There is so much I hope for… this coming year. But it has not started off casually.

1.I have friends that I just do not understand, no matter how hard I try.

I see the problem, know how to fix it..but…..*sigh*

2.My father is still extreamly bitter over my mother for not wanting to get back with him.

3.My mother had a bad fall and got hurt really bad. Dad shows no mercy or love!

4.I was told my uncle died several weeks after the fact. Family is quarrling over inheritance. *sigh*


5.I’m still having vivid dreams that seem to be coming true, more often then not.

6.Is the grass greener on the other side? I’m not sure.

7.I managed to rearrange both of my pantries with the help of my daughter. It took 5 hours of straight up work. I ended up getting rid of two bins full of stuff. Yay to that one!

8.I have yet, to tackle the school room. It too, needs down sizing and needs a good 3 hours of non stop work. (UPDATE-Did this! Yay!)

9.. I went to buy a new laptop tonight and ended up with a new vaccum instead. Given my love for cleaning…YAY!

10.We will be leaving on the 16th of this month for a much needed vacation!