a deal with Relic handbags.

$29.99 each.

have never been a fan of Relic. But I know many are.

Once upon a time Relic could only be bought from the mall or online.

Now… you can buy the brand at Walmart.

Brands need to cease to make room for up and coming ones I guess. 😉

I remember when the make-up brand Hard Candy, was only on HSN.. And now it can only be bought at Walmart.

A few years ago Walmart was selling Kathy Van Zeeland purses.

I use to carry those, but like any designer bag that becomes overly saturated , or starts selling at discount places… the quality and hype go right down the drain. I actually sold all mine back when I had Facebook.

Currently, I’ve had my eye on a Big Buddha bag that Walmart is currently carrying.

But who wants to dish out $40 for a Walmart handbag?! Yikes!

I know it sounds silly.

Why does someone feel fine about spending $40 at the mall for a purse, but cringes at the thought of spending the same amount at a discount store.

I guess it’s like a yard sale or thrift store.

You are there for a deal! Nothing more.

So there you have the Walmart Purse update.

Has anyone treated them-self to a new Fall/Winter handbag as of late? Please share!

Walmart fiasco 

About once a year, sometimes twice, I encounter a uncomfortable shopping experience. 

Last night was one of those incidents. 

I was at Walmart. 

I was looking in the craft section when a middle aged woman, late 50’s was heading my way in one of those Walmart ‘ride along’ buggy things…

She pulled up right in front of me and asked me if I was a God fearing Christian. 

I didn’t think much at the time, because this is how they witness to people here, down South. 

I’ve had people approach me and ask me if I knew that when I died I’d burn in the fiery furnace.. Unless I repented right away.. 

For real! That incident took place in a laundry mat.

Evangelists are hard-core down here! Fire & Brimstone all the way.

My mistake is, that I am engaging. At l day that’s what my family tells me. 

I admit, I walk around with a smile, and I am a bit more friendly then I should be, probably.  It’s become a blessing and a curse. 

After being asked about my faith, I told the women that I was a Christian. 
She then out of the blue, asked me if I would buy her a Vacuum cleaner. A shark, specifically. 

She said she didn’t have the two-hundred dollars and needed a vacuum cleaner that night. And that since I claim to be a Christian, then it is my duty to give to charity. 

HER, being the charity. 

I became like a deer in a headlight. At first I thought she was pulling my leg. Or that I was being recorded for some social experiment. 

I froze. 

Then she repeated her request to me in a more assertive manner.

I responded to her where she could purchase the vacuum at a cheaper price. And that the store Ollie’s, is cheaper then Walmart. At least I could offer her that information, despite her rudeness. 

But that didn’t sit well with her and she told me that unless I was going to drive her to the other store and purchase the vacuum for her, then she didn’t care.. And that if I was really a Christian, I NEEDED to buy her a vacuum as a charity.

I became annoyed, but still wanting to be respectful, I told her that 90% of my purchases are second hand.. and that if she needed one that bad, she should try a thrift store.

She then became down right mean and stopped another shopper who was walking past us.

She told the random stranger that “this women” (while pointing at me) was claiming to be a Christian, yet, would not bless her with a vacuum cleaner. 

The lady shrugged, said sorry.. and kept on walking. 

Exactly what I should have done. I hate that I always feel the need to explain myself. Especially to strangers. 😔

It was now just the two of us again….

I ended the conversation by telling her that I have five kids, and I am putting one through the Uni, so I simply can’t help her… and then I walked away..

Of course even if I was a millionaire, having random strangers demand gifts or money, would not be charities I would give too. 

Feeling distressed after walking away, I texted my husband and told him what had just happened. 

He said I should have just told her from the get-go to leave me the hell alone, and get lost!

But I’m just not that kind of person though. But I know that I need to grow a pair…. sort of speak; soon though.

I finished my grocery shopping and went to cash out. 

I always look over all my purchases while standing in line to estimate the cost. 

While doing this, I didn’t notice that the crazy lady was a couple carts in front of me. 

As I was scanning over the items in my cart I heard some commotion in front of me that caused me to look up. 

There she was! Still in the riding buggy, and yelling at the cashier. 

She was telling the cashier that she still owes her. $20 back. 

I then noticed that she had a watch in her hand.

Then another cashier came over and they straightened it out, it seemed. The crazy lady was in the wrong. 

The cashier cashed out the woman in front of me, and then it was my turn. 

While ringing me out the cashier asked me how I was, and if I found everything I was looking for. I told her that the lady in the riding buggy that just left, approached me in the store, more-less demanding that I buy her a vacuum cleaner. 

I told her what happened and she told me that that woman got the lady that was in front of me, (behind her) to buy her a $40 wrist watch. 

Apparently, while she was in line she turned around and asked the lady behind her if she was a God fearing Christian.

