Annoying people 

Life is not always inspirational quotes and a five star meal. Sometimes things, AND people, simply annoy us….

I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of people that bother me. You know, the bothering feeling you get when you visualize yourself having an ‘Ally Mc’beal’ moment.
We all have them, but rarely ever talk about them. 
Well, I’m going to just throw it out there…so I can lay it to rest, sort of speak. 

Annoying people:

1. When I’m out shopping and someone with their carriage WONT MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! Even if I say excuse me..
2. People who want to return things because they didn’t receive enough compliments. (Retail job)
3. People who don’t say thank you when you gift them something.
4. People with no common sense.
Really, that’s about it.

What type of people bother you?


Who owns who in Cosmetics?

I remember years ago that someone casually mentioned to me, that L’Oréal owned Yves Saint Laurent, which is why the packaging was so similar, not to mention, the formula. I remember thinking how cool that was.

So after some digging, here is what I’ve found out about some of the other popular brands. 

I was most surprised to learn that L’Oréal owns Maybelline. For some reason, I always thought Covergirl owned Maybelline. 🤔


Just a few brands that Estée Lauder owns: Clinique, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Origins, Jo Malone, La Mer, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Donna Karan Cosmetics.

A few brands that L’Oreal owns: Maybelline, Garnier, Lancôme, Kiehl’s, Redken, Matrix, Giorgio Armani,Dermablend, The Body Shop, Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent.

Procter & Gamble owns: Cover Girl, Max Factor, Anna Sui, Olay, DDF, Aussie, Camay, Clairol, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Ivory, Infusium-23, Pantene,Gillette and Noxzema.

Johnson & Johnson owns: Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, RoC, Rogaine and Lubriderm.

Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessy owns: Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Benefit, Make Up For Ever, and Sephora’s namesake line.

A few brands that Revlon owns: Almay, Sinful Colors, Pure Ice, Mitchum, and Charlie fragrances.

Very interesting. 😉

New Toy! EVO RV headset

I went to a party this past Saturday and tried to win this puppy. I guess I’m late to the party, as be never seen this headset before this past Saturday.

I did win something, btw,  I won a Micheal Kors clutch instead. Worth $108, so I shouldn’t complain. 😉

Alas’I kept thinking about this headset though, so yesterday I went  out and bought it. It’s very easy to use!

You just download an App, then slide your phone in the back part, and you are ready for your virtual reality expirence.

It feels like you are in a planetarium. 🌌

You can watch Videos, YouTube,etc.

Oh! And if you are thinking this would cost a lot of money, Nope! $14.99 at Walmart.

Sun food Super Greens Review

Sun food Super Greens Review:
This stuff is AMAZING!

I started taking this a week ago
I’ve tried many wheat grass/super greens type of products before. I’ve even grown my own grass before.. Wheat Grass! I mean. 😉

None of them have ever given me the clear mind and zest that this one has. 
I’m not the most healthiest eater. I want to be. I really do. I’ve tried to be a die-hard vegetarian on numerous occasions. 😐

And the best I’ve ever felt, both physically, and mentally, was the Summer I was a raw vegan. 

The only reason I stopped, was because it got too costly and none of my family was on boat with me. 
Hence, I’m always looking for something to add to my diet to keep me focused, and energized. 
That’s where this amazing stuff plays in!

The Vitamin Shop sells two sizes, 8oz and 16oz. The 8oz is $24.99 and the 16oz is $44.99.

You get a little more for your buck by buying the larger size. Which is what I did. 

I also bought some raw honey  to add to it. But then realized I really didn’t need it. It was sweet enough, due to the banana.

I’ve been using the recipe on the back of the package. Well, minus the 1/2 of avocado and yacon syrup.


8oz of Almond Milk (sometimes I add 12oz)

2 teaspoons of green powder

1 whole frozen banana

Blend & Drink!
The first day I drank this 3x

By the second day, I just felt all around better! 
Especially mentally. You know that foggy feeling that we sometimes get? Well, it disappeared! Completely!

