Conversations December 3, 2022

While Out to Supper
(45 minute wait)

One of the Couples waiting next to us.

40’s something Man: “Is this place alright?”
40’s something Woman: “As long as there is a bar, I’m good!”

40’s something Man: “Do you want to sit down here to wait for an opening, or wait in the bar?”
40’s something Woman:”No. I’m a leaner. I’m fine to stand.”

40’s something Man:” Have you been using the dating app frequently?”
40’s something Woman:”Only when I’m hungry. Ha! Or thirsty.”

40’s something Man:”Okay then. Let’s go over to the bar side and order a drink for you.”
40’s something Woman:”Thought you’d never ask!”

40’s something Man: “I like how the bar is separated from the good side.”
40’s something Woman: “On her phone.. not paying attention.”
40’s something Man:”I say I like how this place is separated. You?”
40’s something Woman: “Yeah. It’s nice. Let’s go have that drink now. I have another date later.”

And they both walked off to the bar side of the restaurant.

I wonder how his evening went. 😱

I think I can understand why there are so many older, single people nowadays…😔


Conversations November 30th

At the YMCA

Two older men

Man 1: “Hey, how you doing today?”

Man 2: “Pretty good brother, pretty good. God is good. I am 67 today.”

Man 1: “Really, you look Great! You don’t not look a day over 50! What’s your secret?”

Man 2: “Working out, have to do it, even when you don’t want to. I have great health! No meds at all! Best shape of my life!”

Man 1: “Mind if I workout with you today?

Man 2; “Sure! As long as you can keep up!”

Both laugh and start working out.

Conversations November 12, 2022


Lady #1: How does my jaw look?

Lady #2: Don’t worry about it, you can barely tell. No one is going to say anything.

Lady #1: I hope not!

Gym Locker Room

Lady #1: It smells so good in here.

Lady #2: It does. Nothing like the other day when it smelled like farts.

Lady #1: That is so true. Let’s do a workout and then spin class. I need to burn some calories.

Lady #2: Are we still going out for pizza afterwards?

Lady #1: Of course!

Conversations October 10, 2022


Cashier to me:
“How are you doing this evening?”

Me: “Good, and you?”

Cashier: “Amazing! My husband finally left me. I’ve been waiting fifteen years. Finally, at 62, he’s gone. I wake up happy every day now.”

Lady behind me: “You too huh? Mine asked me for a divorce and I screamed YES! I was hoping he’d leave for years. So much better being single at 56.

Cashier: “I’ve beat cancer twice, and now with my husband gone, I can really start enjoying life and not having to put up with him. Life is amazing!”

Lady behind me to me: “Yes, life is much better in the later years being single.
How old are you? Are you married? Happily?”

Such an odd conversation. 😳

Conversations October 3, 2022

At the YMCA


“How was your music lesson today?”

“Good. I had fun. I love to sing.”

“That’s good. Your mommy will be happy to hear that. We have your swimming lesson finished now, so let’s get your leotard and Tutu on and get ready for your dance lesson.”

“Yay! I’m ready.”

“You certainly are honey. You will be a pro at everything before your sixth birthday!”

Conversations September 27,2022

In The gym Locker Room

Lady #1 “So you are not going camping with your family this weekend then?”

Lady #2 “No. we are going to postpone it.”

Lady #1 “Well then, can we expect to see you at church this Sunday then? No one is keeping track, but it has been a few weeks dear.”

Lady #2 “You just may.”

Lady #1 “Well I will let the good Lord know that you said maybe.”

Lady #2 “You do that.”

Conversations September 22, 2022

I spent three hours at the nail salon yesterday.
I thought it would be a nice relaxing visit.

I was wrong.

Man talking to the lady giving him his pedicure:
“I went to school with the lady but never met her. Found her in my year book though. We had a virtual high school reunion a while back and got to talking. I flew here to meet. We are going out tonight, which is why I’m getting my feet in shape.”

Lady: “So nice. You will have a good time. You going to move here?”

Man: “I don’t know. I have been in Tampa, Florida for thirty years now.”

Me: “Tampa is beautiful. I was just down there visiting my mom a few months ago.”

Man: “Where does your mom live?”

Me:” St Pete. I took my kids to Tampa to site see. We went to the aquarium and the battle ship. And I was able to point out those mega mansions over on the island. That is where the Buccaneers live, supposedly.”

Man: “Yes, my neighbors. I live on that island.”

Lady working on his feet: “So you have mansion too?”

Man: “I did well for myself. Retired five years ago and mostly travel now.”

Lady:”Maybe you will marry this lady you went to high school with and you bring her to your mansion. Or you sell and move here to be with her.”

Me:”Don’t sell your house. If it works out with your friend, she will want to move there.”

Then we all laughed.

Two very loud women walk in with a little boy.

Lady 1: “Is there someone in this joint to fix my dam* nail?”

