I don’t have it all together

Anyone else?

I have always been the one that has all my ducks in a row, clean and organized home, with a snack tray on the dining room table with people coming and going.

Since working full time, among other things, that ship has somehow sailed off the map.

Things are messy! I may even use the word chaos this particular year.

I just finished Christmas shopping online and decorating the tree and house last night.

I use to be all finished with my shopping by mid- September. October at the latest. The tree and decorations would be all set up Thanksgiving week. And don’t get me started on the Christmas movies that have yet to be watched. I think I’ve only seem bits of one Hallmark movie at this point. I have not even bought Christmas cards yet, yet alone, mailed any.

My days are spent at doctors offices and physical therapist appointments. Throw in two days a week seeing a friend and going out to eat, it has not left any quiet time this season.

This past weekend we went to a Christmas play, parade, and Lights Festival, but it all felt so rushed.

I am looking forward to 2022. In all honesty, 2020 was great for me! Very relaxing and low key. 2021, not so much, but very good for my online stores.

None of this was even registering in my mind, how crazy it’s all been this year, until yesterday morning at church.

We walked into Sunday School. Late!

Everyone was casually talking about Christmas.

One couple went threw the Krispy Kream drive through asking for Christmas donuts and was told that they only have Holliday ones, but they cost more, so.

Another person was talking about the tornado of a mess their house is in. Christmas stuff all over the floors, etc. But everything is decorated and shopping has been finished.

Then I asked the the quiet couple ( homeschool family) how their weekend went, and have they started decorating with the kids yet.

The well spoken father answered me.

They finished weeks ago. House is completely ready for Christmas, including lights and decorations on the outside. Shopping has been done for several months. Gifts all wrapped and under the tree. Christmas cards mailed. Christmas movies have already been watched so they are looking for new ones to add to their holiday traditions. Basically, just taking time to soak in the Holiday.

As soon as I heard all of this I thought to myself, Wow! Dang! Oh my Goodness! You are Awesome! Lucky You!

And then… “Oh me! That use to be me. It really did.”

Everyone in class has younger kids then us. I have adults and teens now. Of course you’d think with an older group that my house would be immaculate, but my house was so much cleaner when they were little. Mainly, we ALL pitched in to help keep things running smoothly bank in the days. I really do miss those days.

Now, no one does much here. it’s like pulling teeth. And there is some stuff that I simply can’t do by myself anymore. Hence, it doesn’t get done.

Odd how this is the norm, in most families with teens. Or do I’ve been told.

With all that said, I know God is still good and has me and my family in his hands. There are seasons or order, but also seasons of utter chaos. I already know how it ends.

Today is a busy one. Doctors appointment, DMV for the kids, lunch with a friend, grocery store, and cleaning and working tonight.

Tomorrow is another day.


Christmas 2017

It was a very special Christmas Day this year. Not to say that others were not, but there was a different feeling this year that previous years didn’t quite have. I never though that I’d enjoy my kids any more then I could possibly enjoy them, yet, with each year.. my heart grows and more love over flows.

Praising God for his wonder and Love. ❤️

Random pictures in no particular order from this past week.



Christmas Tree

I just ordered a new Christmas tree from Michael’s.

Upgraded to a 7.5ft tree.

Regular price was $299

Sale price was $99

$106 with tax.

Should arrive next week. I will take a picture when it arrives. I think the sale is good until Saturday, if anyone needs a new tree.

Here is the link. 😉

7.5 ft tree

Michael’s Craft Store

Has anyone already decorated?

I still have all the Harvest decor out. We usually start after Thanksgiving with the Christmas things. 🎄

New Trudle bed

I have been looking since last year for an affordable trudle bed for my girls, and I finally found one today. $150 Not too bad! 

Looks vintage to me, but its in remarkable shape. They love it! As do I.

Here are some pictures. It’s not put together yet.  I will add another picture once it is. Probably next week because we are so busy. *grin*

Savannah Georgia

We visited one of the many tourist destinations in Savannah, Georgia. 

This ice cream place opened in 1919 by the Leopold Brothers. 

All the ice creams are home made. And it’s still owned and operated by the same family, generations later. 

I sampled several flavors before deciding on Lemon Custard.

The kids enjoyed the triple chocolate raspberry swirl and peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream. 

So if you are ever in Savannah, you must stop and try their ice creams. The prices were very reasonable too. 🙂



I was at a kitchen store and came across a very interesting knife. I went a head and bought it, as it was only six dollars. It had two points of the end, and my first instinct, was, it’s a knife to fillet fish…
It sort of looked like a fish to me.
I brought it out to the car to show DH, and he asks me what kind of knife is it?
Still not reading the back of the package..I told him it’s is a knife to fillet fish.YES, that must be it!
The next day we are at a friends house, when my friend pulls out a knife, which looks just like the one I bought.
Who says girls don’t like strange looking knives? :o)~

 I’m asked by a friend, if I know what kind of knife it is?
I told her, no. But I just bought one myself.
She asked me if I Googled it yet? To find out what kind of knife it was?
I told her I hadn’t, because what exactly would I be Googling? Strange knife?
Knowing I hadn’t taken my new knife out of it’s package, I came home and took it out of the drawer.
I decided to read the back…. And guess what?
I would have never guessed. I didn’t know they existed. I thought people used cheese cutters to slice cheese? And what the heck is up with these super sharp points at the end of the knife, that make it look like a fish?


Using Rit dye

Brown Dye

Mix bottle with salt and water-add garment

Top was white, now it's brown! Yay!

I had this really pretty top that I bought, but it was white and I don’t wear white really. I ended up buying a bottle of brown dye, and wa-la!  Problem solved! 

All you do is mix 1/2 the bottle in some hot water in a big bowl, add 1 cup of salt to it, then your garment, and stir it for 1 hour. Then wash, hang to dry and your done. So simple.:o)

Of course if I liked white, Rit also makes a dye remover, so I could make it white again if I reallly wanted too.

A Trip to my mailbox….

I thought I’d try something a little different, just for fun. I took my camera with me while taking a walk to get my mail….Here we go!!

I'm walking, she's running...


She's upset that I ran past her! lol


I pass the field..


I look up...


I pass a small tree..


I pass some brush..


I pass the church & see my son chilling out!


I am almost there, and notice some stagnant water.


A-HA!! MAIL! It was worth the trip!


She wants to race me back!!!

Thanks for walking with me today……

Challenge: If you do a, “walk to get your mail blog”–link it in the comments so I can see!!!