The day started off waking at the crack of dawn…. Not my favorite time to wake up. In fact, any time before ten is too early.

DH wanted me to go to work with him today, sooo…

I can’t eat that early, so arrived tired and irritable.

DH was planning on taking a half day, that was the plan.

Then we were going to go to the mall.

I love Ruby Tuesdays Salad Bar, and was very much looking forward to having one, then hitting the stores to check out all the sales.

Three hours after hanging out at DH’s work, I decided to make myself some coffee in the break room.

After two coffees, I fell a sleep for an hour.

There is a couch in DH’s office.
I woke up, and DH asked me, if I wanted him to drop me off across the street at Plato’s Closet.

He dropped me off, and as I walked in the store, they told me that they were not open.

I replied, “but the doors open? The sign says 10am, OPEN”

She told me, due to the storm yesterday, they were opening an hour later.

I glanced out to the parking lot, and noticed that there was no snow out there, AT ALL!

 In fact, it was just wet!

Why were they there? With the door open, and yet not open?! 

 DH had already left, so I decided to go next door to Once Upon A Child.

The door was locked!

A lady came over, opened the door, and said, “due to the storm that we had yesterday, they would be opening an hour later” Great!

I had no option, but to call DH back to come pick me up.

He did, and decided to drop me off at the mall instead.

Surely they would be open!


He dropped me off, and would be back in a few hours, he said.

Keep in mind, I only go to the mall twice a year….


I can not stand paying retail for anything! And then just the commercialism..many reasons, actually.


ALSO–I hate, hate, being sought out to buy things that I don’t want!

I also don’t like being talked to, when I shop. I like a clear mind….

Yeah, I’m a bit of a loner when I shop. I guess?

I don’t want to be asked if anyone can help me find it something… I don’t want to be persuaded to try anything new, and I definitely don’t like, when all those middle booths…try to grab you into looking at their product.

Ten years ago, it wouldn’t have phased me.

But at my age, I know what I like….

I know what I want, and I have limitations on how much I am willing to spend for it.

I walked in, in hopes to find a new watch strap, for one of my more pricier watches..

I stopped to ask the sales man, if he carrys any leather yellow watch bands?

That I needed to replace one.

I took my watch from my purse, so that he could take a measurement.

He measured it, and told me that he doesn’t carry any yellow ones. (Why did he bother measuring it?)

I reached for my watch back, however, he kept it clenched in his hand and told me to wait, that he has some nice black ones that may work.

(I made it clear that I needed it to be yellow, as the face plate was yellow, and it had to be yellow.)

He still insisted on keeping the watch in his hand, then  reached for the key to open a case, to show me some nice black straps. Ugh!

I felt helpless, so just stood there and let him show me…

After he was done, he told me that was all he had, and then asked me how long I have had the watch, and where did it come from? Again, Irrelevant?!

I put it back in my purse and continued on…


Next, I stopped at Claire’s. My daughter has been looking for a bow cuff earring.

I walked in, and was greeted with a smile and hello.

That was nice, However, as I was looking at the earrings the sales lady came over and asked me if I needed any help finding something?

I told her that I was looking for a Bow cuff earring.

She told me that they did not carry any bows…That was fine.


Next I walked past Coach! *drool*

I only have two real Coach bags, but really, Can a girl ever have TOO MANY Coach bags? They were gifts from DH, of course.

The sales lady saw me looking in the window, drooling, no less…And asked me to come in… to see their new Legacy line that starts at only $398.00!! *fainting*

I told her that was OK, and continued looking at the display of bags in the window….My eyes went to the yellow one, which was the exact shade of yellow that I needed my watch strap to be.

 Then I got upset, thinking back on the guy trying to sell me a black strap!

Did I mention that I am PMS’ing today? ;oP


I decided to Go to JC-Pennys next.

I wanted to get DH some new work shirts, along with a new coat. He never shops for himself…And honestly, I wish he did! But—


Pennys is one of the few stores that carrys BIG & Tall sizes.

I ended up finding some good sales on IZOD!

I found him four shirts, and a coat.

When I walked up to pay, the sales lady asked me if I would be using my Pennys Credit card today?

 I told her I didn’t have one…Because OF COURSE everyone does, right?