When I run out, I plan on repurchasing this again. I think Target also sells it. Amazon has it too, but it cost more. 
The Vitamin shoppe has the best price. 
For me, the best part about this mix is that you are getting all your veggie servings that you need each day, by only taking it once per day. Of course if you need an afternoon ‘pick me up’ you can take another instead of a tea or coffeee. 😉

Not only that, it’s filled with your probiotics and digestive enzymes, for any tummy issues that you may encounter during the day by eating something ‘not so healthy’ 

As you get older your body doesn’t make the amount of enzymes it once had. This is why doctors sometimes prescribe enzymes to you. And probiotics are excellent for anyone!

Especially if you are ever on any antibiotics. You need to be putting the good bacteria back into your body to help fight illness and diseases.

Whish self tanning coconut cream

This is a quick review for Whish Self-Tanner.

It’s not all that cheap. $30 for 5ozsTo the best of my knowledge it’s one of the only all natural self tanners on the market. So I wanted to give it a go.

It’s not a spray, foam, or lotion.

It’s a body butter. Thick and creamy!

(Think Nivea cream)

It’s not suppose to leave that tradition tanning smell on you either, or streak.

It’s suppose to give you a very natural glowy look. NOT ORANGE!

It doesn’t have a color guard or bronzer. So you do need to take your time and spread it evenly.

Like you would a traditional body butter.

I generally use St.Tropez self tanner, which has a color guard and bronzer in it, so I was looking forward to a more natural approach.

That said, if it sounds to good to be true, it generally is. Or so the saying goes…

I followed the directions to the tee with this one. I was excited to see the results later that evening!
It smells like coconut coming out.
It has a very nice pump. Spreads easily.

I didn’t use a mitt with this one, but I made sure to wash my hands throughly afterwards.

I used three pumps for each leg. Two pumps for each arm, one pump for chest area, and a half pump for my face.

I smelled like a fresh coconut afterwards!
But then around the four hour mark, I looked in the mirror and saw “The Don” looking back at me.

I looked at my hands, wrists and feet.. they were very pronounced. A not so nice coral orange shade. *sigh*

I’m left very confused. I read many rave reviews, and even watched a few YouTube videos claiming how great this product was.
So I don’t want to diss the product entirely. Perhaps it works better with certain skin undertones. I’m neutral. Not warm or cool.

I have the Whish shaving cream and charcoal mask, and I love them both. I really do enjoy the brand.
So… I guess I’m going to hold off using this again by itself. I may try mixing it with one of my bare minerals foundations which tend to be very liquidity. I will try to find a positive way to use it up. I hope!
I’d love to hear if anyone else has tried this particular self tanner and how you liked it.

Annual Company Party

Last night was DH’s company party. No theme this year. Casual dress.

One of the ladies told me that it was because the millennials were the ones who orchestrated it. Haha!
Dinner was pretty casual too: BBQ, tater salad, cole slaw,beans,hush puppies, and dinner rolls.

Desserts: Peach Cobbler and Banana Pudding.
Drinks: wine, beer,sweet tea, lemon water.

I had planned to dress up. I really did!
I also allowed myself five hours to get ready.

I wanted to color my hair, give myself a facial, self tan, do a mad smoky eye, and then try a half dozen outfits on. *grin*

Well, I did half of all that. 😐
Then I decided to be comfortable by wearing leggings and an oversized sweater…

They were my expensive leggings, so I felt sort of dressy. I also wore a vintage sweater.;)
I paired the outfit with vintage Avon jewelry and kitten heels.

My makeup was very neutral, as I did a smoky eye at first, then wiped it all off because I wanted my eyes to compliment my handbag. (Don’t ask) lol

We arrived at the country club by 5pm. First they took couples pictures, and then you could order some beer or wine and view all the prizes.

