Freedom to Choose

While vaccines may have had their place years ago when sanitation and overall hygiene were issues, many of these ‘so called’ life threatening childhood illnesses have ceased.

But not solely because vaccines were developed, but living conditions improved. We never mention how much living conditions have improved.

I am of the generation that had measles, mumps, and the pox. Just to name a few.

These were considered normal childhood illnesses. Not life threatening diseases. As they are today. Interesting to think upon.

Personally, I am in the mind frame for building healthy immune systems from day one.

Not injecting numerous vaccines, along with foreign substances into otherwise, healthy, happy newborns; from day one.

I have issues with doctors telling me that side effects are slim to non, and not to be ‘one of those parents’

Yet, these very doctors, make me sign a form stating that if my child has a side effect that proves lethal, or takes their life, they will NOT be held responsible. As I’m complying with this by signing a form.

I am signing a paper that states if my child dies, or inquires a side effect that ends their life, then the doctor/practice, will NOT be held responsible.

I’m sorry, but I am not willing to gamble with my child’s life ever again.(more on that later)

For all the hype that parents have given me throughout the years, insisting that my child is a walking time bomb, because he/she has not been vaccinated, proves little faith in their child who HAS been vaccinated. I think that’s worth noting.

My child is NOT carrying any virus, where live vaccines are concerned, if anything, it is the other way around. You just lowered your healthy child’s immune system by injecting it with a live/weakened virus! One that needs to, oftentimes be repeated through out the years. Until age 12.

Yet, most are never concerned about any side effects. Well, until their child almost dies.

That is when my blinders came off.

People perish for lack of knowledge, or so its written. Why not investigate who is exactly benefiting from mass market vaccines. If nothing else.

It may surprise you.

In the very least, open your mind.

Not everyone has your child at best interest.

My children will not be a gueni pigs in mast market herd vaccinations. It is MY choice to refuse this CHOICE.

Much like it is YOUR choice for an abortion. Not to open that Pandora’s box. But to make a point.

We live in a society that insists on freedom to choose.

I will respect your freedom TO CHOOSE, but I will demand the same curiosity.

In conclusion, I have had my daughter almost die after getting a combined DTaP vaccine.

Back in the days I was a ‘no questions asked’ sorta person. I went along with what everyone else did. I did not think I had a voice or choice.

So when it came time for my daughter to have her next round of shots, I signed a paper stating, that if anything were to happen to her, it would release my doctor of any lawsuits.

Within six hours of getting her COMBO shot, she had a fever, which I was told would be normal.

After all, Fever is our body’s natural immune response to infection, diseases, etc.

So as the doctor instructed, I gave my daughter some Tylenol and went to bed.

I woke up to hear my baby crying and vomiting in her crib. She could not be comforted.

She was also breaking out with a rash all over her body. Something was definitely not right.

I took her to the ER, where they told me that it ‘could’ have been a side effect from the vaccines, but who could say.

Long story short. She was in the hospital for two weeks hooked up to feeding tubes because of her side effects. She was also having trouble breathing on her own.

It was a sight that no mother should have to see.

And they could not tell me whether it WAS, or WASN’T a side effect to an otherwise healthy baby.

But one thing is certain, she was never the same since that day. Something terribly wrong happen to her immune system.

And as a mother, I can not ever forget that I almost lost my precious baby.

Call it as you may, but herd immunity is nothing more than an antiquated theory, and not something that is actually protecting our kids form deadly infections. It’s not.

Herd immunity Definition:

Herd immunity is said to serve as a human shield. A type of immunity – for “at-risk” individuals. But remember, it’s only a hypothesis.

Food for thought:

Just as hand washing has saved millions from infant mortality in hospital settings, healthy habits minimize exposure and boost our natural defenses. It IS a fact!

The science supporting this won the Nobel Prize in 2011! Check it out!


Have you ever Oil Pulled?

Have you ever Oil Pulled?

Ok, so this past week I have been studying Oil Pulling and feel comfortable enough to start trying it at home. Some of you may not know what Oil pulling is….Let me share it with you.:o)

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that’s becoming very popular for dental and gum health. All mouth-related problems will benefit from this simple procedure known as “oil pulling”.

What you need to get started:

1.Unrefined, cold-pressed sesame oil or sunflower oil

 2.Unscented pure vegetable oil soap (without added glycerin) like Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap (peppermint is good) or a pure olive oil bar soap known as “Tooth Soap”.

First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, take 1 tablespoon of oil in the mouth, and swish and pull it through the teeth gently, not vigorously, for 10 minutes. It will turn white when it is time to spit it out. Remember to spit it in the trash or toilet..It will be filled with yucky toxins, so don’t spit it in your sink. You also don’t want oil down your drain!! It will turn white, much the way peroxide does in your mouth. Some folks do this daily and find themselves feeling completly rejunivated afterwards….It can’t and won’t hurt you in any you can do this daily..or after getting dental work done, or if you have any cold sores,strep, etc.

 Ok, so you now have spit the yucky germ filled oil out of your mouth…Now you need to clean your teeth. If you do not feel comfortable using a olive oil based SOAP-then use a baking soda tooth paste or homemade tooth powder will be fine. Don’t freak out at the thought of swiping your tooth brush on a bar of soap..because it will not foam and lather up nearly as much as your comercial tooth paste does!!!

Some folks say that they are asked if they are wearing tooth veneers, because after a couple weeks their teeth get so white! What a bonus!! I’ll let you know if my teeth get whiter! :o)