I told her I would be using my bank card, and she asked me if I was not in a hurry, they are in training to use a new system, where they take down your bank information,  then next time I come in, I will not have to go through the trouble of showing them anything.

That I will have a code, and I would just give them that..:o/ 

I told her that I was in a hurry…She then made a sad face, and told me that she was looking forward to someone being her Guini pig…OK!


I left the store, forgetting that I had to actually go through Pennys to get to the other side…and actually got lost…lol THEN I had a guy notice my flip-phone and was trying to get me to upgrade….I firmly told him NO! and he was so persuasive, that he grabbed my arm to get me to stop, and told me that I would break his heart if I didn’t let him tell me about his deals on cell phones..And seriously! With his broken English, it was amazing that I understood him at all! I gave him a mean look, as to say…Please don’t tocuh me..and then he said, “Come on Baby, don’t be like that!”

Since when did the mall become like this?????? I picked up the pace, and continued walking, and then was stopped by 2 teens asking me if I could escort them to the food court? I told them NO!  (They were teen boys, about 17? 18?) I think they could find it them-self! Not trying to be mean, but….

Then A lady stopped me and asked me if I had only 20minutes, that she can flat iron my hair and make it look Amazing! I told her I like my wavy hair! Kept walking…..

Then i was approached my the Clinique lady who asked me if I wanted to sample some new products? I told her that I would love to have some free products, except Clinique breaks my skin out! She then turned her back on me, but it is true…it really, REALLY does!


I then stopped in at Bath & Body Works. Our mall has two of them.

One on each side of the mall.

I was hesitant at first, as I REALLY hate being bombarded by the staff in there, and they ALWAYS lay it on thick!

I realize lots of ladies like that, but I don’t.

I  paused in front of the store for a few minutes and glanced in the  window..contemplating if I really wanted to be badgered?


I guess so….

As I love hitting their AFTER Holiday SALES, when their limited Edition products are 75% off.

Of course it was way in the back..So I decided to tip-toe in, in hopes that I would look unapproachable..Maybe? NOT!! 

 Two ladies came up and welcomed me, and asked  if I was interested in trying their new fragrances?

 I smiled, and said no thank you.

 I then walked over to the sales table and one of the same ladies… that I’d just spoken with, asked me again…Did I need any help?


I told her no thank you…


 She then asked me how I was enjoying the cold weather? I said it was fine.

She then told me that their new Winter line is wonderful, and asked if I would care to see the new collection of products. I said I was good….

She then told me, that when I cash out, they have their new Valentine’s Day fragrances out, that were in a, TRY ME dollar size.

I told her OK, and thank you! While silently wanting to slap her! (PMS)

So I picked up what I liked from the sales table, and went to cash out.

There was one lady in front of me cashing out, too.

The sales lady told her that the fragrance she was buying was HER absolutely favorite scent! And that she was such a savvy buyer…..and she made some great choices! Yada, Yada….

I was next, I put my four products on the counter, and she did the SAME THING with me! She picked up the shower gel (which was different from the previous ladies.) She told me it was her favorite one!! She also commented on my clearance items, and told me what a Savvy shopper I was!

OH, and then she asked me if I was interested in trying one of their Valentine’s Day lotions in the TRY ME SIZE?

I said no thank you…cashed out, and left…

I was feeling exhausted by this point..but still had much time to kill..So continued on.
Next, I went to my favorite store, next to World Market that is….

Earth Bound Trading Company! 

I walked in and noticed that all the Hippie Clothing was 40% off the lowest ticket price.

Granted the lowest prices were $40 bucks.

I looked through the stuff, and quickly talked myself out of buying any more clothing, as I just bought several new pieces the other day…


 I turned and looked at the jewelery, as one could never have “too much” jewelery!

And  as I was looking at all the fair trade items…He yells to me… that they are buy one, get one free…

I picked out a couple pairs of earrings. 

Then my eye caught the Nomad bags!

I normally buy them at Whole Foods, because I rarely get to the mall, but since I was there and all..

I started going through them and noticed that the regular price was $30-$50 dollars each!  They were all marked down to $19.99, thou.


He then yells at me that they are an additional 30% off the $19.99!!

I then picked one up and noticed he was right beside me and told me that I looked like a girl who could use more then one bag….Ha-Ha!


I told him that I bet he says that to all the ladies!

He laughed…KNEW IT!!