Here was the wall of prizes.

They gave six tickets per couple, and then you had the opportunity to earn more by playing at the casino.

As you can see, we won a heap more.

I really wanted to win the record player. It would have given me a reason to buy some old LP’s.
Dh wanted to win the Go-Pro camera.
I thought about putting a few tickets into the Amusement water park, but it was only for four tickets this year, so that just wouldn’t work.
Many of the prizes were for things we already had. Oddly.

Cool mist Humidifier, knife set, fancy blender, Rachel Ray Pots and Pans, Guitar, aromatherapy oils, makeup kit, The shark floor cleaner, wireless speakers, wireless headphones, phone charger, 32″ Smart TV, fit-bit..

There was also a set of two Yeti tumblers. I thought those were the funniest gifts.

I mean seriously, who in the world invented these things?! And more importantly, why?! Why do you need your water to stay cold for 24 hours? If it takes you that long to drink it….please, just give up. 🤣
I had the lady next to be laughing so hard… she also thought they are dumb. (So sorry if you have one and love it.)

I told her that perhaps they would be good for hiking. She said, sure, because having an extra large heavy tumbler in your back pack is always a great idea.

So I told her that you could just leave the first aid kit at home.. because hey! At least you have your Yeti! So silly!

There was also a jar for a 1,2, and 3 day paid vacation. DH is never interested in those though. As he’s been there long enough and has plenty of PV.

But nearly everyone else was trying to win days off.
DH put his tickets in for the camera and I put a bunch in for the record player.

Oh! And a few in for this virtual mask thing. Which is a good thing I didn’t win, because it would not have fit an iPhone plus.

Then I had one measly ticket left, and couldn’t decide where to place it, so I threw it in for the Micheal Kors clutch.

And wouldn’t ya know, that is what I ended up winning.
I have so many nice bags, but figured.. what the heck..

Here it is:

Other snapshots from the evening…

Open Bar

Table set up with gift bags.

This simple water a d tea set up was just pretty too me.
And there you have it..the end of another day in the life…;)~

I hope everyone had a Great weekend!

Meanwhile, the kids were at Winterjam!


Aztec Secret clay mask review

I’m trying out this new clay mask from Amazon. It’s suppose to suck all the impurities out of your skin. Along with tightening it all up!

You can use it on your whole body if you want too, or in a bath.

All you do is take equal parts of the clay and mix it with equal parts or Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. To form a paste.

Apply to a clean fresh face. Rinse with cool water once it dries. It said about 5-10 minutes.

Of course I rarely follow directions, so left it on for a full 30 minutes. 😐

After about five minutes I started to feel it tighten. Nothing like any other mask I’ve ever tried. When it says you will feel a tightening feeling, and that’s how you know it’s working…they were NOT kidding! 🙀

I rinsed it off with cold water… because it burned a bit after the thirty minutes.
Currently, I’m left lobster-like.

Probably not the best day to be trying something new, seeing as I have a company party to attend in five hours. 🤣
That all said, my face feels insanely soft! Yet hot-like. 

So yes, I will be using this product again. Better then any pore strip. 👍

Chilis Restaurant 

On the way home yesterday we decided we felt like ribs. Truth be told, I’ve never ate ribs before age 25. 

The only choices were Chilis, or Ruby Tuesday’s.
We opted for Chilis

We ordered an appetizer to share, and a full rack of ribs to share, with two sides. 

Their loaded mashed potatoes are so delish! 

So heads up on that! We order double, so we could each have one side.

However, if you are not keen on mashed taters with a bit of skin left in, you may not enjoy them. 


