What Happened?

I have gotten a few questions/concerns regarding this blog in the past few months. Yes, it use to be a very religious homemaking blog . Filled with recipes,devotions,how toos, and the alike.

So why has it changed so much? Why do some of my posts seem to contradict everything that this blog once stood for? I found Grace. By finding Grace, I found Jesus! Not religious performance.

You are not under law, but under grace.
Romans 6:14
My views have changed. I have changed. My family has changed. I have written about this extensively, for those who do not know what I am talking about.
Yes, I am still a Believer. Yes, I am still a homemaker/Keeper of the home per titus 2. Yes, I still home-school my children, and make most of our food from scratch. BUT, there is a whole lot more to me then just these things.

There are so many blogs about homemaking out in cyberspace. There are so many blogs about recipes, and how too’s. Did we really need another one?
I just do not think so.

No offense, They are all pretty much the same, give or take a few things. I have been to hundreds of homemaking blogs in the past few years.  This is why I am saying this. Just Google Christian Homemaking, Titus 2, or Keeper of the home, and you will have enough reading material to last you 5 years. This is only reading one  blog a day! There are thousands of these blogs out there. I wanted to change things a little. I do not want to fall under the standard label. 

Oh, she is a Keeper of the home..She must cloth diaper,home birth, Eat Organics, homeschool,homebirth,make all her kids clothing, make everything from scratch,grind her own wheat,have a scripture box,never miss a service, KJV only, very religious, and is a hard core patriot. etc.

I can be labled many things, but I choose to be labled none! I do not even practice all of the above.

Not to mock any of these blogs, because it was these homemaking blogs that taught me allot. How to ferment sour dough, make Komobucha,Kefir. How to farm, garden, etc. They have their place. Especially if you did not have a mother who taught you these things growing up,which I did not.

I just wanted my blog to evolve a bit.



Because, I now know everything that I need to know,  regarding homemaking!

 I GRADUATED! Praise God!  Or at least I feel that I have. *G*

 Time to move on with the next chapter. This is why I have changed my blog. Will I never have another devotion, recipe, or how too, here on my blog? Of course I will!

But, I will have many other things here too. I want to be real, and show all sides of a homemaker. Despite what you read. Things are not always butter scotch sweet 24/7.  And for the blogs that you sometimes stumble across that try to portray a, “My life is perfect” Mentality to their readers. This is NOT keeping it real!

I have been told that anything and everything you write should shine, be glorious, and edifying all the time, regardless of how you “really” feel. This is the biggest downfall I have ever heard!

This only causes readers to feel unworthy in the end.  Makes the reader try harder, in order to measure up, and keep motivated. Ask me how I know!

I just want to share from my heart,  no strings attached, and leave the rest to the father…

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