North Myrtle Beach

Today was Day two of our vacation.

There is something about having a “free” trip that makes it more enjoyable I think. The resort we are staying at is just beautiful. So many amenities.

It’s suppose to be in the 80’s all week. I already have a sunburn. Unfortunately.

The kids are all so excited! It’s so nice seeing everyone enjoy themselves. I only wish that all our kids were here.

Here are a few snapshots of the day.

Very cool store where everything in it is Purple.
Barefoot Landing, North Myrtle Beach

Tropical Storm Zeta

I woke up to what I thought was going to be a productive day. I even made a list!

But then it got dark and stormy and we lost power eight hours ago.

So no waffles or doing the laundry today.

I called Bojangles and asked if they had any chicken and they thought I was kidding.

We took the drive and they said sorry, no power. So, no chicken!

We drove to another town and ordered Bojangles, only to be told it was cash only. The same thing happened last month at Chipotle. Cash only! yes. First world problems. I know.

Back at home and it’s nearly eighty degrees in the house. The storm is over but still no power or any info on when it will be returning. We also had a bunch of shingles fly off our roof. Home owners insurance is a joke, given the deductible, so it looks like we will be paying out of pocket like we did last year when the AC flooded the back room.

Here are a few snapshots that I took.

The Last Time I…

The last time I went thrifting for work was on March 22, 2020

The last time I went out to eat was on March 3, 2020

The last time I went out to the mall was on February 24, 2020

The last time I went to a Walmart was March 16, 2020

The last time I was at a church building was on March 4, 2020

The last time I did a grocery shopping order was on March 27, 2020

Your turn….catered to places you normally go..

Going Brunette For A Year

This was actually an accident, but I decided to just go with it.

I went off to buy my usual auburn hair color at a discount store, Ollie’s.

I need to cover up my grays every few weeks now. *sigh*

Anyhoo, I noticed the L’Oréal box had been taped up, but paused for only a moment to make the observation, before tossing it in my cart.

I got home and opened it, only to find that it was a totally different brand of hair color. Clairol, Nice & Easy.

I could not find the color name or number on the tube, so decided to just go for it! I mean why not?! I’m adventurous!

As soon as I mixed the color I noticed it was definitely not my usual color. But while mixed, it definitely didn’t look black.

I put it all over my head, and set the timer for 35 minutes.

My kids came out to where I was sitting, and gave me a strange look. My daughter asked me to go look in the mirror..

And then…

Woah! Wowser!

This was different. I began to rinse it out and then noticed that this was not just black, this was Jet Black! I went ahead and blew dry it.

I couldn’t desire whether I looked more like Elvira or the lady from the Munsters…

I panicked before thinking that this could be fun. I’ve been blonde, Brown, before…

Of course most of my life I’ve been Red, so I have never felt like myself with any other color…

I’m on day three. I dyed my eyebrows to match last night. (Picture two) yes, they need to fade some.

Somehow, the red brows were not making me feel like I could pull this brunette business off, as natural.

I still feel not so natural. And getting ready in the morning takes twice as long, because being so white again, requires more makeup with this hair. But other then that, it’s been fine.

I defined feel as people are more friendly.

We will see how it goes…

#thelittlethings 😊

Going to Poshfest!

This year Poshmarks Poshfest will be held in Dallas,TX

I’m taking my daughter for her Birthday.

If any other Poshers come across this post, and have also managed to get tickets, please leave a message below. I’d love to formally meet you. 😀

I’m still unsure wheat hotel to book with. 🤔🤓

Ebay buyers who Stalk

Shortly after I became a Christian, I started praying for patience. It’s not something I would suggest anyone to pray for..but I did. During that time I went through a lot with dealing with people. I try extra hard to see everyone how the Lord sees them. Through his lens.

We don’t know everyone’s circumstances. We don’t walk in their shoes. We can’t always judge a book by its cover. You get the point. 

But sometimes; especially recently, it’s been a hard pill for me to swallow. I guess I still fall short. As I still get flustered.

But I’m never going to pray for paitence ever again. *grin*

I haven’t had too many bad apples this past year on eBay, but in the past four weeks, a particular lady has really irked me.

