New baby!  

Well, the next best thing, other then a new baby…;o)~

Very similar in style… to the 2k LV speedy….(which I was gifted years ago before I knew what designer bags were worth.)
I ended up selling it for only $50 on eBay, back in 2001. *sigh*

This here, is my new Michael Kors Black Grayson satchel. I’ve only had it a week.

This one is a very roomy bag. Modest in design, so I added a mink puff to give it some va’voom!

It’s not Leather..and for the price, I would have thought it should be.🤔

They have one left on Amazon if you are interested in adding it to your own collection. I’m not sure how to link it, but here’s the details to search..all great reviews.

Has anyone else received any new designer bags lately? Due tell! 😉

Goodwill Gem

I picked up this little gem at the Goodwill tonight. Only a dollar.

I am going to use it to house some of my vintage Avon.

With a quick search, I found out that it was made in the 1950’s, at a factory up in Boston, Massachusetts.

Here are a couple really cute ‘help wanted’ ads from that time.

And here is my little gem. 🙂

~Does anyone else have one like this?

 I like to imagine who may have been the first owner of this pretty vintage box,l, and what their life may have been like. 🤔

I have an older friend in her sixties, who told me that she use to have a similar one that she recieved many years ago with a strand of pearls. I love that!

Vintage Avon Jewlery

I recently started collecting vintage Avon Jewlery.

I started off purchasing pieces that I had as a child.

Such as this red lucite apple neclace. 

A ring with my oldest daughters birthstone.

Then I found my initial.

Then a gold star that I had as a teen. Along  with a very dainty coral pearl choker. 

And here are a few other pieces that I have found this week on eBay that I’m waiting for.

I use to have this leaf necklace about twenty years ago, so was happy to find it again. 

My aunt, who use to sell Avon when I was about six years old, had given me this bracelet as a birthday gift. So I was thrilled to come across it again. 

This piece I just thought was pretty. And it happens to have all my kids birthstones on it except one, which I am currently looking for. The month of February. 🙂

This piece reminds me a whole lot of one that my late grandma had. I’m not 100% sure hers was Avon, but the is a good possibility, so I wanted it for my collection. It’s a magnifying glass.

Lastly, for now, is this pretty gold-tone bow. I saw it and thought it was very pretty. My daughter tells me  that all these pieces mimic the style, Modcloth, so I guess making old things new and trendy again, is always nice. 

Keep in mind, vintage Avon, is very nice, yet also inexpensive. Back in the days when I sold Avon, I’d buy so much of it, and pay $14-$22 a piece. And that was back in the early 90’s! Oh! How I wish I would have kept it all. But I simply moved around too much.

That shared, I’ve been blessed to find all these pieces shown, for only $3-$8 each.

My daughters have been enjoying hearing the stories behind each original piece that I use to have, back in the 70’s and 80’s.

~Does anyone else collect vintage Avon? I would love to hear about any pieces you’ve had, or currently have.  

Mini thrifting haul

I went out last night to do some thrifting while the kids were at their activities. 

I found boots! It was all about boots. 

Unfortunately the kids already took theirs off before I was able to snap a pic. 

I found one daughter a pair of gently worn Lands End snow boots for only $3.50.

 I checked online prior to buying them, and the used ones in her size are running for $27 on EBay, and new, twice that. They were also in her favorite color, which was a bonus.

I found a pair of Rack Room winter wedge boots for another daughter. They are green suede leather and looked to have been tried on but never worn. They were $4

 I found myself this MICHAEL KORS purse for $3.50. Retails for $298 new. No stains, smells, etc. I’m really perplexed to how it ended up donated.

I found a pair of Rampage brown cowboy boots that look like they were worn maybe once, then tossed to the side. $4

I found my son a knitted shark hat for .50 Which is still wet here, if it looks it. I already washed it. 😉

I found this new Vanilla sea salt candle. $2

And lastly; I found myself this gorgeous Sacred Threads long brown embroidered skirt. $4

Sacred Threads Is one of my favorite brands of clothing. Nothing you can buy in a store generally. Only online, and they are very pricy.

So all in all, it was a great night to thrift!
Oh! And last week I ran into Goodwill and found like new Pampered Chef Bundt Pan for $3

Do people not make Bundt cakes anymore? Because I sure do. 

I collect stoneware and didn’t have this piece. 🙂

They run for $68 on Amazon, and I don’t know how much new, but $3 was right up my alley.