Savannah Georgia

We visited one of the many tourist destinations in Savannah, Georgia. 

This ice cream place opened in 1919 by the Leopold Brothers. 

All the ice creams are home made. And it’s still owned and operated by the same family, generations later. 

I sampled several flavors before deciding on Lemon Custard.

The kids enjoyed the triple chocolate raspberry swirl and peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream. 

So if you are ever in Savannah, you must stop and try their ice creams. The prices were very reasonable too. ūüôā


Midnight snack

Well, today was a case of the “Mondays” so now that the end is here and everyone is in bed, I prepared myself some rosemary ham and a very nice aged cheddar. 

For entertainment: The old 80’s movie, The Jewel of the Nile.

I only wish I had Romancing The Stone to watch first. 

Alas’ Life is Good.


Today was the most relaxing day ever! Dh took all the kids this morning to a Christian concert at chruch and I got a chance to sleep in. I woke up at noon, swept and mopped the floors,had breakfast,watched the news,Googled a few things, and then they got back from the concert.

I had a late lunch all ready for them..Salmon burgers with swiss cheese,watermelon,grapes,salad and cheddar cheese bites. A very intresting combination, I know. But they enoyed it!

Then Dh went outside to do some outside stuff and the kids all went off to play..So I decided to go back to bed. I told Dh to wake me up no later then 4pm..But he didn’t, so I ended up waking up at nearly 5pm.¬† WOW! I am never going to get to sleep tonight…But I have 3 movies to watch so it will be fine.

I woke up and was ready to go out and do something fun, but it’s Sunday and everything closes I asked Dh if he wanted to go out for dinner, which he did. We went to this seafood place¬† that we normally only get take-out, but decided to dine-in this time. It was good! When we were checking out, the owner said, ” I just want you to know that you are young, and you should not wait to do things that you want to do baby-doll…Please do everything that you want to do, because you may not have tomorrow…..” Then a guy behind me tossed a ten dollar bill on the counter and she said, “what is this for?”, and he said whatever you need it is from God..She got teary eyed and thanked him, and then thanked us for dining there, reminding me to not wait to do things that I want to do.

Week in Review!

It has been some crazy week here!  

Today was a bit better. Dh took the day off so we could do some¬†fun stuff.¬† We were suppose to take the kids to a homeschool group up in Virginia, but DH didn’t feel like making the long drive. It is a couple hours away…then we were suppose to go to the movies, but nothing good was playing… Then we were going to go out to one of my favorite restaurants, The Olive Garden, but decided to go shopping instead.¬† :o)

¬†We hit this Awesome store called Chef Smart. It is¬† sort of like Costcos, but not as big and you do not need to have a membership there. They mainly sell to¬†¬†restaurants, but anyone can shop there. Everything was so cheap. I’m actually considering not to get my Costcos membership¬† refilled. That would save a hundred dollars a year in membership fees.

Next we hit a store called World market. I have only been there a couple times in the past to browse. It’s set up by country. They have the Spain area that sells stuff from Spain. Then the Japan area, England area, Italy area,etc.. It is such a great place to find unique foods from other countries, as well as intricate items that you would not find elseware. I found some great espresso cups and some tea mugs. They also had a great variety of silk scaves, and market bags that I was oggling over!

After that, we went to Platos, which is the only place that I can find unique jewlery, which has become a hobby for me. I like things that are different and jewelry seems to be something that¬†should not have to be expensive to have the ‘wow factor’ or whatever it is called.¬†¬†I prefer silver and¬†tribal-ethnic looks, which are actually pretty hard to find.¬† Platos seems to be a place that I find them, as well as on ebay from Tibet, or India.¬†Such beautiful looks! Today I found an¬†great necklace that reminds me of a sun dial, and it was only five dollars!! Yay!

Tomorrow morning ¬†is my first Zumba class! I’ll have to blog about how that goes tomorrow evening!¬† How bad could it be, Right?

Sunday we are taking the kids to see Avalon in Concert. They saw Chris August and tenth Avenue North last week. They are crazy about concerts, and I’m thankful that they are enjoying such smart¬†music..unlike my teenage concerts that included, Metallica, Ozzy, and Red Hot Chili Peppers!¬†¬† OH, and I did see the Eagles live, but that is as wholesome/smart ¬†as it got. *G* My mom use to go to Elvis Presley concerts¬†& Stevie Nicks! Gosh I feel old!

I’ll be posting a grocery shopping blog up on Monday. I need to upload all the pics.

Have  A Great Weekend!

A week down

It has been a week since I hurt my back. I was feeling so antsy being at home 24/7. DH finally took me out last night to do some birthday and Christmas shopping for the kids. Yeah, I over did it. *Sigh* I took my pain meds and it tricked me into think that I can walk for a couple hours. I was walking like a snail, but it sure felt good to be out.

I spent the past week at home¬†showing my age, and feeling rather nostalgia. I listened to some great music which made me feel like a teenager again. I zoned out to Queen,Pink Floyd and The Doors. I may indulge¬†and watch¬†“The Wall” tonight.

Today I am just chilling out at at home watching Netflix with hubby. Later I am going to watch Mandie and the secret tunnel with my kids. They love a good mystery. The movie was filmed a few towns over from where we live too.

It looks like I will be missing the Dixie fair this year. Boo-Hoo! Dh is going to be taking the kids next weekend though. They had a ball at the Stuart fair last weekend with some friends. I have a friend that face paints at all the local fairs and it was educational for my kids to see how that is done.

I have 3 birthdays coming up in a couple weeks.¬† Then 3 more in November! I pray that I will be better. I got my oldest daughter a Rabbit hair white scarf, Purfum’, and a purse for her birthday. I got my hubby a emergency radio that he has been wanting. As far as my son, he is asking for a Light Brite which no longer exsists! They make these cheapo square ones that have very bad reviews. I am looking for the kind that my oldest kids had when they were little. Turns out they no longer make them. I am also looking for Tinkertoys. My son has a few and loves them so much, but he needs more to be able to really enjoy himself and have his sisters be able to join him. :o)

What else?

I am loving this Fall weather. No more AC. The windows are wide open and the breeze feels so good. I can’t wait for winter!

Guess that is it for the update. We have some good friends that are leaving NC. next Spring. Moving out west ,  we  may follow. I do not know. In my heart, I feel like out West will be no better then down South. SO, I want them to move out there and tell us how great it is first! lol

It all depends on the Lord. He will open the doors and pacve the way, if it is his will..