So much, that I finally just blocked her. About a hour ago.

I love that you can block ebayers. The only thing is…that I wish they couldn’t private message you once blocked. They can! 😐

They just can’t bid/buy any of your items. And eBay tells them that they are blocked. 😳

And I should mention, as an eBay  store seller, if you don’t reply back to private messages, it goes against you.

Back story: 

Last month I found my first plus size 8x cardigan. It was sparkly, and well… Large! Very!

I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but I figured that it may be something that I could flip for over $50, so I bought it. It cost me $5. I listed it for $70

It was new with tags, so it didn’t need much preparation. I snapped a few pictures, added some measurements, and put it right up for sale.

That evening my phone went off at midnight.

A lady asked me if it really was a plus size 8x.

I responded to her right away. Yes. Yes it was.

12:15am she asked for measurements.

I told her that they are in the description, then I screen shot them for her. (I know, not very professional. But I was in bed. Tired.)

I thought that was the end of it but then I woke up to two more messages from her.

1. Are you sure this cardigan will fit me? What if it’s too small?

2. What are your return policies?
Again, I replied back to her.
Then I had several days of not hearing from her.

Then she messaged me once again, and told me that she will buy it now, but she will pay me in two weeks when she has the money.

(Not exactly buying it tomorrow)

I replied back to her that that was not an option.

Again, a few days passed.

Then she messaged me again and asked for more pictures. Ebay allows 12 pictures per item, so that what I took. I couldn’t imagine what other pictures I could possibly take, but wanted to keep good customer service, so I unwrapped the already wrapped cardigan, and took six more pictures of it. Then I messaged them directly to her.

Later that night she replied that the cardigan now looks smaller then the pictures that are in the auction listing, and why is that.
I replied to her that the first group of pictures were taken with the cardigan on a hanger, but the second bunch were taken as ‘flat lays’

Meaning, I laid it on the floor and stood on a chair and took them straight give her different views.

Otherwise they would have looked the same as the pictures in the listing.
She replied back and asked if I’d take any less for the cardigan.

I replied back no, that I’m sorry but the price is firm.

She then told me that she’s on a fixed income, and that is why she’s asking.

I then sent her to the actual website that sells the cardigans, and added that there are many similar ones in all sizes, that are on clearance now. Which was the truth because I went to the site and checked myself. You can buy up to 10x.

She then replied back to me and told me that she wants the one that I have listed. Not something similar.

I then needed a breather and ignored her.

The next day I thought I was in the clear.
But I guess that me not responding back to her right away, upset her. She asked me why I didn’t reply back to her the previous night.

That, is when I should have taken the points against my account and not replied back to her. She’s a stranger to me. I do not own her an explanation. 😔

But I didn’t. Instead,  I lied and told her I’ve been busy working. Which is always true. I am always busy now… but it takes only a second to reply back to someone… So, I lied..

A couple days passed. I thought she was gone. But nope! 

She messaged me in detail about the wedding that she needs to attend..

I replied back okay. 

What was I suppose to respond back? She’s not a friend.

She then messaged me to say that she really needs something for the wedding but simply doesn’t know if the cardigan will be too small or not.

By this point I was ready to tell her that I’d decided to keep the dang cardigan and use it for a blanket, or a table cloth… or maybe make a sparkly tent fit for a king!

I know.. I’m sounding like a big meany.. but I was at breaking point.

So I sent her the measurements yet again, and told her to measure a current jacket and compare the measurements.
She responded that she doesn’t have a measuring tape and really needs the cardigan.

And told me that pay day was in a few days.

She also added.. that she’s on state assistance.

I didn’t reply back. This is irrelevant to me. Business is business. I already went out of my way and sent her to the site to purchase one cheaper.

The weekend came and she told me that she now has the money and will just do the Buy Now’ Option.

I told her okay, sounds good.

And I even added a smile emoji.

But a week went by and she didn’t buy it, so I figured she changed her mind. Which I was delighted!

But no…

It was midnight when my phone went off again.

She asked me if the fabric was forgiving, and did it have a lot of stretch to it.

I replied back that it did… and added the exact fabric content. (Which was also in the listing.)

The next day she replied back that she’s going to pass on it.