Worker: “You sit and we take care of you in a bit.”

Lady 2: “I want a gel set!”

Worker: “You sit too.”

Lady 2:”This candy free?”

Opens container on the counter to take a full size Twix candy bar out to give to her grandson.”

Worker: “No $1 for candy.”

Lady 1: “Nah, it’s free. Where’s the dam* remote control. No one wants to listen to The Voice in here!”

Turns to the row where I’m soaking my feet.-
“You wanna listen to the Voice?”

Me:”I don’t care what’s on.”

Lady 1: “Okay, let’s put my password in and hook up Philo. There. Imma gonna leave my information in your TV so you can have something good playing.”

Lady doing the man next to me feet- “Sorry”

Man: “They are not from here I bet.”

Little boy runs up to where we are sitting and says hello.

Both ladies scold him.

Lady 1 to boy:”I know you miss your mom baby, but she’s dead and never coming back.”

Me: “What???”

Lady 2: “His mom killed herself a few months back. Drugs. My oldest son Is doing the best he can.
Moved here to get away from the drama.”

Me: “New York?”

Ladies: “How’d you know. I’d move back in a hot minute, but our two bedroom that was only $1500 a month in 2020, went up to $2800 a month. Hate this place! Mainly the schools. They don’t let you fight it out like back home.”

Lady 2’s phone rings.

“What the H*** do you want me to do about it? Let them fight!”

Lady 2 ends the call.

Lady 1: “The school again?”
Lady 2: “Yeah. Just let them fight. What a bunch of sappy whimps they have at these schools down here.”

Lady 1 to Lady 2: “Are we getting drunk tonight or should we wait until Saturday again?”

Lady 2: “ I think we should wait until Saturday, but start earlier then last week because I was still hung over last Sunday at church. Don’t remember anything the preacher talked about.”

Lady 1: “You didn’t miss much. They mostly talked about giving. They took money for the building fund. I was asking what building fund? It’s a new church. But you know who, told me that you should always tithe to a fund so the preacher can’t get his hands on it.”

Lady 2: “Truth right there. I tell you it’s culture shock down here. I just hate it!”

Lady 2: “That’s my phone again. The school. Leave me the H*** alone!”

Lady 1: “ You are too nice. Forget about our nails, let’s go to the school and get him. Let me talk to the teacher and principal and straighten them out. Kids need to learn to fight it out for themselves.”

Lady 2 turns to me: “What do you think? Also, where you from? New York too?”

Me: “I’m From Massachusetts.” “Is he in high school?”

Lady 1: “No. across the street right over there. Middle school.”

Me: “ So fighting in middle school?”

Lady 2: “This one boy called my son a N**** and then spit on his Nikes.”

Lady 1: “So her son punched him and he gets suspended!” “Let’s leave right now so I can go take care of this once and for all!”

Ladies and little boy get up and say they will be back in a hour.

Workers all apologized to the rest of us, as the ladies that left kept cussing, too.
Then one changed the TV back to The Voice.

Conversations August 20, 2022

Thrift Store Conversation:

Black lady to Hispanic Lady:

“You are not planning on styling that together are you? Looks awful! Here, move over and let me help you. What size are you? You look big boned. Extra Large perhaps? What about something like this? If you are going to come to the states to live, at least learn how to dress.”

Hispanic lady remained quiet and shook her head yes and no, when the rude stranger was holding things up to her.

Several isles over-

Twenty something gal to her, I’m assuming, Gay Best Friend:
“None of these dresses fit because my chest is too large! At this point I’m going to show up as a guest with nothing on at all.”

Best Friend: “There is a procedure for that. Get rid of those atrocious things! And please keep your clothes on. No one wants to see all of that.”

Super Market-

Cashier to the lady in front of me: “ I’m sorry we do not take that old money.”

Customer: “These are silver dollars and half dollars.”

Customer: “Let me speak to the manager.”

Cashier: “Yeah. But no, I’m sorry.”

Cashier called manager over.

Manger:”I’m sorry ma’am, we do not take coin dollars, or half dollars.”

Customer: “But this is all the money I have.”
Manager: “Sorry. We can hold your food for you if you want to come back.”

Customer to Manager shared sone choice words, and then left empty handed.

Conversations July 18, 2022

Thrift Store

Lady on her cell: “Amen to that sister. Yes, I agree. I also found out who the real Christian’s were during Covid.”

“I had a lady not wanting to hug me because I did not have a mask on. I was like, you get your behind over here and give me a hug girl!”

“Fear. And you know what the word says about fear. I agree. If it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go. I will not walk around in fear. In todays world everyone is so fearful. They don’t want to do this or that. Scared of their own shadow. I’m living my life, not just sitting and waiting to die. You want to to sit and wait to die, go right ahead, but do not insist that the rest of us walk around in zombie land.”