But I agreed…I could use more then one…

Well, not really…I have about 30 bags at home..

But they are such a good investment, what the hay? :o)

I chose two, and went to pay…

As I was at the register, I noticed a small table next to wear I was paying with several gag gifts on it…I picked up one of them and added it to the counter.


When he saw it, he said, “OH? so you are into THAT, HUH?”

I looked at him confused….and he quickly said, “OH, is that a gift for someone??” Still confused, I replied, “Yes, it’s a gift for a friend. My friend likes these.”
He then says, “OH, I was going to say…”
THAT peeked my curiosity, onto what exactly he was thinking???? Then he tried to add more..and told me he only thought..that because of my black nail polish and gift….and….

I corrected him, because I would never wear black nail polish! No offence to anyone that would..I’ts just not for me..and besides…I’m wearing Midnight Plum! Sheesh!

Then he didn’t add more to that…sooooo? Oh well!

I paid, and left!


By this time it was time to make my way back to Ruby Tuesdays to meet DH for lunch. I got the salad bar, which is so darn good!!

Dh got a spicy sampler thing.

The waiter noticed that I only went up one time, and when he brought the check over, he told me that he didn’t feel right charging me $7.99 for only one salad, that most people go up several times… So he charged me only $2.99.

That was very nice, However, due to his niceness, I left him the extra $$ as a tip.:o)


After we ate, dh had a seat, to people watch. 

 I hit Old Navy. Probably a forth of my wardrobe is from Old Navy..As I always find such good deals there.
I also love that they never greet me, OR ask if they could help me find anything. :o)~
I walked in and looked at all the new Spring Stuff on all the mannequins. Tangerine Melon is the NEW Spring color!!

I ended up finding a pair of work-out pants, and 3 tops! Couldn’t resist the three tops, as they were marked down to only $5 dollars each.

 I never wear stripes, but since one of my New Years Resolutions was to wear more color…OTHER then my standard, gray,black,mocha, and brown..with the occasional white…
I decided to branch out, and buy a couple striped blouses.


I cashed out and Told DH that I wanted to hit Lane Bryant.

He needed to go to Radio Shack, which was right next to LB. He went off to RS, and I entered Lane Bryant. I love, love Lane Bryant, however…they are plus size, and I am finally down to their smalled size clothing..which is a 14. :o(

Never thought I would be sad about that..but….I AM!

I was greeted by a older women, who told me that they are having a great under-ware sale right now.

$5 for $25 dollars. She also told me that the bras were $40, but if you buy two, you would get one free. I told her thank you.

I walked over to their sales rack, noticing that the cheapest tops were marked down to $39 each! And I didn’t need any more clothing, so I walked over to the display of under-ware…I had my head down, as I was looking through the 20+ different varieties!

Then I got startled..by a mans voice behind me….!!


I quickly turned around to noticed that this guy was an employee!?!

It REALLY bothered me to have a guy employee, in an all women’s store, such as Lane Bryant!!
I ignored his comment, and then he asked me if I needed help finding my size? SERIOUSLY??

I told him I was fine..and then he VERY cheerfully told me how the regular price for these PANTIES…were $15 a piece, and that their $5 for $25 was a steal of a deal!! then he laughed because he made a RHYME!!!!!!!!


I smiled, and agreed that it was a very good deal, which is was.

Generally it would cost $75 for the five pair!

I went ahead and picked some out…then noticed some fuzzy socks, and picked up a pack of those two.

There was no one behind the register, and the older lady, along with the young man, were busy chatting among themselves.

HE then noticed I was ready to cash out….and I silently started praying for the older lady to come cash me out..

(I KNOW! I KNOW! I’m a prude sometimes….But I did NOT want some strange guy that was just chit chatting about my undies…ringing me out!)

 But—-no such luck!

He said he would cash me out! I contemplated putting the stuff back..but I did really want the stuff…

He was so overly cheerful, it was bothering me profusely!!..(Insert PMS here!)

He counted my under-ware and then….YES!! He commented about them!! WT*?


First, he asked me if I knew that the New Valentine’s Day line with all the hearts and saying were also on sale, and did I see them?

I told him tat I did, but what happens after the Holiday is over?

That confused him…so I tried my best, to break the ice, and preceded to tell him that I have a tad of OCD, and as much as those Valentine’s Day ones were cute….

