This mornings breakfast is 1/2 cup of raw oats with Golden berries, Goji berries, Mulberries, Seeds, and some raw honey.

1 cup of green matcha tea

24oz water

And today’s vitamins…

I am going to get myself out of this funk and kill the rest of this week!! 😎🙅

And on another note, I want this Brevile Tea maker so much! But they are so pricy. Hard to justify the cost. Maybe for Christmas.

If anyone has it, comment below and let me know how much you love it.. or not?! Lol



Trying out a new Coffee House. Lots of yummy choices, but I will probably stick with my usual, an Americano. But if I were to venture out, the Reese’s Cup sounds very good. 

There are eight little cubbies to sit at. Each couple gets their own cubbie. It’s set up very private. 

An Americano. 

Interesting choice to display.

Sun food Super Greens Review

Sun food Super Greens Review:
This stuff is AMAZING!

I started taking this a week ago
I’ve tried many wheat grass/super greens type of products before. I’ve even grown my own grass before.. Wheat Grass! I mean. 😉

None of them have ever given me the clear mind and zest that this one has. 
I’m not the most healthiest eater. I want to be. I really do. I’ve tried to be a die-hard vegetarian on numerous occasions. 😐

And the best I’ve ever felt, both physically, and mentally, was the Summer I was a raw vegan. 

The only reason I stopped, was because it got too costly and none of my family was on boat with me. 
Hence, I’m always looking for something to add to my diet to keep me focused, and energized. 
That’s where this amazing stuff plays in!

The Vitamin Shop sells two sizes, 8oz and 16oz. The 8oz is $24.99 and the 16oz is $44.99.

You get a little more for your buck by buying the larger size. Which is what I did. 

I also bought some raw honey  to add to it. But then realized I really didn’t need it. It was sweet enough, due to the banana.

I’ve been using the recipe on the back of the package. Well, minus the 1/2 of avocado and yacon syrup.


8oz of Almond Milk (sometimes I add 12oz)

2 teaspoons of green powder

1 whole frozen banana

Blend & Drink!
The first day I drank this 3x

By the second day, I just felt all around better! 
Especially mentally. You know that foggy feeling that we sometimes get? Well, it disappeared! Completely!

When I run out, I plan on repurchasing this again. I think Target also sells it. Amazon has it too, but it cost more. 
The Vitamin shoppe has the best price. 
For me, the best part about this mix is that you are getting all your veggie servings that you need each day, by only taking it once per day. Of course if you need an afternoon ‘pick me up’ you can take another instead of a tea or coffeee. 😉

Not only that, it’s filled with your probiotics and digestive enzymes, for any tummy issues that you may encounter during the day by eating something ‘not so healthy’ 

As you get older your body doesn’t make the amount of enzymes it once had. This is why doctors sometimes prescribe enzymes to you. And probiotics are excellent for anyone!

Especially if you are ever on any antibiotics. You need to be putting the good bacteria back into your body to help fight illness and diseases.

Breakfast for Dinner tonight.

Sometimes the kids enjoy what we consider, a FUN dinner!

Tonight was one of those nights. Homemade waffles with a dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon…topped with strawberries, honey, and whipped cream. 

Over easy eggs and maple sausage. 

Russian tea to drink. (Which was something new I bought from Amazon. Hated it though. It tastes like a camp fire.) 

Has anyone ever tried Russian tea before? 

The Muffin Method

The Perfect muffin method!

I probably have made every type of muffin out there. The Joy of Baking website  has loads of yummy muffin  recipes to try.

I never had any complaints, and I will forever be my worst critic, I know!  I have always wanted to have a really high-rise muffin cap.  I have tried adding more baking powder, but never had much luck. Not until I noticed that Jenni, over on The Pastry site website had a muffin method!!  Not only a cake and cookie method, but there is a muffin method too!

I made two batches of  jumbo blueberry muffins the other day for breakfast. Can you tell which of the two I used the muffin method with?  Then, I used my own method (ala’ throw it all in the bowl, on one of them.)

Even the color is different! I used the same recipe for both.

Notice the one on the left is much smaller, not really much of a rise. Even the taste and crumb was different, even though the same exact recipe was used.

The inside of the muffins

My daughter made these cranberry ones yesterday using the muffin method. They were regular size muffins, which is why they are smaller, but the rise it still a pretty rise!