The lady told her yes, and then the crazy lady asked her if she would buy her a TimeX watch as a charity. 

The lady said alright. They both left the line, and came back with the watch. 

She paid for the watch, and then the crazy ladypurchased  her couple of items.. and that’s when I got into the line. 😳

The cashier told me that the lady was either a con-artist, or had a mental disposition.  Then she apologized that I had a bad shopping experience. She then told me that this time of year is always challenging. She shared a few horror stories that she’s encountered in the past couple years around the Holiday season. 

After I cashed out I went out to the parking lot and noticed that the crazy woman was standing up with two other ladies in the parking lot, and laughing. 

She was showing off her new watch to one of them. Then they high fived. 

Then the ladies were approached by a Walmart employee who was getting all the carts outside. They all started talking. It seemed to be getting intense. 

I got into the car and we left! 

Today… I’m upset at myself for not being more assertive in that very awkward situation. 

I’m very curious how others may have responded in the situation I just shared. Please share!

We all like to think we would not engage in crazy, but when it happens to us… many, like myself, simply freeze. 😔

Fur Loafer Slides

Last week, while paging through a magazine at the doctors office I came across these Gucci Slides. With tax, they’d be over a thousand dollars. 

 I did a quick search just to make sure, and sure enough.. They cost a mortgage! *sigh*

Granted, they are made of genuine leather and goat fur; as well as being an investment piece, that’s bound to age well. That said, I am not rich, nor pretend to be..

So as always, I made a quest to find a similar, more affordable style. 
These Ellen Tracy’s are similar. And  still look like grandfathers comfortable slippers, but the cost is right up my alley. 

They retail for $60, but I got them for $20.

Do they feel as comfy and plush as the Guccis? Probably not. But if I can enjoy them for the next couple of years, I’m sure I will be bored of them by then anyways. 😉

Cashmere Thrift Find

Here is a perfect example of finding a diamond in the rough….

I ran into a large ’boutique style’ thrift store the other day and stumbled across this beautiful Cashmere sweater. 

I’m keeping it for myself. 🙂

It retailed for $275, but someone bought it on clearance for $165. Yet, it was never worn. 

I bought it for $4.99.

I simply will never pay retail for anything. I’d much rather find the diamonds in the rough. Even if that means waiting for them to appear in my life. 😉

Walmart Purse review

Shocking! I know.

I enjoy luxury items most of the time. I’m a confessing brand snob, if you will. Not proud. 

I sleep on vicose sheets.

I carry real leather bags.

I wear real leather coats.

I wear name brand clothing, unless I’m out sourcing.

I wear Quality shoes. 

You get the point. 

I wasn’t always this way. Not by a long shot. 

Maybe as you age, you just want to treat yourself better. If possible. I’m the same with my kids. Not that they care about brands. Except my oldest. 

Also; I should point out…nothing has to be brand new to me. I’d much rather have a used quality item then a brand new cheap one. I know many friends who insist on things being new. This is not me at all. Used, yet of good quality is fine by me. 😃

Jumping into this review…
Erm…This perfect purse. 

While out grocery shopping a couple months ago, I decided to wiz through the the handbags; just for fun. 

My eyes went to a Big Buddha bag, which use to be a higher end brand. I examined the quality made Purses, which had $40-$50 price tags. 😳Much too much for Walmart, I quickly thought thought. 

Then I walked over to all the other bags. Like the one above. Not real leather, but for the $9.97 price tag… I picked one up to inspect. It didn’t feel like leather. But it felt okay. Zippers felt smooth and opened with ease. Adjustable strap. Stitching and seams were all straight. No loose threading. It looked and felt lightweight. All things I look at, before purchasing  a new bag. 
I have been looking for a cross-body purse that I could use while out sourcing, and thought that it would be a perfect little bag for the task.

I thought it would be a perfect hands free bag. 

They came in maroon, black, brown, hunter green, cream, and Navy. They looked like they had a place that another color was, but it must have been sold out. Awesome color selection too!

I chose the black one. I know. Boring..

I brought it home and my daughter quickly noticed the purse sticking out of the Walmart bag. 

 She gave me an odd look. “Walmart?” She questioned me. 

I told her that I needed something cheap that I didn’t care if it got dirty, etc. But more importantly, I needed something that would allow me to source with my hands free… because a fanny pack just wouldn’t fit around my fanny. 😏

That night I took everything out of my Calvin Klein bag, and placed it in my new ten dollar Walmart purse. Then I tried it on. You know, walked around the house with it. Hands free!

My husband saw me, and asked if I was going somewhere. I told him no.. then explained to him how I bought a special purse to use when I went out sourcing. 

Of course he didn’t understand. Men!? 😐

So where is this longgg drawn out story going….

In a nutshell: I source a few times a week and I found myself switching back and forth all month long… 

But then I found myself upset when I had kept switching back to my designer bags..😱

 I was actually missing my cheap little gem. 

