Another Day

Today was a good day. So exhausting though. 

I had to do a double day of school with the kids yesterday because we all had dentist appointments this morning. 
So yesterdays school session ended at 9pm. 

I then worked till midnight. 
Then went to bed at a bit after midnight. 

This morning I was up at 5:30, to get everyone ready for the dentist. 
We are generally there the whole morning. 
I didn’t have time for my morning pep talk, but did manage to spend the first 15 minutes in prayer. That never seems like enough time though. 
I have been trying to motivate myself with morning pep talks lately. 
“You are Wonder Woman”

“You are Super Girl”

“You are the Beast-master”

“You can crush anything!”

“You have your hustle on!”

“You can do this!”



So by motivation, I really mean waking up ‘excited, not grumpy’ Mind over matter pep talks. They haven’t worked yet, but I’m not a quitter. 😉

It has been a life long struggle to wake up early, yet in a good mood. 

~After the dentist I had a friend pick me and my oldest daughter up for lunch. 
Then afterwards we headed to the outlets. 
I found a very nice pair of Tory Burches for $4.29. I should be able to flip them them for $60

I also found a pair of Minnatonkas for $4.29.They will only go for $30 though.

 I found some Jack Rogers that will go for $50. Some Uggs. 

And some assorted name brand clothing items, along with a few vintage items. 

Very productive day..


Treasure Island Beach

Ubur has been a great way to get around the city. Today we spent the day at the beach… The beach was very clean, and the seagulls were very friendly. However, they did not like my kale bar. Go figure. 😏

That said…. all I wanted was a lil’ color. I used sunscreen twice even…. *sigh*

Annual Company Party

Last night was DH’s company party. No theme this year. Casual dress.

One of the ladies told me that it was because the millennials were the ones who orchestrated it. Haha!
Dinner was pretty casual too: BBQ, tater salad, cole slaw,beans,hush puppies, and dinner rolls.

Desserts: Peach Cobbler and Banana Pudding.
Drinks: wine, beer,sweet tea, lemon water.

I had planned to dress up. I really did!
I also allowed myself five hours to get ready.

I wanted to color my hair, give myself a facial, self tan, do a mad smoky eye, and then try a half dozen outfits on. *grin*

Well, I did half of all that. 😐
Then I decided to be comfortable by wearing leggings and an oversized sweater…

They were my expensive leggings, so I felt sort of dressy. I also wore a vintage sweater.;)
I paired the outfit with vintage Avon jewelry and kitten heels.

My makeup was very neutral, as I did a smoky eye at first, then wiped it all off because I wanted my eyes to compliment my handbag. (Don’t ask) lol

We arrived at the country club by 5pm. First they took couples pictures, and then you could order some beer or wine and view all the prizes.

Here was the wall of prizes.

They gave six tickets per couple, and then you had the opportunity to earn more by playing at the casino.

As you can see, we won a heap more.

I really wanted to win the record player. It would have given me a reason to buy some old LP’s.
Dh wanted to win the Go-Pro camera.
I thought about putting a few tickets into the Amusement water park, but it was only for four tickets this year, so that just wouldn’t work.
Many of the prizes were for things we already had. Oddly.

Cool mist Humidifier, knife set, fancy blender, Rachel Ray Pots and Pans, Guitar, aromatherapy oils, makeup kit, The shark floor cleaner, wireless speakers, wireless headphones, phone charger, 32″ Smart TV, fit-bit..

There was also a set of two Yeti tumblers. I thought those were the funniest gifts.

I mean seriously, who in the world invented these things?! And more importantly, why?! Why do you need your water to stay cold for 24 hours? If it takes you that long to drink it….please, just give up. 🤣
I had the lady next to be laughing so hard… she also thought they are dumb. (So sorry if you have one and love it.)

I told her that perhaps they would be good for hiking. She said, sure, because having an extra large heavy tumbler in your back pack is always a great idea.

So I told her that you could just leave the first aid kit at home.. because hey! At least you have your Yeti! So silly!

There was also a jar for a 1,2, and 3 day paid vacation. DH is never interested in those though. As he’s been there long enough and has plenty of PV.

But nearly everyone else was trying to win days off.
DH put his tickets in for the camera and I put a bunch in for the record player.

Oh! And a few in for this virtual mask thing. Which is a good thing I didn’t win, because it would not have fit an iPhone plus.

Then I had one measly ticket left, and couldn’t decide where to place it, so I threw it in for the Micheal Kors clutch.

And wouldn’t ya know, that is what I ended up winning.
I have so many nice bags, but figured.. what the heck..

Here it is:

Other snapshots from the evening…

Open Bar

Table set up with gift bags.

This simple water a d tea set up was just pretty too me.
And there you have it..the end of another day in the life…;)~

I hope everyone had a Great weekend!

Meanwhile, the kids were at Winterjam!