I simply would NOT wear them AFTER the Holiday was over..

Which is why I never buy any Christmas ones….

Well, THAT just made him feel MORE comfortable talking ‘panty-talk’ with me, And told me that the ones I picked out were really cute, but he especially liked the Polka Dot ones!



Then he told me they have the matching Polka-Dot bra, and pointed to the wall of bras…

I remained silent, and he asked me if I wanted him to go fetch me one, and what was my size?
JUST THEN, I was saved…DH walked in with his Radio Shack bag and the conversation shifted onto him!

He  looked at DH, smiled, and said…

“I see ya got some goodies at Radio Shack! Right ON BUDDY!”


YEP! I then pulled my bank card out to pay, he asked me for my phone number to pull up my account, then asked me why I wasn’t using my LB card..

I told him that I wanted to use my bank card, and he told me not to be silly, that if I used my LB card I would get double points, due to all the panties I bought!


DH looked at me.. and told me to use the bank card..

I paid, and out of the store we went!!

I’m still DEEPLY disturbed by the whole experience. :o/


Next I went to Spencer’s…Just to look.

Then I went and got myself a Starbucks coffee. A double RED EYE! Needed it after all that!
I was actually bummed, that the coffee shop that I normally go to, next to the Food Court, was turned into a frozen yogurt place. Guess it has been a while since I last visited…

Starbucks made them go out of business, I guess. :o(


We sat down to rest for an hour…Then headed to Pay-less Shoes, Hallmark,Charlotte Rouse, and Macy’s.


Then DH went into this store with me that only carries accessories.

I forgot the name of it, if anyone knows..Tell me..

The whole store in color coordinated. All the red purses, red belts, and red jewelery, are in one area..Green in another, sliver in another..and so on…They also have a good amount of boots and shoes.

My DD has been looking for a pair of brown fringe boots, and I found some on sale, but they didn’t have her size in brown.

I was then approached 3x in that store….asking me what color, and what item was I looking for…?

I told the ladies each time, that I was just browsing.

I swear, do they work on commission?

Or are they really just wanting to help you?

IDK, but gosh I can not stand it!!!

I am a veteran shopper!!

I do NOT need any help! (Insert PMS here!)


I then popped into GUESS…

I’ve had my eye on a watch there for the past two years!!

Still can’t afford it..But I like to look.:o)


Lastly, I went to ~Forever 21. *I WISH!*


I found some cute rose-gold earrings, and a few other pairs of earrings for my daughters.

YES! We love earrings!

I also got a few new lip-glosses that were marked down. That said— 
When I went up to cash out..?


Why must they hire men at women’s stores!!!????!!

Honestly, I’m thinking someone is trying to make certain, that all the ladies jobs are filled, as a way to encourage them to all stay home!!!! :o/


 I placed my merchandise on the counter..Here we go again…

He asked me if I knew about the nail polishs that were only $2.80 a piece?

I told him yes, I saw them.

 He asks me if I wanted him to hold my stuff, so that I could go back, and check out the new nail polishes? I said no thank you.

He then picks up one of my lip glosses and tells me what a pretty color it is, and boy am I getting a good deal on all three of them!! That I’m a women that knows how to shop!!!

Umm? Do these consumer lines generally make girls want to spend more?

Or…. Are they suppose to boost our confidence in some way?? IDK!

But I know for damn sure, I’m a good shopper, a savvy one at that….and I’m very confident! I don’t need all that fluff from them! MAKE IT STOP!!


Had I been in a better NON PMS mood, I might have asked him what the heck he thought of the earrings?? Given he was an expert and all…?!


I came out of the store, rather stressed…and DH started to stress, as he does not like being around a lot of people..He hates concerts, amusement parks,circus’, and yes, malls….(WHY CAN’T GUYS JUST LIKE TO SHOP? WHY?) How are you suppose to find the good deals, if you don’t look carefully, and choose wisely? :o(


~He actually started feeling like he was going to have a heart attack again, he said. Started getting chest pain, and he was having trouble breathing!

So we bee-lined out of there and headed for home.

He felt much better after we arrived back home. Praise God!


So that was how my Day went!

I’m now baking for a party that we have to attend tomorrow afternoon..

We will be leaving for vacation Sunday Morning.

Will be away, and TEC-Free, for a whole week! Wayyyy over due! :o)