Pretty Cranberry Muffin!


Check out this cutsie little pretzel that my son gave me last night…Not sure if he found it that way, or ate it down in the shape of a heart, but when he handed it to me with an, “I LOVE YOU MOMMY!”  I melted!

Breakfast Anyone?

Love the way the steamed milk foams at the top!!

Today they are thrown on the plate, other days they are lined up by color!:o)~

And in case your wondering..what the heck are all those?

Here ya go!

Probably stuff the average person has never heard of!!

Enzymes!! Seaweed!!

Wheat Berries

My family just found out there is a Mormon dry foods cannery/store near by. You can order 100lbs of wheat for twenty dollars, dried foods by the case! You can even go and can your foods for free at their cannery. You just need to clean up after yourself and no kids are allowed in the canery. Simple enough!

They have a dry foods machine that you can use, along with a machine that cans foods in the number 10 cans. They sell the cans for only 80 cents each, and they last for 30 years! WOW! This is sooooo much better then canning with glass jars! Especialy for larger size families.

That said, I was able to do some wheat research with the kids today. I have heard of hard wheat and soft wheat, but really had no idea what the difference was. And yes, I have been grinding my own wheat for several years now.

Truth be told, I had no idea what a wheat berry was a few years ago. I have really come a long way! :o)
For some reason, I always thought that flour came from the plant. (already grinded) I had no idea there was a grinding step that you had to do first, before getting the powdery flour! lol

What is a Wheat Berry? – A wheat berry is a small seed in the “ear” of the wheat plant. There are more than 40 wheat berries on each stalk! It has three parts: germ, endosperm and bran. The berries are crushed by large granite stones in our mill to make whole wheat flour.


Classes of Wheat:

Spelt Berries– Spelt is very similar to wheat, but has a slightly nuttier, sweeter flavor. Spelt contains more protein than wheat, and the protein in spelt is easier to digest. People who are allergic to wheat may be able to tolerate spelt. My daughter happens to be one of these people. She is sensitive to Gluten, but is able to tolerate Spelt.

Kamut-This grain is two times larger than modern day wheat and is known for its rich nutty flavor.Kamut can be used in place of all the different wheats; the hard and soft varieties and also durum wheat.

Hard Red Winter Wheat– is the class of wheat used mostly for bread and all-purpose flour.
Hard Red Spring Wheat– contains the highest protein content (13­16.5%) is excellent bread wheat with superior milling and baking characteristics.

Soft Red Winter Wheat– is low to medium protein content, and is used to make cakes, pastries, flat breads, and crackers.
Hard White Wheat–  is closely related to red wheat except for the color genes and has a milder, sweeter flavor, equal fiber, and similar milling and baking qualities.

Soft White Wheat– is used much the same way as soft red wheat (for bakery products other than bread.)

 Durum Wheat– the hardest of all U.S. wheats, is good for pastas:  macaroni, spaghetti, and other noodles that you would make from scratch.

 What I also found rather neat, is that you can cook up wheat berries like you would rice, or oatmeal. You can serve this  high protein breakfast. Drizzeled with honey, or maple syrup.

High Protein Breakfast

  • 1/3 cup dry oats
  • 1/3 cup wheat berries
  • 1 sliced banana
  • 1/3 cup soy,almond or regular milk


  • 1  scoop of almond, or peanut butter

1.Soak wheat berries over night in plainwater to make them cook faster the next morning.

2.Cook your wheat berries and oatmeal together on the stove as your would plain old oatmeal.

3.Lastly,stir in your toppings!

So there ya have it! Go out and get yourself some wheat berries today!!!

Potato Pancakes ~Hash Browns

We were getting down to the nitty gritty regarding food this past week, so I decided to make something that I have not made for over a year. Potato Pancakes. Some people call them hash browns. They are super easy to make and can feed a hungry family in less then 30 mins.

Gather the ingredients

1. 4 potatoes

2.Olive oil spray for the griddle

3. 2 Eggs

4.Minced Onion

5.Minced Garlic

Shred them up!

Mix in the ingredients

Spray the Griddle

You can fry these too, if you are not doing the healthy thing! lol I am sure they will get crisper and taste better..But….

Son looks on, while they are cooking.

Flip them until golden brown

And serve!!!!

It is really that simple!

You can play around with it, tweak it to suit your tast buds! These would be great served with eggs.