Sams Club Trip

We ventured out to the city to Sams Club last week. I have not been since February.

First we people watched in the parking lot to access the area. All the shopping pictures and videos online have really done a hatchet job making the larger grocery stores out to be something from a dystopian novel. And perhaps in some larger cities, they are. But ours looked to be okay. Most everyone had a mask and gloves on, as did we. DH is high risk, so our family has been taking strong precautions.

Food was for the most part, well stocked. Signs were everywhere though. Limit One.

Of course you can easily get around that by using their App to cash out. Limit one is something the cashiers eyeball while cashing you out. Just saying.

I stocked up on the basics that we have been running through. Peanut Butter, Bread, Tuna, canned soups, chicken, pastas. That sort of stuff. I have no plans to return for another few months, so I stocked up.

The only thing we could not find were Cape Cod Kettle potato chips, as those are the only chips that I eat. And the store had no pancake syrup of any sorts. I spoke with a worker and they have been out for weeks he said. I guess we are not the only ones eating more waffles and hot cakes at home.

ADHD MOMENT INSERTED- Speaking of, how cute are those tiny eggo waffle machines that every Tom, Dick and Harry has purchased and has made YouTube videos using. I’m having FOMO, but have no plans on purchasing one. I do hear they are only $10. A mom friend of 7, received one for Mother’s Day. Making one tiny waffle at a time.. hmmm.🤔

Moving right along..

We are still good on Meats, but I walked over to them to snap a picture. All were out, except for the most pricy cuts.

There was a sign above that said limit one. I guess I cut it off when trying to discreetly snap a picture. I found other customers watching me take pictures and I got embarrassed. 😐
Again with the Jelly. Limit one.
They had plenty of Toilet Paper! 😱
I’m so sorry, dude with the red shirt who now has no idea he’s in this picture.
We did not need any, as Amazon came through. But I wanted to snap a picture.
Canned Chicken was something I bought. We go through a pack a month. I don’t use it for chicken salad, although that always sounds good to me. My kids use it to make semi homemade chicken noodle soup. They also use it for chicken fettuccine.

And that was our documented grocery trip of the month.

I will be working on two other blogs this week. I swallowed a large bug and almost went to the ER, and several days later I fell ill with a fever and chills. I’m fine now, but do want to document those two awful incidents here. 🤓


Garden beds

We have decided to garden on a larger scale this year. Five raised beds and two plots.

The fruit trees are in full swing, and the bees are doing good. Praise God!

We have an old greenhouse area that we are going to fence up for chickens again. The chicks will be here next week. I’m not too happy to hassle with chickens again, and I’m sure our neighbors won’t be either…but we will see how it goes.

Our raised beds will be very easy for me to pull weeds and harvest.
Peaches are in full swing, but need to get some deer deterrent. Two pear trees have no fruit yet.
One plot will be homing beams for my MIL.
Plot two we have not decided on what to plant yet.

Day one of plants

Cooking & Driving Around

Cooking has increased, if that is even possible. Take these gluten free pancakes for example. Only two ingredients, and they are my morning go too now.

Three eggs with one chopped up banana. That’s it! I know is sounds gross, but it is so yummy!
It makes three pancakes. Add honey or syrup and it’s a very filling breakfast.
I can’t take credit for this five pound bowl of homemade Granola, but wanted to include it. My oldest daughter made it.
A combination of oats, cocoa powder, nuts, chocolate chips, honey, cinnamon, olive oil, and peanut butter.
We went on a Dunkin Donuts run because I’ve been dying to try their new Matcha Latte’. I still enjoy tea so much more then coffee. I’m the only one though. My house is filled with coffee drinkers.
This was a gas station that had yard sale stuff out. Lol Yes, I thought about stopping, but didn’t.
We did however order a new toilet online and had to go to Home depo to pick it up. Oddly, there was quite the line.
Yep! My new plain Jane look. I was wearing a new lipstick, too. 😁
Beans are sprouting!
And my new manicure set I treated myself too.

Well, that was this past week in pictures. I’m sTill taking my daily walks with the kids. We also started this Netflix series called, Greenhouse Academy.

Shopping: I still have not been able to locate any TP, and we are getting down there. I’m told that if you are at Aldis or Sams club right when they open, you can score some. But that would require me going to bed before 2am and waking at dawn. So I’ll probably procrastinate until we are down to the last roll.

Negatives of Quarantine

Things I have not liked since being self quarantined.

I decided to document a few things that I have not liked about being at home 24/7.

I’m for the most part, a Polly Anna, but I wanted to think about some things that I have not been happy about. After-all, I’m human.

Despite my exercising daily for the past three weeks without skipping a day, I’ve managed to gain weight.

Sure, I’ve been cooking and eating more, but it’s not fast food or fried, and I thought since I’m working out, things would balance.

I hopped on the scale this morning, and hopped right back off!

I hopped on the scale this morning, and hopped right back off!

Before all of this started, exercise was not part of my daily routine anymore. Mainly, because shopping was.

And when I say I shopped, I mean standing in line for the store to open at 9am and not leaving until 3pm.

Three days a week! 😳

That never seemed like exercise to me, but I guess it was.