This bag is the perfect medium size, hands free, bag. It is! 

It has just the right amount of pockets, and us set up so practical.

Cell phone slips easily on one side, which doesn’t have a snap or zipper closure. 

Stevia, Lippy, and pen in the other side. (Showing In the above picture) which does zip. 

Large inside with side zippered area for smaller stuff. I can for a full size wallet, notepad, more makeup, and first aid in the main pouch. 

The bag is the best $10 I ever spent!

So for the past month I have been solely carrying it. 

I was at a friends house the other day, when she noticed my bag and asked me which brand it was. Knowing that I only carry nicer bags..

I smiled,  and told her Walmart! 🤣

Her reply: Noooooo! 

So last night while out grocery shopping… I grabbed one in gray. I guess that’s the color that was sold out last time. 

Now I have one to switch over too when I want to look extra put together. 😁

There we go.. She’s all set! 😊

Reseller Update

I’ve been so excited with a recent thrift hauls that Ive done. I try to source 3x a week. One morning, and two evenings. 

I have sourced about one hundred items in the past week. These beautiful shoes have been the best luxury item that I have ever come across. At least while living down here.

They are a size 9, and retail just under 1k. 

They are just stunning! 

I’ve also had some very good sales. One hundred and ninety in the past two months, to be precise. I’d love to hav that many sales in one month though. Goals!

I sold my chinchilla stole. I didn’t have it cleaned or have the tear repaired, and I still managed to get $70 for it. So that was a blessing. And yes, I was upfront about the imperfection. 

I also sold a vintage Patagonia fleece for $60.

I’ve also started selling more hard goods. 

Selling pieces of things. Coffee parts, vacuum parts, sports helmets, etc. all that can be easily found at the bins by the pound.

I also bought this old 1979 vintage crib sleeping bag. Honestly, looking at it makes me feel fertile… wanting to use it for another baby.. but I will sell it. 😔

It’s in perfect condition!  I’m actually thinking its never been used. I wonder what the story is on it…🤔

Let me share a quick story.

I popped into the GW the other day to see if they still had a few 1950’s vintage Theodor purses that I saw the previous day, but didn’t pick up. They were all $3.75 each.

One was wool, which I almost bought for myself, simply because I love vintage things. But I didn’t. As I don’t dress in a vintage style. I’m simply not Petite. 

So I ran into GW to see if they still had the vintage handbags, and they did. I found four. And I bought them all. I also found my son a bunch of pants, to my surprise. 

Try finding size 29×34 in men’s jeans. It is obviously not a popular size. Which is why I have been buying him 30’s, and he just wears a belt.
But I found him three pairs of pants. So Yay!

When I got up to pay for the vintage handbags, I started looking inside each of them. I’ve opened Old bags before with creepy crawlers in them, so now I make it a point to check inside. 
Old mints, old bible tracks from 1976, a couple old pens, old bobby pins…

I started imagining who the owner might have been. Maybe a sweet old lady who passed out mints to all the children, and called everyone deary? 

Then I came across a note with a church pencil.

I won’t share the name on the note, to respect the family’s  privacy. Apparently, the owner was at church and was given the note that was asking where a particular family was…. that they have been tarty in service for a couple weeks now… and that was just awful. I left it in the bag…while continuing to romantasize the olden days in my head..

Then the cashier starts cashing me out and randomly starts sharing the story of the bags I was purchasing…. And just when I was picturing the sweet old lady making her Brunswick stew while with her beautiful handbag on the counter. 
The cashier said that a women came in last week with 150 vintage bags and 150 matching shoes. The shoes were all still in their boxes with the sales slips stapled to them.

Her mother had recently passed, she told the cashier…and was well known in the community for being a snazzy dresser. Hence so many bags and shoes.

She had no use for her mothers bags and shoes, so donated them all that day. 

Wow! If only I had popped in THAT DAY. 

The cashier told me that she was the one that priced everything to get it moved out quick. And that as soon as she began stacking the shoes in the back of the store, ONE LADY walked over and asked to purchase them all! 

She took every single pair of shoes that day. They were priced $4.29 per pair. 

She took most of the purses… and there I was buying the last of four of them.

I keep thinking about it. 

Would I have bought all the shoes to resell? 

I’m not sure. I guess if it would have felt right… I probably would have done the same. 

It’s hard to find vintage goods in near perfect, clean, wearable, condition nowadays. Especially for little money.

I’m happy to have these bags. I plan on selling three,  and keeping one for myself. Probably the wool one.

I went to a friends house yesterday to show her the vintage bags. Here’s where it gets even more interesting..

She opened the one bag and read the note, and then answered where, and why, that family left the church. All those years ago…She knew! 

Such a big world.. yet small. ❤️

Here is a picture of the vintage bags, in case anyone wants to see. 🙂