Southwestern Egg rolls,Wisconsin cheddar bites, and sliders. $13
We only go to Chilis about once a year. I’m not sure why. I guess because there are so many choices in the city, and Chilis is always very busy, and like most people, I hate waiting in lines.*grin*
Food when it arrived:

1/2 of Full Rack (we shared) $17.89
I may be wrong, but I thought last year they were still using real plates. Not metal trays. 🤔
Honestly, I don’t care whether I’m eating off a plate or a tray. I know these things don’t sit well with the older folks, but as long as the food is great, who cares! I do enjoy presentation though…(whatever happen to that bit of parsley that use to garnish everything back in the days?!) 

DH said the trays felt like something they would serve prison food on. 

Here we have a metal tray with a sheet of wax-type paper on it. 
Perfect for ribs, but mashed potatoes, not so much. As you can see.

Rather ‘cafeteria-ish’ I s’pose. But whatever!

They also have tablets on each table for you to place your order and pay. Much like Ruby Tuesdays and Applebees. It even adds in the gratuity for you, because after all, trying to add a 15% or 20% tip is just too much brain work. *grin*
I know this is all meant to be easy. I understand that. I’m just being a tad sarcastic. 😉

The only reason you need a wait staff is to bring you your food. In reality.

And my guess is, that in another ten years that will cease too.

I have mixed feelings regarding ultra casual dining…
Honestly, I have adapted to this ‘new world’ 

I have become very casual myself. 

Of course some people classify that as growing up. 

But I think it’s more so about adapting
Raising kids in this generation has been very difficult at times. There is a ten year difference between my oldest and youngest, and my parenting style is very different as it once was. I hear that this is completely normal though, so I try not to beat myself up too much about it.

Everything is casual. In this life, I mean. 

 And restaurants are moving right along with the times. It’s just good for the business. I know!

Maybe some day we will have a world without them. Maybe we will only have drive-thrus?! 🤔

I also wonder if grocery stores will cease someday. With so many new company’s delivering food nowadays. 
Only time will tell I guess.

Thanks for letting me share Oh Great Internet….

Or shall I show my age and say, 

Oh  Great World Wide Web….;o)~

Hotel Stays

The best part of staying in a hotel is waking before anyone else, showering, packing, and then realizing that you can go back to bed if you want…
You don’t need to gather laundry, or tidy up, or even make the bed of you don’t want to.

You can simply, enjoy yourself!

Now there was a time when I found tidying up fun. About a decade ago. 

But as you get older you appreciate the luxury of having someone clean up after you. Like a child. I guess?! 😉
Not that I’m a particularly messy person. I had a cup of coffee this morning and didn’t leave the cup on the nightstand. I tossed it in the trash! But I could have left the cup on the nightstand. If I wanted too. 

A picture of the messy room from bed. 😉

I think there comes a time in a mothers life where her idea of a ‘good time‘ is doing nothing. Nada!

Sometimes NOTHING, is the best feeling in the world. Am I wrong?! 

There are times when dh wants to go to the movies, out for dinner, or just out for coffee and treats… and if we are ALREADY out and about, then by all means… let’s do it!

But if we are already at home. Cozy. In my yoga pants, then the last thing I want to do is get up to do my hair and makeup. Then get suitable clothing on and leave my house. 

I mean, we have Netflix and delivery nowadays. 🤣
Sometimes I think this mamas mind frame is only for mothers of many

Not that I consider my five kids MANY…

 I know my friends with 7+ kids are probably rolling their eyes at me… 

~Can anyone relate to this?

The Fresh Market grocer

Keeping it healthy. Well, sorta. 😉

We stopped at this grocery store called Fresh Market. Not to be confused with World Market.
To balance out that fast food earlier, (which made me sick, unfortunately) I picked up some fresh fruit, Greek salad, blueberry kifer, almond brittle and raspberry pillow cookies for a snack.  So yea, sorta healthy?!

Total cost was $37.80

So it’s not the cheapest store in the world. But everything was so fresh! 

Our hotel has breakfast included, so I’m looking forward to coffee, waffles and eggs. 

 I’m not sure where we are going for lunch tomorrow. Definitely not fast food though. 😉