A cute little lamb that my daughter made for a friends new baby.

A Truck!

A Bear!

A Boat!

A Truck!

Some Bread kneading!

Rolls instead of bread! Bakes faster.


Doll that my daughter made from a leftover corn husk

Corn husk Doll

Knitted barbie rugs that my daughter made.

Tic-Tac Toe game that my daughter made for my sons birthday present.

The pieces fit inside the game. I love this!

Sons car collection :o)

Sons room all clean!

SOme homemade soup that my daughter made for me while I was indisposed.

The goats eating earlier today.

Some pretty trees in front of our house.

An adorable Polar Bear that my daughter just finished.

Math Class with my son!

All homemade barbie outfits that my daughters sew up for their sisters.

Homemade dress, hat and shawl.

Proper attire for Miss. Barbie and her beau!!

A Sears 1930's Preasure Canner from a local antique store!

That is all! Any questions about any of the pictures. Please comment below.:o)


My Daughters Knitting & Crocheting work

Polar Bear!

The pieces are stores in the game, like an envelope.

Tic-Tac Toe Game $15.00 free shipping

Polar Bear $10.00 Free shipping


Both my daughters love to knit & crochet. Last year they started selling some of their work. Here are some cute things that they have made and others they have sold.