Another thing that has been bothering me is having the internet constantly down. Even though I have data, it’s still pretty bad and doesn’t allow me to work well.

And lastly, the house.. there is just no use keeping in clean.

I’d like to see a magazine layout of everyone’s “lived in” houses as of lately. That would be a beautiful, realistic sight. 😏

State of Mind

I went to bed last night irritated.

I started praying and then laid still to meditate for a bit.

I then instantly realized that I was irritated because I left the house for four hours.

We went out for a drive, then out to eat, and then another drive.

I was off of the routine that I’ve been so happily sticking with for the past month.

I’ve never considered myself as a routine type of person, as I get bored so easily, yet, I thrive best when I’m on a routine.

Not just any routine either, but one that involves many things.

I also have been really enjoying my hobbies since being at home. Not to mention, cooking.

I did not cook yesterday, or sew.

I worked and took my evening walk, and the remainder of the day we were in the car out.

Today on the other hand was different. I worked, took my walk, sewed, did some organizing, and watched a movie with the kids and primped a bit.

I’m genuinely happy!

Sunday Drive

We all ventured out as a family today for Palm Sunday.

The kids were hankering for Chipotle, so with gloves and masks in tote, we headed to the city. Thirty-five minute Drive. not too bad!

Only a couple of people in line outside. One had gloves and a mask on.
Chipotle Bowl with Brown rice, black and pinto beans, and all the fixings.
Empty City Streets. This street is generally packed on Sundays.

City Buses still running
My favorite Building in the City.

Friday Wrap Up

Another week has gone by. I cooked today and cleaned. I decided that For this weekends larger meal, to make Beef Stew over rice and Banana Cream pudding for dessert. (My sons favorite)

I also shared my online closets. No sales for the past three days. *sigh*

I binge watched Messiah on Netflix in the past two days. Was not very fond of the ending with the church scene. I also started a series called YOU, on Netflix. Psychological Triller.

I took my evening walk, then showered and did another Bella Flash laser treatment. I’m still stuck on number four. Already seeing major results. I am on week ten.

Oh! And I went to the store for fruit, eggs and milk. And of course, I took more pictures. The truck was obviously there when I was, because boxes upon boxes were throughout the store. Meats were in more abundance. And there are now signs up that tell you to keep six feet apart. There was also yellow tape in the cashier lines to tell customers where to stand. Pics below!

I guess nobody buys those square over priced tissue boxes anymore, they remind me of my childhood. We always had them in all the rooms with those decorative tissue box covers.
No Toilet Paper our yet, but it looked like the boxes were delivered.
In line here, see the yellow tape that lets me know where to stand. 😉

Fluffy Pakistani Coffee

Fluffy Greek Coffee
Very Fluffy Pakistani Coffee! This was my fav!
This is the handheld frother I used.
Getting all fancy with cream on the bottom. I used the Blentec Blender on the soup setting, for this one.
A Cold One.

Fluffy coffee is all the rage right now. You can even beat it with a hand held egg beater for thirty minutes to achieve a real cool whippy style coffee. It’s not like you don’t have the time right now… 🙃 It can be served hot or cold.

You take two tablespoons of instant coffee (I used Folgers because that all I had on hand) You then throw two Tablespoons of sugar (I used Sugar in the Raw) Lastly, two Tablespoons of water. Hot or cold. Your choice. Then you whip it all up until you have a fun consistency. Dollop a bit of whip cream on top and enjoy!

There are tons of recipes on Pinterest. I’m going to try making it with Espresso tomorrow because I really hate the taste of instant coffee. Lol

Has anyone else ever tried it?

Cooking Contines..

Goya Pigeon Beans for the Spanish Rice
Making DH’s Favorite Dish.
Spanish Pork Roast
Rice & Pork
Italian Sausage stuffed with cheese (Keto Meal)
Big Breakfast Meal
Tacos with rice and cheese
Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Chip Muffins

Keep in mind all of this food was in a course of the last week.

I have really been enjoying not eating out. We were eating out almost every day, at least once. What’s more, my Pinterest food boards are finally getting the love they so deserve. Tomorrow will be day seven of my walking routine.

I will include some pictures too.

Here was when I just started up the back hill and looked back to see DH burning trash. My daughter was walking with me and got tired.
It’s like a maze on one part of my hilly walk because of these awful weeds that are spikey. I do not know what they are called, if they look familiar to anyone, please comment.
Either winged ants or maybe termites in a moss pile.
An old abandoned desk
Back in the woods to the creek. No snakes yet!
Pine trees from the top of the hill.
Random Bush with who knows what kind of berries on it. 🤷‍♀️
Cute flower that my daughter picked for me. ☺️
A random toilet in the woods. 🤷‍♀️
Walking in the pine trees.

Our next door neighbors are a church, which I have mentioned in the past.
And lastly, our cat that is getting really sick of all of us by now. 🤣

The Last Time I…

The last time I went thrifting for work was on March 22, 2020

The last time I went out to eat was on March 3, 2020

The last time I went out to the mall was on February 24, 2020

The last time I went to a Walmart was March 16, 2020

The last time I was at a church building was on March 4, 2020

The last time I did a grocery shopping order was on March 27, 2020

Your turn….catered to places you normally go..