That was music to my ears! I even opened a bottle of wine to celebrate. I was that happy! 

That was the end of this month long headache.

But it wasn’t…

Last night at midnight she messaged me again and told me that she really needs the cardigan for a wedding in two weeks.

Before I could reply back, she messaged me and asked what my return policy was again. That she’d forgotten.

I replied. Then went to bed hoping that I wouldn’t have nightmares of her.. or that dumb cardigan which I now resented. In fact, maybe it needs to be cut up for rags! 

This morning she messaged me for more pictures.

I told her no, that the cardigan is already in a poly bag shipper once again.

Then.. I had a very bad feeling that she was going to buy it, wear it to the weddjng, and then return it. Ding! Ding! Ding! 

So I added her to my eBay blocked list.

Apparently,  she went to buy it but eBay sent her this message—

And that is the message she sent me.

Then she sent me this one:

I told her that I took it down because I sold it to a friend and that she may want to consider the website that has them on sale right now. Cheaper then what  I’m listing mine for…. And to take care… and I hope she finds what she needs.

Bam! Done!

Or so I thought…..




And here it is… 3:30pm

I have not heard back from her..

Praise the Lord!

Testimony & Weekend Sales

The month of August, I had a 22% drop in sales. It happened last year too. My guess, is that everyone’s extra money goes to school supplies, etc. 

Totally understandable, too. 

I was standing in line at Walmart a few weeks ago, and a there was a lady behind me who I felt called to give money too. I did not see her, I just heard her voice. 

I’m positive it was the holy spirits lead, as I did not know what the lady behind me looked like, or who she was, etc. I didn’t even know if she was a teacher. But I distinctly heard the Lord tell me me to turn around and give her all the cash I had. Not too much, as I rarely carry cash with me.  But I had taken out $30 the previous day, Not knowing why…

As I turned around to see who this lady was I heard her continuong on..talking to her kids, but I currently had no other details about her life.

I watched for a few seconds, as she begun taking a bunch of school supplies from her cart. I then noticed that her kids did not seem to be ‘school age’

So I reached in my purse and pulled out the money and asked her if she would mind if I helped out with all of that…(school supplies)

She told me that she had money to pay for it. That I was fine.

I asked her if she was a teacher. She said yes! 3rd grade. I told her that it would mean a lot to me if she would take the money. She smiled and said alright, and then thanked me…. then she thanked me several more  times, and shared that the stuff was for her class, and that it was going to be her first full time teaching job. I then cashed out, wished her luck, and left the store.

As I am getting older, I’m reallly recognizing the Lords voice to me, more and more.. it’s a wonderful feeling when you directly hear the Lord speaking to you and you are able to respond. Amen!

Getting back to my sales

Even with my sales down last month, I didn’t fret, and continued to pick up cheap yard sale finds for the next couple months, in conjunction to my weekly thrift hauls. 

I tend to put 20% back into the reselling business each week. God has been so faithful in providing and guiding..
So tonight I’m sitting here with a smile on my face… feeling very happy that with this weekend sales alone, it cover the cost of two of my kids Christmas gifts.

My son is getting a Kindle upgrade, and my daughter is getting a keyboard like her sisters.

I was also able to spruce up the house with a few needed things.

What did I sell over the weekend:

Two pairs of shoes. 

Two Halloween costumes.

A new SpongeBob Halloween DVD

And two blouses.

I have twenty more than myself to list this coming week, which were unplanned freebies, which will be 100% profit.

Did I mention how fauthfulnthe Lord is?! ❤️

#9 Another Day

Today was a good day. So exhausting though. 

I had to do a double day of school with the kids yesterday because we all had dentist appointments this morning. 
So yesterdays school session ended at 9pm. 

I then worked till midnight. 
Then went to bed at a bit after midnight. 

This morning I was up at 5:30, to get everyone ready for the dentist. 
We are generally there the whole morning. 
I didn’t have time for my morning pep talk, but did manage to spend the first 15 minutes in prayer. That never seems like enough time though. 
I have been trying to motivate myself with morning pep talks lately. 
“You are Wonder Woman”

“You are Super Girl”

“You are the Beast-master”

“You can crush anything!”

“You have your hustle on!”

