It’s 81 degrees outside today! The kids are playing on the trampoline outside, but the church next store is getting ready to have a funeral, so I’ll need to call them in soon. This will be the first person buried out there. It is going to be tricky, because our fence is precisly next to the plot,  and our goats are rather noisy when they see people out there. They are also due any day, and have been escaping to eat the grass, which is greener over there. I will feel horrible if they break lose tonight to get the flowers, which will most likely be many.

This is the second place we’ve lived that was piggy-backed to a cemetery. In Connecticut, our house was right next to a very old cemetery. I use to take the kids for long walks and we would read the tombs. Some were from the early 1900’s.  Many, many children and siblings that all died the same day were buried there. Others stated, that they died of  pneumonia. Many of the older tombs told in detail why the person died. I don’t think they do that anymore, but then again, I have never been to a funeral in my life. Only a couple wakes.

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