“You can do this!”



So by motivation, I really mean waking up ‘excited, not grumpy’ Mind over matter pep talks. They haven’t worked yet, but I’m not a quitter. 😉

It has been a life long struggle to wake up early, yet in a good mood. 

~After the dentist I had a friend pick me and my oldest daughter up for lunch. 
Then afterwards we headed to the outlets. 
I found a very nice pair of Tory Burches for $4.29. I should be able to flip them them for $60

I also found a pair of Minnatonkas for $4.29.They will only go for $30 though.

 I found some Jack Rogers that will go for $50. Some Uggs. 

And some assorted name brand clothing items, along with a few vintage items. 

Very productive day..

Treasure Island Beach

Ubur has been a great way to get around the city. Today we spent the day at the beach… The beach was very clean, and the seagulls were very friendly. However, they did not like my kale bar. Go figure. 😏

That said…. all I wanted was a lil’ color. I used sunscreen twice even…. *sigh*

Annual Company Party

Last night was DH’s company party. No theme this year. Casual dress.

One of the ladies told me that it was because the millennials were the ones who orchestrated it. Haha!
Dinner was pretty casual too: BBQ, tater salad, cole slaw,beans,hush puppies, and dinner rolls.

Desserts: Peach Cobbler and Banana Pudding.
Drinks: wine, beer,sweet tea, lemon water.

I had planned to dress up. I really did!
I also allowed myself five hours to get ready.

I wanted to color my hair, give myself a facial, self tan, do a mad smoky eye, and then try a half dozen outfits on. *grin*

Well, I did half of all that. 😐
Then I decided to be comfortable by wearing leggings and an oversized sweater…

They were my expensive leggings, so I felt sort of dressy. I also wore a vintage sweater.;)
I paired the outfit with vintage Avon jewelry and kitten heels.

My makeup was very neutral, as I did a smoky eye at first, then wiped it all off because I wanted my eyes to compliment my handbag. (Don’t ask) lol

We arrived at the country club by 5pm. First they took couples pictures, and then you could order some beer or wine and view all the prizes.

Here was the wall of prizes.

They gave six tickets per couple, and then you had the opportunity to earn more by playing at the casino.

As you can see, we won a heap more.

I really wanted to win the record player. It would have given me a reason to buy some old LP’s.
Dh wanted to win the Go-Pro camera.
I thought about putting a few tickets into the Amusement water park, but it was only for four tickets this year, so that just wouldn’t work.
Many of the prizes were for things we already had. Oddly.

Cool mist Humidifier, knife set, fancy blender, Rachel Ray Pots and Pans, Guitar, aromatherapy oils, makeup kit, The shark floor cleaner, wireless speakers, wireless headphones, phone charger, 32″ Smart TV, fit-bit..

There was also a set of two Yeti tumblers. I thought those were the funniest gifts.

I mean seriously, who in the world invented these things?! And more importantly, why?! Why do you need your water to stay cold for 24 hours? If it takes you that long to drink it….please, just give up. 🤣
I had the lady next to be laughing so hard… she also thought they are dumb. (So sorry if you have one and love it.)

I told her that perhaps they would be good for hiking. She said, sure, because having an extra large heavy tumbler in your back pack is always a great idea.

So I told her that you could just leave the first aid kit at home.. because hey! At least you have your Yeti! So silly!

There was also a jar for a 1,2, and 3 day paid vacation. DH is never interested in those though. As he’s been there long enough and has plenty of PV.

But nearly everyone else was trying to win days off.
DH put his tickets in for the camera and I put a bunch in for the record player.

Oh! And a few in for this virtual mask thing. Which is a good thing I didn’t win, because it would not have fit an iPhone plus.

Then I had one measly ticket left, and couldn’t decide where to place it, so I threw it in for the Micheal Kors clutch.

And wouldn’t ya know, that is what I ended up winning.
I have so many nice bags, but figured.. what the heck..

Here it is:

Other snapshots from the evening…

Open Bar

Table set up with gift bags.

This simple water a d tea set up was just pretty too me.
And there you have it..the end of another day in the life…;)~

I hope everyone had a Great weekend!

Meanwhile, the kids were at Winterjam!